Random Ramblings

I decided to make a forum thread whereby people post random ramblings that have nothing to do with anything. Abstraction!

I decided to make this thread so I'd have a place to post random ramblings coz I think they never really fit anywhere. So I decided to make them fit somewhere!

Also feel free to post random abstactiongs on here! But they have to be abstractions!

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It's really difficult to have a trully random process; "many sources of numbers thought to appear 'random' under testing have later been discovered to be very non-random when subjected to certain types of tests" -Wikipedia on "Statistical randomness". With increased brain processing power, you to perform more of these tests and thus conclude that there is a pattern, ie. it's a meaningful experience.


We all have specific and unique rhythm that we emanate into the energies of the universe, collide, smooth into, waving through other rhythmical vibrations, that we then see as other energies, although they are imprinted with our vibrations that resonate with our own being.


All aspects working simultaneously;
like a well greased piece of machinery,
every movement of the constituent parts acting in complete syncronization.
Mechanical movement driven by the precise timing of electromagnetic signals
crusading all over the place,
synchronized by the ticking of the processor clock,
deep within the core,
tick toc tick toc tick toc.
Like the steady rhythms of the celestial bodies,
the Sun rises and gives a beat to our lifes.
Based on the duality of dark and light,
we feel it's warmth and energy,
and then calm down under the gentle glow of the Moon.
The seemingly erratic movement of Stars in the Heavens above,
and was desultory untill we put numbers to 'em,
and the optics to observe them from closer.