Prayer for Calming Insults

Calming Insults
I breathe into my heart and it lightens.
Counting, I slowly exhale out my crown.
I ground with breath before reacting.
I ask myself, “Is this what I want to create in this moment?”
Insults are a useful gift, my soul’s way of activating me.
Triggers reflect back my own beliefs and show me the reality of where I am.
When I realize this, I am grateful.
I remember that this is my belief right out in front of me.
I can be angry if that is who I am right now or
I can choose to see it as a bit of me that needs to fall away.
This gift of choice appears because I am aware and ready to receive it.
I breathe in light through my heart and align body, mind and soul with expansion. As insults are transmuted, magnetic fields are deactivated and peaceful abundance activated.
Ι live fully and am willing to try on new experiences.
My body is a playground, borrowed and a gift.
I move in bold new ways and transform my life.

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Yes I agree about a calmness this Solstice... I was reflecting on it this evening and the weather today seemed to reflect our current situation as a planet: Very grey, humid and drizzly earlier in the day, followed by a downpour of rain around teatime, then a beautiful sunny evening. To me, it represented what we are experiencing now, going through the grey times or the start of the downpour then with a new world (higher paradigm) shining at the end of it all.
I didn't see any zombies though!

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hey, thanks for letting me know about the poem. I really like the prayer poems, I try to use one everyday. My solstice poem is a little more outrageous, zombies, who knew? have a great solstice. It feels calmer to me. laurie