Is Anger always "Anti-spiritual"? If so, WHY? come to me when I see either injustice, plastic or will not go away when I see these things..- You make me clench my fists and swear under my heart skips a beat, I sweat, my eyes focus, my blood runs cold.

I want to fight it. Not the anger but the abovementioned things.

I have the feeling I am not going against my own spirit or the spirit of the Universe in doing so. I have the feeling my anger is my friend in this. I do not wish it to go away. I wish for it in the struggle. I welcome it. Because of its ENERGY. This energy makes me move, it makes me act.

I do not wish to be without my anger. I feel it is closely connected to my intuition and I love its power.

Do you wish to be without yours? Really? Tell me why, please.

Thank you.


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For sure.

The Universe does not concern itself with these terms. But we humans..we are both part of the Universe (via our consciousness) and creators of realities within its realm. We have created the world we are in now. We are creating and co-creating it every day, I think. You mention time..In time misalignments will straighten out, will fall into this must mean my words seem impatient. That´s right, I´m impatient. I do not regret my words but I am grateful for the invitation to see things from another perspective. Thank you.

Anger has such a bad name. But I see it as natural faced with a world upside down where natural things have become questionable and distortion the norm. It does anger me. But I may be able to bear it lighter in the days to come, who knows. Your words and mine seem to me to belong to two equally essential elements: Water and fire.

Thank you for pointing to the still waters. I feel at peace.

Sending you all good.




What I mean is that all events and circumstances flow from consciousness (and are therefore 'spiritual').

In the Openhand Approach, the Universe was created without intention - it came into being naturally from presence. If there was a creator, then who created the creator....and so on.

In which case, it's only the ego that then assumes there should be "justice".

Injustice is merely the misalignment of light in the darkness. And over time, the natural workings of the Universe resolve the misalignment out.

We can support that unfolding by bringing our attention to the blockage (what ego considers injustice) and then allow the energy to unwind through us.

Unless that is we get angry. In which case, we just create more misalignment - more injustice manifested in a different way.

Wishing you well

Open heart


I do not see, Open, how injustice can be spiritual. But I can glimpse how it can spark it.


Still, I want to change this world. Not just complain about it or accept it.


For this reason anger is my friend.






Hi Alma - a powerful inquiry. yes

Of course everything is spiritual - because everything is of spirit. It just gets distorted along the way.

In the depths of anger, is the powerful yearning to want to shake things up and change them, exactly because we may witness some of the things you talk about, like injustice.

So injustice, for example, can initiate powerful flows of "ray 1" (divine masculine) energy to realign the situation. Which may be expressed in a very strong way. Yet when the ego attaches to the expression of the energy, or the outcome of the situation, then the false self may tighten around the expression which becomes anger.

In the Openhand Approach, the key to resolving any such situation, is not simply to ditch the distortion straight away. But rather to work into it, unwind unwind the attachment to the outcome, and liberate the aligned expression at the heart of the distortion - you find a positive way to express the anger until it becomes aligned energy of the soul, felt as a sense of rightness.

Open heart