Clearing Crystals and Jewellery

Hi guys. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I just wanted to ask if you guys can share any method that is most effective for clearing rocks and gems energetically.

Personally, I feel techniques like washing them with running water or saging or putting them in sun/moonlight etc aren't very effective for me. Salt is out of question as it can be harmful to many crystals and minerals.

I have several crystal pendants that I wore a lot through my hard times when I experienced psychic attacks and depression, and two of them even got attacked by entities when I wore them for protection. Now that I'm feeling better and empowered, I feel the need to restore them back to their natural states (and maybe heal those two from their traumas if needed).

Any helpful input is welcomed and will be appreciated.

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Hi Blue - water is often used by people to clear crystals, as you mentioned.

Personally I don't have a lot of experience in this regard, but what I would say, is that it's doing what's necessary to bring the crystals/gems back to their original vibe.

What you could do is ask the crystals and see what your attention is drawn to. Where do they want to go?

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Hi Open, thanks for offering a reflection. I did what you suggested and was surprised at how easy it is to actually communicate to them. Before today, I thought crystals are just beautiful stones that have certain energies or qualities that can be helpful to us, like warding off low vibrational entities or help facilitate our connection to higher realms. I didn't know we can actually "talk" to them.

The answer I got from them was to reconnect them with the frequency of Mother Earth, which can be done through intention or meditation by first connecting myself to the frequency of Earth's core and then channeling that frequency into them to clear them, which I did. Taking them out into nature can also help, but that isn't possible for me at the moment. Anyway, now they feel just OK to me again, and I'm really glad.

They also told me it can be done by using the "Torus Technique", which is apparently most effective in unblocking everything and just let everything flow as they should. I don't know what this technique is and how to work with it yet, but maybe one day I will. Perhaps you know how to use this technique, Open? Lol. Anyway, I'll stick to Mother Earth's frequency for now. It's just so easy for me to connect with her, and this technique can never go wrong.

As for those two (a Moldavite and a manifestation quartz) who were attacked by entities while protecting me, they are actually not traumatised at all, even though they got real, visible claw marks on them. Nevertheless, they were energetically exhausted before I restored them. Now that they are good again, they told me they are not victims at all, regardless of what happened, so I don't need to feel sorry for them. It's interesting that they kind of reflect how I see myself now; not a victim to anything but a sovereign soul. It's an honour to have such good friends like my crystals who I can reflect with.