Need help Kundalini Syndrome


First of all english is not my native language, I hope I can explain what's happening to me.

I started meditating 5 years ago.It was casually.2 weeks meditaiting then 1 month nothing, then
3 weeks meditating 2 months nothing..etc..etc.Actually it was like; first 4 years passed with learning how to really meditate.

A year ago my 10 y/o dog passed away,the event was traumatic ( I don't want to go in details) after that I had a DMT experience,
I couldn't break through but even then it was also shocking.2 weeks later I smoked DMT again I couldn't break through again but it helped me
to overcome the trauma from first trip.

I told this stories because maybe it will help you to understand my situation right now.

A year ago I started to meditating fully ( once in a day) and I learned how to go deep while meditating,it was fantastic everything was good,I was enjoying life
4 monhts ago I doubled the time ,2 times in a day one with mantra and music and one with in silence.Then last weekend... bum... something started to happening.It started with intense
pressure on my temples.First it was only during the meditating then it started to stay all day long.Then all other physical symptoms showed up ( most of the symptoms in wikipedia kundalini page).
And the other sypmtoms that I can't really explain,like I am gonna explode but also same time I am lighter than feather ,I am burning but I am's just..
All I can say is; this energy is overwhelming,confusing.One night it goes to psychedelic. But that night first time in my life (even I tought I can go very deep in meditating )
I realized the true meaning of the witnesing to your own thoughts.

By the way I had no idea about kundalini,I had zero knowledge about kundalini. When I searched the things that happening to me kundalini syndrome came up.
It was the time that things started to getting worse.When ever I search about kundalini syndrome, it was like; WARNING! WARNING! DANGEROUS! everybody was talking about that I was meditaitng all wrong
and pushing to hard and thats why this happened and I will end up in mental I can't even do any research because of the negativity on the net. And also the subject range
people talking about goes from 'you're about the enlightened' to 'you did all wrong you go crazy'

I have no idea what to do, I don't feel like İt's awakening it's more like a syndrome,and I don't enjoying for sure.

I stopped meditating and I am not going back for a long time. Right now I am trying to be with nature ,walking alot,eating alot,do some physical works,watching tv for distraction,and sometimes
trying to drawn down that energy on my temples,brain,face to the throat,heart and finally ground.

So far nothing helps, people says that it will take months to recover,I dont really care if it goes away without any damage I am ok with it. Maybe I can handle this state but I don't know,
all I want is; will it be pass,is this normal, what should I do,cause there is no one around me that I can talk about.

I would be much appreciated if you could help me.

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Hi Open,

Thanks for the prompt reply much appreciated.I'll follow your suggestions.I am gonna check your book too.

I would like to understand how this mechanism Works,where did I go wrong? cause right now I'm thinking; 'I was just meditating with all good intentions why is this happening to me' 'why am I failing'

So is there a such thing like; you are not ready to meditate? or did I meditate all wrong, like focusing too much something or too much mantra,pushing too much to only one chakra....I don't know...

What will be happen after all this ends? I am gonna start to meditate again and hope that this time won't have a blockage?

I am so sorry if I sound angry or not polite, I can not expres enough how I relaxed when I saw your reply, I am so thankful for the time you took to help me, thank you very much!


Hi Jen,

Greetings - welcome to Openhand *OK*

What you're expressing and sharing does sound like strong kundalini movements, but actually, although at times it will feel very tough, it's nothing out of the ordinary (as far as kundalini activation goes). I would strongly advise against any kind of psychedelic, because it is likely to accelerate kundalini beyond what someone can genuinely integrate and come to terms with.

What it sounds like is that you're releasing powerful flows of energy which are getting stuck in internal blockages, thus creating the pain, as in the temples. In which case, it will greatly help to steady the energy by bringing it down into the body. I would caution against breathing meditation when the energy is this strong, that will only accelerate it more.

Instead, it would be good to bring the energy down into the body. Which can be done by a brisk walk in nature, and connecting with the land. Doing yoga would help, but more the body postures as opposed to pranayama type breathing or kundalini yoga. Make it very phsyical and in the body.

Make sure you eat consciously and well - especially the denser foods: chick peas, legumes, grains, potatoes, beans. This will also help bring consciousness into the body.

Other than that, it's all about working through distorted behaviour patterns that come up in daily life, caused by activation of kundalini and the opening of the chakras. I would recommend our 5GATEWAYS book, since it is packed with tools tips and advice on integrating soul consciousness through daily life.

Wishing you well

Open :-)