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Borderline and other "incurable" mental disorders

Hello everyone! It's always a blessing to see that this community is still alive and growing. Much love to all of you! Praying Emoji

I'm struggling with my female partner who has borderline disorder. Yesterday, she tried suicide in 3 different ways (car, medicament overdose and knife). If I wasn't there to stop her, she would be dead by now.

Clearing Crystals and Jewellery

Hi guys. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I just wanted to ask if you guys can share any method that is most effective for clearing rocks and gems energetically.

Personally, I feel techniques like washing them with running water or saging or putting them in sun/moonlight etc aren't very effective for me. Salt is out of question as it can be harmful to many crystals and minerals.

Construct ?

Hello everyone wow long time since been here.  I need to say reading about darker forces etc put me off!  However last night i had a unsettling experience.  I woke and had the impression of something that looked like square playes tied together surrounding me.  They appeared hard substance and sort of shiny.  They were involved in orgasm energy.  This freaked me out a bit.  I have been searching about sexual energy feeling mine unnaturally reduced and also lots of problems in pelvic area which dont heal fast enough i feel.  This made me consider then

How Does Money Work in 5D?

I haven't seen much talk about money in the 5D. If many are feeling like me, working hard and hustling for money does not work anymore yet sitting in nature an being hasn't exactly filled my bank account. So what does one do when one still needs a form of income?

I've learned to live simple and minimally over the years but wealth and abundance would be a tool to do more good in the world.

I'm looking at passive income because that's the only thing that makes sense. Me doing efforting is just a turn off.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Splitting focus to never leave the heart


I'm currently in Gateway 2 - living in a mix of mind and heart based choices.

When I meditate, I can easily reconnect with myself and feel the warmth of my heart. But I'm finding it difficult to keep my presence when I'm with people and I have to engage in a conversation, for example. After a few minutes, I realize I left my center and I'm living more in my personality, with mind-based thoughts and opinions. Otherwise, if I try to come back to the center, I become too quiet and people ask me if I'm upset.

Why is activation of kundalini potentially so dangerous?

For the last 18 months or so I have been experiencing increasing energy flow up through the chakras and this has intensified in last few months. Now it feels like a sea of energy flowing through my core and slightly around it that is as real as my normal physical body. It seems to keep opening into areas that felt constricted and also seems to have a life of its own in terms of how it is evolving. I have also gone through huge transformations in terms of tightness, and also clarity on my persona/false self which continues to unwind.