Balanced Majestically on the Spiritual Blade Edge of Life - "The Walk"

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Have you seen the movie "The Walk" yet? It's a must for all on the spiritual path. It's the stupendous true story about the french man Philippe Petit, who from an early age, clearly allows his soul to animate his dreams, his life and his destiny. Inspired by the circus, he becomes a tight rope walker, and then, at a time when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre are being built, has this ridiculously crazy idea to suspend a wire between them....and walk across! The film is gripping from start to finish. I found it profoundly inspirational in a very spiritual way...

The sweet-spot of life itself

In the Openhand Approach to the path, the purpose of life is to align with the soul, and when we do so, we hit the sweet spot of living. We feel 'right' inside, balanced, aligned, harmonious and in the flow. There is nothing like it, this is true 'success'.

In this place, we ride the wave of the soul, back to the Void of Infinite Potential; inside ourselves, where anything then becomes possible. Miracles and magic simply create around you, through you.

This is what I especially loved about "The Walk". It shows a person prepared to commit - come-what-may - to the expression of his deepest, soulful self. You can literally feel in his energy, a joie de vive, an excitement about life. This feeling is infectious, compelling and is bound to manifest miracles.

Facing the fear of death in your life

In walking the spiritual path, there's a need to overcome the fear of where it might lead, of taking a difficult choice that may seem radical, 'out-there', crazy even. In the case of Philippe, his dream would risk his very life. Yet as he so poignantly expresses, when he's on the wire - this blade edge of life itself - he feels like he's 'stepping into the void'; it's where he 'truly comes alive

I've faced death many times. I find that if you can work into your fear, in that fierce embrace, life pulls you intimately into the moment. It becomes deeply enlivening. Society causes people to live shallow lives, in avoidance about the truth of life, scratching around for some kind of security or comfort. But when you push yourself to truly contemplate your death, in a feeling way, then you begin to feel the true purpose of life. It can liberate you not to fear the challenging choices - the places where your very soul is forged and liberated.

The filming is so incredible, that when he steps onto the wire, it's like you're there with him, feeling what he might be feeling. You really get the sense you're finely balanced on the blade edge of life yourself. As I watched the film, my whole body was literally pumping with heat and energy, it was so compelling.

Walking the Spiritual Path

Needless to say, I think the film is a brilliant metaphor for walking the spiritual path in life; following your dreams, no matter what; looking only for the sweet spot of your soul, and allowing that to express through. We are extraordinary beings. Let's make our lives extraordinary!....

In loving support
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I am totally petrified of heights! and by heights I mean 20' am going to go see this movie and this will be My version of walking the blade edge (when it comes to heights!)

I saw the trailer and my insides get butterflies!