Calm after the Storm

Look into the mirror
for fears,
so you aren’t led
down the frightful path
of others.
Soul connection is light
vibration that fills the heart
until it can no longer be contained
and spills over.
May it seek lighthouses
that shine strong during
inclement weather unleashed on
rugged shores.
May it soothe emotions that
lash out and have no bounds.
May it help
the sleepy collective move
through the mist to find
the morning sun.
On the beach,
I pick up pieces of my soul
that weathered the storm
and like the harbor today,
all is calm.

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This is such a beautiful sharing/poem Laurie, touching <3
It ebbs and finally rest. Just like our inner and outer worlds, only when we are really looking into the mirror.

Loved it! Thank you x Aspasia