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I've recently been struggling with a lot of spiritual problems which have been causing some mental health issues for me. I'm not exactly sure what has gone wrong, except to say there has been a lot of dark energy and low vibrational entities which had attached to me all of a sudden. I do however know the moment all this started, because I was half-asleep and started to pray. I got as far as "I pray to" and before I could finish off my prayer I was attacked by something which inserted the word "satan" into my mind. Because I was half asleep, I was unable to fight this off and it ended up getting through. Needless to say, this ended up opening a demonic portal (which was closed by another Medium, so I know it was real) and my own vibrations also fell massively. I also saw a picture of Satan on a throne in my mind's eye. There were also some other entities which were somehow conjured and later removed by a Medium.

Later before the Medium removed this, (again whilst seeping) one of the entities tried to possess my body and take over control of it. I fought it off as best as I could but it ended up with it coming inside my body and pushing part of my own spirit out, which I saw as an orb leaving my body. It was only a part of me though, I think from the left-hand side of my body.

I'm unsure whether or not they will still be attached to me as I had paid a Shaman to get them removed. As a psychic myself, I recognise that more of these entities are attracted to my energy, but I really need some help, advice .etc in removing or warding them off and keeping them away permanently.

I became possessed at one point by a demonic entity, although I now feel it has been removed by an Exorcism which was done. I was feeling sick, shaking and incredibly anxious whilst this was ongoing. It eased afterwards, but there are still remnants left like I said.... this possession was trying to force me to pray to Satan rather than God and all sorts of awful mind controlling things which were happening to me particularly health related where it was messing around with my thoughts and trying to make me damage my own body through my thoughts, effectively piggy-backing the paranormal abilities of the possession to do this.

I believe it ended up in some form of Satanic possession as well, which the remnants are still affecting me because I simply do not know how to get rid of it. I know there are at least two cords connected to me, and there is still at least one powerful dark entity around me, but I simply do not know how to remove it. I do however know that a lot of the problem now is surrounding chakras and my own energy field.


I recently did a meditation where I met my spirit guide and asked her to remove Satan. She removed a demonic entity which had attached itself to my soul on the right-hand side of my head, and had been messing around with my intuition. I checked back a few days ago and as far as I can tell she's keeping a close eye on it and has subdued it. The actual meditation gave my a migraine and I felt disorientated for the rest of the day while my energy was re-balancing, so it had a massive effect.

I've recently taken a look at your article here about energy implants:

That's more the background over with now....... I know I am some form of energy worker, although still very new to all this. Going onwards and back to the article now, I am absolutely convinced I have a number of entities and energy implants on my chakras yet I feel I'm lacking in experience or knowledge to try anything myself or even know what to do to try and find out.

Would it be possible for you to take a look and let me know what is there and what could be done to remove it/the entities? I really need to know what still remains, I know my throat chakra is weak because I struggle to express myself sometimes, my heart chakra was filled with dark energy which I recently managed some luck to get it out from there, and my third eye chakra also had some in I think. As for the rest I have absolutely no idea

Many blessings and thank you very much for your time.

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Hi Chris,

Greetings, welcome to Openhand. I wish you well in your challenging circumstances Praying Emoji

I did take an intuitive look - actually the issue stood out strongly as a reoccurring pattern through everything you shared. It is basically this...

You are clearly focussing on 'removing an entity' and gaining some form of external help to do so. You spoke of "I pray to", but were stopped in your tracks - this is highly synchronistic. It clearly feels like you're looking for some 'God' or 'Guardian' out there to help you by removing the entities that come in. A healer, psychic, intuitive can indeed remove the entities and the dense energy, but they cannot stop them returning, because that's an issue of your own self-realisation, which only you can make - although someone whose insightful might offer a reflection.

The reflection is this.... "YOU are GOD!"

But what does that mean exactly?

It means you are The One. I expect you know this at an intellectual level, as many do. However there's intellectualising it and actually KNOWING it. The two are very different.

At your core level, you are The One. What this means in a practical sense, at that deepest inner level, is that everything is moving within you. Everything came from you. All dark, all light, all entities, all angels and even the concept of "Satan" - which is only really a concept unless you, as the ego, make it real in yourself.

You are here to self-realise as The One. And therefore to attain this, you must be able to become comfortable with everything moving inside of you - the light AND the dark.

In this state, entities will come and go through your field. Crucially though, they can only stay if they can attach and take energy from you. This they do because of your own fear, which can be in the subconscious and conscious. If you become The One by not opposing them coming in, not reacting, not putting up some kind of shield or bubble around you, then they come in and go straight out. There's nothing to attach to...

"Become as nothing in the face of your opponent, and there is nothing to oppose."

In this way, entites serve an invaluable role in your evolution. Because they highlight your unconsciousness - they bring light into your inner darkness... "the pain is the place where the light enters".

Let go of your need to reject that aspect of yourself.
Let go of the need to reject any entity.
If they come in, let them 'hit' the place where you now need to self-realise - become realising of The One.

For example: what is "Satan"? It is simply a 4 character word, which clearly you - your ego - has attached meaning to. Thus you've become an identity in relation to a mental concept. Thus you can currently be victimised simply by the mere expression of it.

I also suspect there's an emotional reaction to this - explore any sense of knotting feeling in the sacrum.

So the Openhand Approach is to first become "as-nothing" in it - meaning: to allow the energies to move within you. Notice where they hit. Is it an intellectual idea (Satan for example)? You are neither the idea nor the mind itself. So soften through the mind by completely accepting the idea, normalising in it and equalising with it. Then you open a doorway through it into the infinite presence of The One. Now the idea or anything attached to it cannot hold you or stay in your field.

Once you're able to be The One by being so accepting that you don't need the situation to change, then your soul is liberated as a free expression of the Universe.

Perhaps then you'll discover that you don't need to 'get rid of entities' from your field, but instead the opposite: to channel them through you and back to the light.

You may require some facilitation to work with this concept and approach - it is highly effective but also highly advanced. Do let me know if you'd like me to connect you with one of the facilitators.

Wishing you well

Open Praying Emoji