Climate Crisis: The European Sauna Due to Fixed Jetstream Ridges

Central Europe is currently baking in a hot house sauna, as the broken jestream funnels hot air up from the Sahara. Another indication that we have entered Climate Crisis. It's essential that we stay abreast of exactly what is going on across our planet due to abrupt climate change. This from Paul Beckwith. Your views?...

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Well, there is a heatwave in Greenland and the arctic sea is currently at its lowest level for this time of year since 1979

So the arctic sea ice reaches its minimum point around the 14/Sep, which is the date I was writing about in my previous post I wrote about 20 mins ago.... Soo I guess now we will know just when we will know just how bad this climate effect is haha


The graph always shows the data from 2012 since this is when the Arctic sea reached its minimum, but the Antarctic sea ice in that year was quite high that year, however this year the Antarctic sea ice is near its lowest levels for this time of year... 

With fires in Siberia and a heat wave in Greenland, the world sure is bubbling 


The Arctic wild fires we're witnessing in Siberia and Alaska will have an untold impact on the global climate due to their effect on melting permafrost and therefore the jetstream. I know it's inconvenient news, but I promise you Openhand will always stay real in the Shift. When we're in the truth about a situation, then consciousness can naturally respond, rather than hiding in avoidance or denying in rosy alternative bubbles. So here in his inimitable down to earth style is Paul Beckwith on the effect of those massive polar fires...