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I remember a lady on an Openhand Facilitator course who slipped into 'Tongues' not having previously done. None of us understood a word of what she was saying, and nor did she, but to the whole group, the vocalisation was more powerful than any words could have been!

Whether it's your higher self or not, the key is how does it make you feel? If that feels aligned and empowering, if it brings forth a new aspect of what you feel to be aligned beingness, then my suggestion is to let it flow.

Wishing you well with that.

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Hi Zee,

Interesting indeed. Of course there's the mainstream Bible view, which is essentially ' language (unknown to the speaker) that glorifies God'.

It's possible that it comes from the higher self, and intended to resonate a vibration so that it can be felt. When you resonate soul frequency, it has the tendency to activate soul in oneself and others.

The question is not so much what is it saying (actually that can be irrelevant and a distraction), but really how does it make you feel?

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Hey Open,

Well to be honest, I have hardly used it since I got out of the Christian scene,(baby out with the bathwater kind of thing) but when I used to speak it, it felt quite powerful at times and at other times peaceful. I am not really fussed about what it is Im saying, but more so it's origin. So you think it may be the higher self, hmm that would fit.

Thanks for your input and getting back so quick, much appreciated. 

Warm Regards 

Zee : )


Hey folks, 

This has been a question I've  had for some time now, mbe someone can thow a bit o light on it for me. So here goes!

I  came out of the Christian camp awhile ago and whilst I was in it I received the gift of tongues. I can speak it but I have no idea what I am saying. 

The Christians say its a special language that edifies the spirit. My brother told me that when  I used to sing in tongues it calmed his racing mind.

Now I have awoken I want to know where its really coming from and what its real purpose is.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.