Climate Mayhem in the Southern Hemisphere

We must come progressively into the truth, as it really is in life. It's only by the full emersion that we can confront and progressively unwind that which identifies us with the limitation of separation. Become as-one with all things and circumstances, then you will have nothing to fear; neither will you have anything to constantly 'hope' for. Hope simply removes us from the full majesty of the moment, not accepting what is. That's why at Openhand we've always turned right into the inconvenient truth of climate change - it's a veritable mirror to profound spiritual unfolding. Some commentators have said that the southern hemisphere would be a safe haven from the ravages of dramatic climate change. But is that really the case? Let's explore...

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I really admire this guy Paul Beckwith from the university of Ontario. He is tremedously well informed on climate change and tells it exactly how he sees it, no frills or glamour, just down to earth no nonsense. Here's what he has to say recently on how dramatic climate change is impacting the Southern Hemisphere. It's well worth listening to.

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