Bondi Beach Radio Interview

An entertaining, informative yet 'light' interview with Open, during the 5D Shift World Tour, by Olivia of Wholesome Radio. It's about the human shifts of consciousness happening within the 5GATEWAYS context. Listen out for the uplifting and inspiring music interwoven through it.

Be uplifted, be inspired!...


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Like you Vimal, I found the interview lighthearted and fresh. And like you Nicola, I very much enjoyed the combination of music and discussion. 

At the same time, I did not find it 'light'; rather I felt it was accessible to big audiences and yet challenging too. A dance between wisdom (love the word Nicola!) and inquiry, and between boldness and lightheartedness (amazing word Vimal!).

Olivia embodied enquiries and sensibilities, which are in most peoples minds and hearts - this is a great opportunity for creating a new narrative, which will reach further and deeper into the world. And at the same time, by reaching further and deeper into the world, the new narrative is also being shaped and evolves. 

An hour was spent hearing a heartfelt journey of great wisdom and wonder by both people involved in this interview, which, to me, was also a reflection of the journey of every living being.