Overcoming Challenges

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Sun, 11/29/2015 - 18:42

We're all going to face challenges on the path, no matter how evolved. At times the soul will take you into the density. How do you best deal with these times? How do you breakthrough into effortless joy? Rather than overriding the challenges, we need to work with them internally, because they offer a massive opportunity for spiritual growth...

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... of course.

Its an epic and soul-stirring piece.

I love the way the inspiring words match the imagery so well.
I am stirred.

Dark Knight Rises pretty good too, for all its Hollywood crash bang wallop.

Bravo Both.
Keep on keepin on.
Love always.

Thanks for the video. I had goosebumps through out it. So much more real than the motivational videos youtube is filled with.

Thanks Open for another great, inspirational video. Just what I needed to watch & hear today :-)


Thank you very much Open. The message resonates very deeply and it is helpful for me now. Namaste <3

This video could not have come at a better time. As I unravel this deep thick density that is this life, reminders of deep hurt pertaining to lack of love have presented themselves. Just a few days ago, on Thanksgiving Day, my heart was hit with a swift and forceful blow as I was reminded of my feeling of lack in the 'motherly love' scenario. The barriers and walls that my ego has built up to protect itself now have a whole in them and if I go 'in' I may be able to knock them down completely and allow soul/spirit to shine through. This hurt is so intense and a reminder of childhood pain that I've recoiled twice now and stopped the flow. Its hard expressing through when the pain is so weighted down. This pain needs a hug and I haven't found a physical hug that will suffice. It would be wonderful if the Openhand community could send some love and encouragement my way as I work to process this. Thank you all for thinking of me. :) With love,

Thank you Open! That was amazing!! As I be with the challenges now presenting, I hear the mind encouraging me to go faster, to find resolution and close up the gap I am sitting in. Feeling supported by multiple tortoise spottings =) ... I stay in the unresolved place ... With the only commitment and resolve being to the soul. I move slowly, untangling each thread right now, re-integrating the energy that has been flowing out encouraged by subconscious patterns of need and like the tortoise finding I am home and whole within myself.... Thank you for this immensely supportive and beautiful message.

With love,

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Well done Open - love it - synchronistically , it speaks so much about what i am in for the moment .
As jenny expressed so well : " I stay in the unresolved place ...with the only commitment and resolve Being to the soul ". For a few weeks now , i was truly invited to slow down and feel deeper into the energy blocks . I was`t happy slowing down but it seriously helped to fully dive further into the energetic interplays and neuro pathways . Thank you for keeping us motivated and enthusiastic . Much love guys ,

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