Building Trust In The Divine

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Building Trust In The Divine with Openhand
Plenty speak of having "trust" on the spiritual path and "trust in the divine", but what if you don't have that? Don't worry, it's entirely natural in dense places like this. Too many times the natural flow has been curtailed and so trust is lost, either in the divine or one's own ability to discern the divine. So what to do?
I find building trust is a progressive and developmental inquiry which is ongoing and must be allowed to build incrementally over time - rather than setting ourselves up with a black and white on/off switch, which likely leads to a complete breakdown of trust.
You awaken to the soul and realise there's a guiding force. But where is it guiding you to? There's the first conundrum around which trust is either built or lost. Can we agree then at first we can start to trust that there is a guiding force of itself? So just notice how much this seems to be the case and let a degree of trust build in that, without requiring any more of it.
The next question that builds the next level of trust is around where is the divine guiding you to?
When you explore this I believe you come to witness that when you're trusting in a particular outcome because it seems you're been guided that way, then trust will ultimately break down once more. That's because the universe does not have a specific manifestation lined up. The conundrum here is that it SEEMS to have so. What we realise is that the universe is guiding you to a deeper realisation of yourself. When this lands, we're landing the real key in life to trusting at a much deeper level.
When you can trust that in each moment the universe guides you to a deeper realisation of yourself, you'll start to see how EVERYTHING that happens conspires to reveal this. That's when trust truly builds and you understand the meaning of it.
And then there's an even deeper level of trust. Which is that when you step into the expressed beingness the universe is inviting of you, then the materialisation of the universe will come to meet you. You'll get exactly what you need to fulfill that step. And the more you follow this, the more it feels like you're walking a path of light that constructs under your feet. I find that's when you build the deepest level of trust of all.
So I find trust is progressive, that builds over time the more we explore our intimate connection with the divine.
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