Nature of the Small Self and the Soul?

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I have a query about being in the small self. Yesterday I had a feeling of something was wrong - it lasted right through the day and evening. Things weren't feeling quite right. My grandson and his little friend were in conflict and usually they flow beautifully together. My ex brought his little girl to play and it didn't flow beautifully either like it usually does. This led me to think when I woke up today - am I stuck in small self. I keep getting the mirror of my laptop opening pages up smaller which makes me think I am contracted in some way. I made use of one of Trinitys lovely meditations yesterday but it still feels I am smaller somehow.

What I would like to ask is - if I am aware of this then how do I change it ? how do I get back to that feeling of expansion which I am beginning to think is when I am more soulful. I think its also the generalised feeling of fear that I am in quite often. My dreams overnight were quite uncomfortable - woke feeling sore and tense. My grandson stayed overnight last night and often it seems that when he stays hes absolutely fine the night before but often has a "cold" when he wakes up - he was in my dreams last night. In my dream we were in a strange city and I couldn't find our way back to the budget hotel we had stayed in. When we did get back it was after the booking out time and it meant I was asked to pay an extra fee. In the dream I said I didn't have the money and I had absolutely no one I could ask for the help. It was a really frustrating dream.

I am thinking that the soulful state is really our natural state?

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Hi,Eliane it's very obvious that sometimes we people are not in our natural state. We lose our senses and patience in some situations. So, I will be suggesting that everyone has their own soul and could behave accordingly only.


Hi Elaine, I think it's really important to realise that the soul has different states - not just the sense of lightness and expansion.

You can also be soulful when you're committed, focused and courageous in the physical densities. These are different qualities of course and feel different - they're often about confronting fear, like resources for example.

Making your way back to the "budget hotel" stuck out strongly for me. Do you have any kind of poverty consciousness? Do you worry about resources?

Remember the journey is all about self-realisation - self-actualisation. So when you're in these tightening and unpleasant situations, it's not about figuring our the desired outcome immediately. Work towards where the path appears to be leading, but always confront the tightness as it comes up. Then you clear through the density and the 'goal' manifests itself.

So I'd say you're being invited to find courageous qualities of the soul in the physical densities.

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