Catalysis & Change in 5D Shift

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We've entered a new phase in the Shift where Gaia has completed her contract with the architects of the matrix and is ready to emerge out and shake off the intervention. What will that mean for all of us? How will we feel it coming through our lives? That's what I'm sharing in this Openhand video from various sacred sites in Britain.

Do share in commentary below how you feel about this new phase in the Shift. 🙏

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01/09/2023 New Cycle, New Phase

Today heralds the beginning of a new cycle in the work of Openhand as our new Academic Year commences. It will be geared to meet a new phase in the Shift where Gaia begins to accelerate her energies, having completed her contract with the ancient architects of the matrix. What is that likely to mean for all of us? That's what I worked to capture in Openhand's opening video of the year, called "Catalysis & Change" (scroll up).

Do share how you're feeling about life in the Shift right now. I'll happily share an intuitive reflection from the Openhand higher dimensional energies.

Bright blessings to all - let's have a marvellous new cycle!!

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It's highly synchronistic, that as I'm calling this new phase in the Shift, Hurricane Idaliah now tears through Florida.

Our hearts and prayers go out to anyone based there ♥️🙏

This is why it becomes so essential to be informed of the real energetic shift of what's transpiring on the planet through the field.

"Idaliah" actually means "Behold the Sun". It's highly appropriate because these storms around the world that are strengthening now are most likely amplified by solar forcing. It's nothing to do with global warming, as the fakestream would have us believe. It's because of the Grand Galactic Convergence where we're sailing into a high energy segment of the galaxy, as the sun's magnetic shield lowers in its cycle and the Earth moves to the completion of the Pole Shift. This allows in much more cosmic energy into Earth's atmosphere which fires charged particles around the jetstreams. Hence the increased freaky weather which is only going to amplify further as we sail forward in the Shift.

Here's the impact of Idaliah in Florida right now...

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