Passion & Commitment on the Spiritual Path

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We've all heard about surrender and letting go on the Spiritual Path, but what about Passion and Commitment - where do they fit in? That's what we're exploring in this colourful inspirational video.

How do you find your Passion and Purpose in Life? Be Inspired...

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I really enjoyed making this video, it seemed to just click easily into place. It's all about why we need passion and commitment in the shift right now. Even if you've seen it before, check it out, plenty say they've been inspired by it. 👌

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Interesting synchronicity Open, both river and I have been feeling really passionate about expressing our spirituality into the world through music , stories ,performance and spiritual service. Thats what we bewn doing here. We both feel like we should build a community around our expression with regular gatherings. What began as a travel around the country with my guitar has took on many different turns ,beautiful connections and colorful expressions.

Saw this today morning around an enquiry. 

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Don't mind the picture of a dirty mop.. lol



I've been an entreprneur for about 15 years with many different businesses during that time as I am not a one and done kind of person! I wish I was it would probably be easier than starting and stopping businesses every few years!

Anyway, because of this "new" path of "being" instead of "doing" this year I have felt a lack of passion, focus and clarity. Instead of fighting it, I just let it go. I got a job recently and I cannot believe that a job actually has sent me on a complete spiritual path and shining of th light that I have never experienced before.! In fact, I did not think that was possible with a "job" but that simply is not true!

It is my self realization no matter what I am doing! WOW! I am just absolutely amazed! I have no words right now! I actually am really enjoying my job and what it is showing me!

Make sense?

It was a truly fascinating experience making this film - I felt to share with you all because it expresses the conundrum of when to know whether to persist on the path with something.

Usually when I record a video, they flow straight off. I tend to record once and once only. This time though I just couldn't seem to get it right. I'd get a cough, or stumble over a word, or there'd be sudden noise in the background. I kept wondering if I wasn't supposed to do it. I'd open to the usual guidance, but it was non-conclusive, one way or the other.

So I'd put the project down and get on with something else. Something in me deep down just wouldn't lie down though and the project kept coming back to the surface. In the end I must have shot the audio around 50 times!!!

They do say, that you have to be as enthusiastic at the 51st door you know on, as you were at the first!

Anyway, it's a subject I just felt important to share with you all - hence I persisted.

I trust you enjoy it.

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