Divine support and being the ONE

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The dynamic of divine and support is made complex by the fact that there is also something out there that seems to be supporting our path.

I'm moving through some tough challenging times. Some crypto savings that I was relying on had run out and I'm vulnerable more than ever. That was some kind of protection and now the only thing I can rely on is myself and I'm invited to constantly surrender into that. And I have reached the conclusion that, the path is not easy and it's definitely not for the faint hearted. Yes it's straightforward. I know I have created this situation and it is probably reflecting ancient ancestral karma I have been carrying in my field for so long. The challenge is that, many of the dark emotions are bubbling up to the surface - self doubt, worthlessness, comparison, jealousy, shame, regret to name a few. The most difficult is where I don't even trust the path I have chosen and regret the steps that I have taken. Maybe I should have taken a different route which could have served my physical self more, so says the mind. Yes I understand we don't create any situation we don't need. Maybe this is what coming into the physicality really means for a star soul configuration. 

Regarding the support, as I was riding my bike yesterday thinking about all the possibility of action in the situation entertaining the different scenarios and visions in my head yet at the same asking show me to the universe, I saw a message on a Tshirt - "Hold your vision " with a stop hand sign. This seemed to be a direct message to be in the uncertainty and unknown and accept reality as it is. The body mind also has to adapt to the new found environment where it has gotten used to the comfort of knowing and abundance in the material. What is there to lose? Before I would have easily said, nothing but now I say many things and the biggest one is the pride. 

Riding the wave of the soul is indeed jumping off a cliff edge. 

Vimal 🙏

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Hi Vimal,

After reading this post I felt the need to reply as follows. So I hope this somehow helps you on your path.

For me the past few months have been a rollercoaster ride of spiritual growth. Answers always lead to more questions but sometimes I found an answer which raised so many new questions that it was instantly tiring and I felt a need to give up; great, ten more corridors to go down while trying to maintain a degree of sanity while being still very much locked in the nine-to-five system. There have been two moments where I have intentionally lowered my vibration just to get back to the familiar, to take a break so to speak. My method consisted of ordering an oversized amount of fast food while drinking a bottle of alcohol while hanging back with some dumb movie and just throw this whole awakening stuff in the corner for a while. Upon reflection, this method worked for me because at a vibrational level it ties in well to many of the... old hooks? of my... former life? I am reluctant with these terms as I fear they may not offer the best description of my meaning but unfortunately they are the best descriptors at this moment. All I wish to add is that, if the above is meaningful to you in any way, I sincerely hope you have a more wholesome way available to you.

Why do I write this? Well, I suppose my main point is that I have found it can be quite liberating and beneficial for overall growth to intentionally drop your vibration for a while if you feel things are going too fast and/or too confusion and/or basically anything that starts with 'too'. This comment mainly comes forth from reading where you mention the dark emotions that come bubbling up, and losing your trust in the path you chose, both of which I recognize very well.

I therefore wish to offer the thought that at times where you really no longer trust the path, it may actually be a, shall we say, disguised invitation to wander away from it in a straight line and forget about it... and in doing so it actually turns out to be a part of the path ;) For me, after a few days I would have 'calmed down' once more and found that I had already gotten back on the path without even realizing it somewhere in the meantime. This in itself was a meaningful sign that it was all OK.


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Hi Love-the-journey,

It's no easy journey, I know it very well. We are all different and have different approaches to how we move through the shift. Just felt to reflect how I read your post.

It's like you say, you are cleaning your house and at some point get tired. We all do, that's okay. So instead of making a pause, sitting calmly and resting at where you are with the cleanliness of the house, you bring the dirt back and pour it into your house. Now you have even more work to do to clean your house again! 

No judgment here to your approach, whatever feels right to you. But the question jumped out to me - does the falling off the path in such a way really serves our soul? And how then? 

With love and compassion


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Hi LtJ,

You said...

There have been two moments where I have intentionally lowered my vibration just to get back to the familiar, to take a break so to speak. My method consisted of ordering an oversized amount of fast food while drinking a bottle of alcohol while hanging back with some dumb movie and just throw this whole awakening stuff in the corner for a while. Upon reflection, this method worked for me because at a vibrational level it ties in well to many of the... old hooks?

What if there's some truth (of the Soul) expressing in some element of the old?

Our vibration can accelerate through various revelations and inquiries, but to maintain that speed of vibration requires total attention and commitment - it will require a wider "pipe". And so I too have found (and still do) that lowering the speed of vibration and actualisation is beneficial from time to time.

However, I also realised this - if we're not careful in this, it becomes like a rollercoaster ride: sometimes really high, sometimes really low. It risks becoming self-defeating.

So what has worked for me, is to balance the highs and lows. If the speed gets too rapid and I find myself potentially detaching from this reality, then I'll need to slow things down a while - denser comfort foods, a movie, some short while of distraction. I do find the Soul expressing in these - it feels nurturing and more self-accepting. But I've learned that some experiences can be incredibly destructive - alcohol for example. Or movies without any meaning. Or fast food. Is there a balance you can find that slows things down a degree, but without plunging too low?

You find a way of staying "up", but taking your foot off the gas pedal when necessary.

Open 🙏

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Well, as so often seems to be the case, a timely conversation bubbling here. I reading a lot of parallels in these posts and they are useful and encouraging, thank you. There seems to be some blow back to accelerating ever harder on the spiritual advanco-pedal. It's like I come to expect it now and the period of integration can be brutal. At the moment, I would call it hanging onto my gains. Elements of my field seem to be playing catch up, mainly physically. It's hard to read spiritually related matters, hard to exercise, it's like I've been temporarily contained. The question is, is this part of my process and is it ok to tolerate it to a degree, or even necessary? Eating denser food with plenty of treats, yes but softening by gently extending the fasting periods. Feeling disinclined to pursue some new projects but finding I could proceed with one, guitar, fine, do more of that. Intuitively, what is being asked of me presently is surrender, to the point of not expecting too much from myself and particular outcomes. Maybe this is the time to coast, get out of my own way and allow and that may take time. There are clues that all is well, hearing myself express coherently and clearly, effortlessly as if I was quite detached from myself speaking. And recently, intense blissful waves of love and harmony arising from the simple act of placing my hand over my heart. And I totally resonate with taking care not to slide back, so to speak, to the derailing behaviours of the past. Thankfully I can see them multidimensionally, fanning out in all directions and the avenues they point to. Momentary gratification seems so pointless in that situation. A nice series of comments, thank you. 

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I'd say Andy, it's being acutely clear what really fuels the path?

When I talk about "slowing one's vibration down," I'm talking about for the odd day - not a constant thing, that puts you back "on the sofa".

I would say it's essential to be clear what is unnecessary distraction? Then to get on with the daily process of digging through meditation (and chakra attunement), and relating this to one's outer life - making the behavioural changes that are clearly evident. Working with them and breaking through.

I would say it's fine, and necessary, to take one's foot off the gas pedal at key points, and to take regular time out for nurturing. But right now, the Shift is demanding some strong degree of commitment if we're to follow the curve.

I know you have that in bundles. I just felt to reflect it.

Wishing you well

Open 💎

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Hi Sander, 

Good to connect with you. I have been reading some of your posts and remember seeing you in Ascension exchanges. I see your post has generated some great inquiries within everyone. Amazing! So I felt to post what moved for me. 

For me the path disappears as I discover that I don't have any control at all and thus step positively into the unknown. The path is defined by a goal or an outcome we think we must attain - perfection for example. 

And instead of the path there is an unfolding - into ever finer layers of myself. As each subconscious fears gets peeled away, we embody new gifts through which the path forges itself. No longer there is a following of a path but we are creating it as we go! Every path, even and especially the spiritual path can be a baggage that we carry which must be let go at some point on the path. It's a tremendous liberation! It allows us the freedom to do mistakes and thus discover that these mistakes are actually important elements on the path.

If there's a desire or pull to have an experience even though we know that it lowers our vibration, I have found it's best to go and experience it and thus find out where my hooks are in it. I become more self accepting through it. Eventually we find out if those experiences really serve us or not. 

So if we perceive a path, it can be beneficial to wander off from it for a while and discover that it was actually a part of the path! 

I wanted to add an interesting synchronicity I noticed after posting this comment here. I went for a walk afterwards and felt a strong pull to take a different and unfamiliar route than my usual one. The first thing I noticed was a discarded packet of chips in which was written - No Rulz. Indeed we make up our own! And next some pictures of rabbits. I think it means vulnerability to the unknown. This path eventually led to me the one I usually take! It confirmed what I had expressed - we never actually wander off from our path. It's a cosmic joke we play on ourselves! 

Well wishes 

Vimal 🙏



Why should the divine support us? 
What is divine? 

My mind can comprehend that, when I break through the density into the lightness it can create some opportunity in the external. Is this what we mean by divine support. 

So what does being the One mean? So to be the one, we must equalise with all manner of experiences. How is that possible, since there is infinite possibility of experiences. How can we be the ONE in the most brutal of experiences, like being frozen into Ice for example? 


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Why should the divine support us indeed? - a good question 👍

It depends on what we mean by "divine", especially if there's still a tendency to personify or create identity around that.

To me, the "divine" means the natural Flower of Life - the natural flow itself. If I am stepping through life by constantly breaking into it, inside myself, then no matter what resistance comes my way, I find my path is supported.

It's about becoming confident in the flow itself and having the courage to step into it. Then we find our steps are met.

I trust this helps.

Much love and well wishes

Open 🙏

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Yes Open it helps greatly. Thankyou. I think it unlocked something internally. 

From the perspective of the identity, divine /god is also another identity to which we form some relationship. And in the relationship all manner of karmic pain can build up like abandonment, lack of support etc. A much more evolved way to look at the divine is the flower of life/torus. 

You said 

It's about becoming confident in the flow itself and having the courage to step into it. Then we find our steps are met.

The challenge is that the ego and the flow is intertwined together. Take winning for example on which I was having a contemplation today. The ego would want to win in every situation or rather desire the situation to go a particular way to elevate itself. And spiritual identity would have some judgment against wanting to win. But the truth would be the torus is yearning to win in every situation also. But here winning is about unleashing the flow. 

Vimal 🙏


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The word 'divine' is a judgement of sorts isn't? It suggests some intent somewhere to support spiritually aligned things, universal love and acceptance, for example. But isn't the homeostatic mechanism of the Brahmin outbreath and inbreath to self actualise before returning to the 'resting' state. You wouldn't go out to destroy yourself, what would be the point? So, the interesting point is error, in the greater scheme of things. Allowing fractals of oneself free will in an amnesic state seems to invite error. To me this suggests that potential has to be actualised to be felt. Conscious observation makes a potential a reality, a wave a particle and this something more real than dreamy. In the process the one is 'solidifying' existence through fractalised exploration of potential. Or maybe I'm going wibble... 

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Andy, I have to say, sometimes you baffle me with the mind loops 🤗

But it's the title that jumps out and I think offers the best reflection - "does the One have motive". And I could add to that, does the One also have purpose?

Can you see the very question is to consider the One as some kind of identity that's forming intention? But then you have to ask, "where did this One come from?" And then, "what preceded it?" Because you can't get something from nothing.

Can we accept the One as nothing? Without the ego loading that as less than?
When we can do this, then we can truly embrace the One as everything.
To be everything is to be infinite potential. Why, how can I say that?
Because to be the all of it is to be the ups and the downs of it, the peaks and the troughs of the waves through life. And so the One is that zero-sum total of all this activity. Therefore I can say, "infinite potential" - from which all arises.

But to be this infinite potential must precede any kind of mind, any kind of identity, and therefore any kind of intention.

Life, the relativity, simply explodes from this Source and contracts back in, continually - as you rightly point out as what the Brahmans call the "big in-breath and out-breath" (if I've termed that correctly).

So life happens.

And, it does feel like purpose and motivation - because it's constantly rendering itself as the Flower of Life and crystallising this all around us.
So it feels like purpose, it feels like motive, it feels like intention.

I'm not saying there is no Being - no God source. I'm absolutely saying that. But to me, the true condition of the God source is this "homeostasis" that you speak of, which is the natural background state - a canvas upon which life is painting itself. To the degree I can accept this, is the degree I experience the unfiltered (beyond the mind!) true joy of living - the freedom of life itself.


Open 🙏

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That all sounds beautifully aligned Open, thank you. Interesting terms, 'feels like purpose, motive and intention. That infers that if something is merely aware, as the one was in the beginning before the big bang ( of relative motion), it had no feelings. Feelings are motion are the masculine energy of exploration. The feminine energy tends to hold back, the wise base of knowing ( roughly speaking?). The 'seems to' element is derived from motion. The one created motion, therefore did the one not create motive? Of course, if you think my mind loops drive you mad, what do you think they do to me? My point is that the source may have had no attributes, but has created attributes. My character creates attributes that identify me. Whoops, 'identify me'....so I am both. What you've been demonstrating all along. Excuse my little mental burp, I'm happy now. 🙏