I'm currently in the integration phase of a walk-in process, I became aware of this 4 moths ago when I spoke to a medium as I have been experienceing an unusual change in personality and how I feel and think since about a year back. According to the medium the original soul has already left (I'm not sure at what point in time) meaning there has been  no overlapping phase. The reason I went to her with my question was the feeling of actually being soul less. The original soul spent 20 years of going through spiritual awakening and during that time I considered myself a light worker. While now, I simply don't feel anything, in contrary of how many describe a walk-in as a spiritual awakening (allthough it may very well be an awakening, I'm just not experiencing it as what the original soul would call an awakening, or as how many people describe it. As those experiences are the only ones I can relate to, my current state feels very neutral, empty, emotionless and blasé. Quite comfortable compared to the previous me, but I don't recognise this way of being, I lost interest in everything, without the feeling of beeing depressed. It's not like I lost interest in many things and started to take an interest in completely different  things; I simply don't feel interested in anything. I'm not sure how common it is for a walk-in to take place without any overlapping between the souls, nor taking place during a coma or severe accident. I feel like I have been floating in no man's land for quite some time now. The neutrality may not only be the "soul less space" I'm in but also the actual new personality. I have also been ill for 4 months, since the day after I received this information from the medium and became concioussly aware of it. I'm assuming receiving the information was the kick off for the integration work, and it's been very hard on my physical body. I can share this with a group of people in my area, however I do feel quite lonely in the process and I can't share it with friends and family, I feel the need of talking about this whith others who have knowledge about it and have been through the same thing. 

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Your consciousness is not in the body-mind.

The body-mind is in your consciousness.

from a fellow walk-in

Lyra 💙


Greetings - well done for having the courage to share and speak out. Being a walk-in is certainly no easy experience to integrate. But know that if it happened, then it happened for a reason.

The crucial thing is to allow what comes up and not judge the experience. Because there's always a truth in it.

When people speak of being a "light worker" they often get attached to what they consider to be "the light" - expansion, bliss, love, joy. These are held up in the spiritual mainstream as a great virtue, to be aimed for and acquired. It can be extremely derailing for someone who is not feeling that way - they get caught in the trap of not accepting what they're experiencing and constantly seeking something else.

Let's be clear, the Void of Presence from which all states arise, is not joyful, happy or blissed. Although these states can arise from it, so can others too - like simply being present. Still. Content. Harmonious. It is not seeking or searching for anything. It just is. But resistance to this, because one is efforting to something else, write's over the subtleties of that state. You then miss the other frequencies around it - like stillness and patience. Deep acceptance.

You say it's been very hard in the physical body. I'm not at all suprised. That's where to integrate now. How? By feeling into every physical reaction, every trigger and discomfort. Soften in and equalise with it - meaning to accept it to the degree you don't judge it or even define it. It just is. Don't try to heal or cure. Feel it fully and penetrate intimately through it. Karma will likely kick off - you'll need your Breakthrough Process to integrate through that.

Have no fear. It's all a part of a greater awakening.

Here's the Openhand lead article on the subject...

The Nature of a Soul-Exchange (Walk-in)

Very best wishes

Open 💙