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The trailer for the new Openhand Documentary, PARADIGM SHIFT, illuminating where we are in the shift right now, and the path through it. The documentary is due for release on 01.08.18.

Stay tuned.

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Hi Réka for what ever reason I felt a pull to say, there is nothing to be sorry for. I to am {So much looking forward to this new film, too, hoping it will inspire many-many more out there all around the world. With much love to you all, always!} love the Echo.


Over 7 years ago it was a short video of Openhand that called me to this site, and just 'wow' how much has shifted since the initial contact. I am always grateful for the experience and the teaching. So much looking forward to this new film, too, hoping it will inspire many-many more out there all around the world. With much love to you all, always! ☺ Réka

Trailer is looking good. Definitely powerful times coming. Even people not aligned at this time are feeling the power of the shift. I'm sure this doc will shine some light for those wondering whats happening right now. Looking forward!!

Thanks Openhand team!

Hey Charlie, Jen and Brendan - great to have you tuning in.
I feel the magic in the air again for this one.
Glad you're in the ether B 5HOE!

Much love

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Awesome film trailer open! Can't wait to see the new production. Powerful message! Interesting aside...I was perplexed by the date reading from an American dating system. It appeared that you were somehow releasing this film in the past on January 8, 2018! 😊 It took a moment to realize that it was actually August 1, 2018.  Curious about the inversion...reflection of many ways of seeing/perceiving something, and perhaps something is opposite/flipped in a perception I have.  From a more zoomed out perspective there is an inversion/sense of everything being flipped on its head for humanity, for the planet. Anyways, really beautiful filming with a fiery soulful message. 

I was given to put this new documentary out on a specific date - 01.08.18.
It wasn't unitl afterwards when I did the maths that I got the significance...

18 (1+8)=9

Essentially you get 999 - a 'warning', or rather an essential message.

Please do share widely, we think it needs to be considered by a wide audience in the Shift.


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Some of you may remember that Brendan Shoebridge of smiling dragonfly produced Openhand's first documentary 5GATEWAYS. We're very fortunate to have him produce this trailer for us - what an awesome job Brendan - a profound thanks. HeartHeartHeart

Brendan wasn't there when we shot the interview for the documentary, but I remember sensing that I could really feel his presence during the shoot. On the way back, as we passed through a small Dartmoor village, a blue van cut in front of us with the number plate... B 5HOE. A priceless synchronicity - we knew you were there all along Brendan!

Brendan will also be helping out with the main documentary.


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Here in the Openhand Team we're pleased to announce the release of our new documentary PARADIGM SHIFT, due out on 01.08.18. It's designed to illuminate at what stage the Great Earth Shift is currently at, where it's heading, and how you can best thrive through this momentous transformation.

This is an essential message to humanity, embodied from the integrated consciousness of Enlightened Masters gathering in the ether to support the earth's great PARADIGM SHIFT.

We've reached a crucial stage now, which may be termed "Unwinding the Karmic Construct". It is set to have a dramatic effect on everyone's lives across the planet. What's set to unfold, is not yet being embraced in the spiritual mainstream. It's time to illuminate how the earth will truly transform, in what time frame, so that evolving people can equalise with the shift, normalise with the dramatic changes ahead of us. Then we can ride the successfully.

A golden opportunity is unfolding before us. Let's seize the moment!

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