Breaking Through the Pain of Existence...Unfolding into Enlightenment

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I’d say one of the biggest problems humanity is dealing with right now, is something I call “The Pain of Existence”. It’s the disconnection from the sublime feeling of unity with the divine, and therefore unconsciously seeking some kind of substitute in the outer world: distraction, entertainment, relationship, sex, drugs etc etc. It’s not that we shouldn’t enjoy life, the problem is identification with the outer mirror: we need it to be a certain way, rather than realising it as the mirror to the inner perfection of the divine. How does that mirroring work? How can we locate the divine through all these kinds of circumstances in our lives?...

Humanity’s problem is false identification

At Openhand, we consider there are basically two flows of consciousness that generate and influence every conscious and subconscious action: it is the interplay of the flow back to the Source - unity consciousness - and the generation of some physical experience - the separation consciousness. Essentially it’s the interplay of the soul through the bodymind. When you’re aligned with the soul, there’s the sense of loving connection to the divine. However if you’re identified with the physical experience itself, then you have the sense of separation from the divine. It’s why people say reality is generated by only two expressions: love or fear.

So how do we find the aligned expression through these circumstances? We need to recognise that this internal interplay between love and fear, generates external ‘mirrors’ through our lives: in short, we create circumstances based on the need to realign with the completeness of the divine - which you might call love. How does this work?

You create a circumstance that might cause you to contract down in fear - losing a job or a relationship for example. Your immediate thought might be to try to fix the ‘problem’ - to sort out the situation in the external drama. But actually this is not the causality - it is only the external effect. The causality is the tightening of your consciousness around the need for a particular outcome in life. That’s why your consciousness manifested this drama in the first place and drew it to you by the Law of Attraction.

The tightness is a Priceless Gift

So now the key is to work with the distortion - essentially to work with where your consciousness gets contracted down. So you have to feel into the moment. As the world is screaming at you for some kind of answer, some kind of fixing, instead you have to go inside, into the contracting consciousness that you feel as some kind of tightness...

go into this tightness. It’s a priceless gift, because here is the opportunity to grow, to know yourself as ‘the One’. Feel the contraction, soften consciously into the tightness, let go of the need for an outcome. It’s like slipping into a bath that’s a touch to hot for you. So you ease yourself gingerly in.

In so doing, you unwind the tightness and realign your consciousness. Now the soul can flow unhindered through that blockage and so the sense of the soul carries you all the way back to the Source - back to the feeling of the One. Steadily you unwind the Pain of Existence.

The Divine Being "DIVINICUS"

Humanity has been lost in the outer mirror of our lives for too long now - trying desperately for some kind of solution to the sense of internal lack. It’s spawned the capitalistic nightmare we’re currently living within - everyone running around to get their ‘slice of the pie’. Rather then seeking and finding the completeness of the One within. But there’s a new evolution coming - a divine being that can live in the Separation Consciousness, partake of the fullness of life, yet enjoy every experience as a sense of union and completeness with the divine. There’s plunging into the raging torrent of life, drinking in the fullness of it, yet there’s the penetration of every experience, feeling through it into the realm of non-identification - into the realm of the divine. Every experience becomes a celebration of the divine.

This new being I call DIVINICUS.

Connecting with people around the World

I’m currently embarked upon a World Tour of Nine Countries in Nine weeks, blessed to be working with wonderful pockets of evolving people, all pushing back the boundaries, exploring deeply the internal nature of who they truly are and... what they can become. We talk about this spirituality don't we? People read all the books about how we're not the physical, not the mind. But it's about truly testing that in the day-to-day circumstances of life. Really pushing back the boundaries of physical identification:

What does it mean to lose a job? What does it mean to have no money? What does it mean to have a disability or life-threatening illness? What does it mean to lose family or loved ones? Do you try to fix it? Do you descend into a downward spiral of fear? What do you do with that fear? This contraction is exactly where you need to be. Here are the internal mechanics of identification. This is exactly the moment you need to confront, WITHOUT trying to fix the problem. The problem is your soulution - the solution of your soul. It's a chance, a priceless opportunity, to make a choice, one which you never made before... To be liberated, to be free, to be empowered through the problem. The message of Divinicus is that the world is going to change, in time beyond recognition, a progressive transformation. So you cannot rely on the fact that tomorrow will be like it was yesterday. There will be no certainties. How do you feel about that? Do you regard it with insecurity and fear? or.... Can you embrace the priceless opportunity just to let it all go. No more control, No needs, desires, ambitions No sense of lack, A fearless embrace of the moment, Diving into the swirling torrent of life, Live like this was your last day. Live like you never lived before. And then... You'll break down identification with the physical, You'll activate and infuse your spirit light body, You'll become the divine being.... DIVINICUS!

People everywhere breaking through the Pain of Separation

I’m encountering people everywhere with the courage to challenge the fierce embrace of life - the pain of existence - in this way. It’s literally soul stirring - for me the juice of life. I look forwards to encountering many more divine beings in due course - people pushing back the boundaries of the old existence, the old Sapiens fear-based reality. In the meantime I leave you with this amazing Sufi video about their take on what they call the “Pain of Separation”...

In loving support
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Great video open.


This is a great video, Open, about the Sufi view of the spiritual path or calling. Thanks so much for sharing it. It spoke to me so much.

Thinking of all of you currently doing the Openhand Transfiguration course.