British Lung Foundation Mask Exemption Card

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British Lung Foundation Mask Exemption Card

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I have asthma and find a face mask makes me panic as I feel I am suffocating..


You can get these for lots of issues - exemptions are nonexhaustive and broad: the government website (for England) simply says for those whom nose and mouth coverings 'cause distress'. It is a covering, not necessary a mask, and any will do - a scarf, religious headgear, a home made mask...

Other societies who have exemptions include autism societies, for deaf people lipreading.
There's a wide range of people who are distressed  trauma, panic and anxiety, neurodiverse and any breathing issue.

Note that guidance actually says that coverings should be worn indoors where social distance isn't possible - and it usually is. It's not expected in pubs in England or Wales. 

For any US readers, Penny Hall wrote a good article on The Healthy American about her state, but the principles can be widely applied. 

You don't need to explain your reason, or gain verification or a diagnosis.

The English government guidelines ask venues to be sympathetic to those with exemptions. You don't need a card but it helps. I know people who've used them without issue. 

Many shops - I contacted some - are saying that they leave the abiding by this law to the individual and understand about the exemptions and broadness of 'face covering'. If they don't, they are discriminating and that is an offence. 

No-one should have to choose between not shopping and having an attack. 

I found exemption cards to print from photosmart, which have a range of options, although I now can't find that link, but many others come up with a search. 


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Thanks for the sharing Elspeth - spot on Thumbs Up Sign

The only thing I would add is that it is not the "Law" to wear a mask in public. These are only statutes and regulations of the corporatocracy which can be readily challenged under the Common Law anyway - even without the health exemption.


Need to download exemption card