reptilian consciousness and effects on land?

Hi there - basically this is a query about some materials of David Icke that I read a long time ago. He suggested that the upper echelons - landed gentry etc were of a certain consciousness. I have lived four times in the past on land and property owned by a Lord Thurso. Then more recently on a small country estate owned by a dutch lady she is quite a spiritual person and about protecting nature there etc. I lived in the main house and overnight found it quite a difficult energy - diswturbed sleep and at times felt there was a heavy energy in the other end of the house so much so that I didn't want to go along there at night! I wonder are these types of houses built on energy points like Icke suggested - did they take the Gaian energy and change it into distortion? I felt I was there in some part to turn that back around but don't know was that wishful thinking.

The place seems to draw spiritual types but is being run as a b and b just now. I am drawn back there again and again - karma I would think but I love nature and the horses I used to look after. I love the grounds but not the house :) I am being offered the chance to run a café in the walled garden - but I don't want to move back there to work if it is distorted energy although before I have felt its part of my "work" to help free the place up . The café would be run by me and menu based on what is coming out of the garden . Seems a dream come true as I am passionate about a good healthy diet. I also have the option to sell my house (in town which is noisy sometimes and have never enjoyed living in town) and build a eco type house in the woods there. This lady seems to think the world of me and I know she would like someone she trusts to be on the property as she is unable to be there much and she knows I love it as much as she.

Thing is its built by decendants of some of the original knights Templar even got some glass patterned she felt of Templars and something to do with Avalon. Also theres a rumour there is a crystal sword buried there somewhere but truth of that I don't know. It does feel its changing more from old male energy to female more goddess type energy which is whaqt the owner has intended. It is supposed to be placed on the Rose-line a main energetic ley line that ties up with Rosslyn chapel , sacre couer in France etc and some one has written it ties up somehow with Hawaii again I don't know how true this is. Some people come there and struggle some come there and love it it seems. I feel some people think this type of energy line is helpful but have also read its not!
Yesterday I said "show me" and immediately a huge police van passed me - extra reinforced with protective stuff - never seen one up here before :) then another police vehicle a couple of minutes later. Then I got to a café I wanted to visit - its lovely bright colours and run by more awake people than the other cafes. It was very full no way I was going to get a table then I ended up in a café that had been there 30 plus years old and jaded looking hardly anyone in it. This made me wonder about wether the new café (I am offered ) can be in the New Reality or the old. I wouldn't want to run something as an old style of cafe. The lady who owns the land there often talks about the new energy shifts etc but as I expressed to her it feels somehow this area has missed it! Can we as evolving people bring that New Reality in where we choose to? Into our homes, our workplaces etc or is it all out of our hands? At the moment I live in the house my parents left to me no mortgage etc and I am just about to get going as a child-minder partly so I can look after my grandson and other little ones and perhaps let them feel a more awakened persons vibe (many times I have wondered where are the others like me the ones consciously evolving I have found none so far this is what came up in my session with Jane a feeling of deep betrayal about not having any like-minded people around and the lack of love etc) So in some ways I am quite free working for self (soon) and living in own property. Or I give all this up and go work and live in nature that I love but theres a possibility the energy is all tied up in distortion . If the energy on the estate is still in distortion and effecting the land is it my karma to help haha I have no idea I just know I am pulled back time and time again.
Have to say at the time David Icke kind of freaked me out

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Hi Elaine,
What is resonating with me from your post is something about decernment - a question about how to sort the wheat from the chaff or the truth from a distortion that is very like the truth.
In my experience there are many places with challenging energies to someone with sensitivity like you and it is possible to work to mitigate these energies. BUT, the big question (other than how to work with/clear them) is whether at anytime, one is divinely given to engage in doing this. The good news is, in a way that, there is never really a right or wrong answer; whichever branch of the path you take will reveal some further unfolding of self discovery but as you tune increasingly to the pull of the soul and feedback in the form of signs and synchronicity the sense of recognising the authentic pull of the soul gets a bit clearer - which is no sense a guarantee that that path will be the easy one.

As to the 'how' of working with clacky energy at sites - have worked in two places with very challenging energy - when I arrived at the place of realising that this was what I was experiencing, I learnt that the journey was like anything else in terms of the process - a balance of meditation, time in nature, singing, dancing whatever made my soul sing and attuned me to that part of me that was not the reaction to the site and daring to soften into what I felt in relation to the site and following the thread - as in the nine step process - to reveal what it was in my system that was resonating with the distortion at the site. And sometimes things pop open to new clarity very quickly but in my experience it takes time working down through the layers - there can be millions of years of karma here so let's not begrudge few months here and there! ;)
Maybe you might feel to explore the feelings you had about the house at night or the feelings of being freaked out when and if the time feels right. It has been days since we worked together so don't forget to be really gentle with yourself - give things time to land -
Here's a link to an article that I feel also speaks to your question Return_of_the_Pleiadians_and_Earth_Energies_Reconciliation.
Thank you for you,
Jane x