ARISE DIVINE BEING: 1 Day Intensive, EXETER/UK, 19th Oct (Pay as You Feel)

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Our time has arrived. As the mainstream sleepwalks into a synthetic reality based on 'Smart' technology, so we must now begin our Ascension into 5D consciousness in earnest. The healing of Gaia will be to cleanse this cancerous invasion in the 3D through Abrupt Climate Change and the accelerating Pole Shift to progressively shift vibration into 5D/6D/7D. It's time to truly uncover the Divine Being in the depths of you, to break open the shell, and step out into the world as your glorious God-Self. The time for playing it small has long since evapourated. Come step into the Openhand crucible of profound evolutionary change. Our time has come.

This is a one day Transcendental Intensive designed to take you into your Sacred Ground of Being and expand you into 5D consciousness. It takes place at the aptly named "Phoenix" in Exeter/UK. It is a "Pay as You Feel" event. Join us. ARISE DIVINE BEING!

1 Day Transcendental Intensive

We'll be applying a new Openhand deep meditation practice called "illuminate". It's using cutting edge internal focus to move past the grasp of ego, through layers of karma, and centering in the divinity at the core of you. We'll help you feel the enlightened consciousness around the Void of Presence and establish this as the Sacred Ground of Being from which to step forth in life. Your authentic self emerges from this Infinite Potential, and the space-time-continuum of life bends around it for truly successful and abundant living.

We've condensed the essentials of the Openhand Breakthrough Work into a 1 day Transcendental Intensive. We're using meditation, self-realisation inquiry, movement, emotive music and video to break through inner blocking density and bring you rapidly into "5D" consciousness.

Turning a Powerful new Chapter in the Earth's Shift

For anyone with the eyes to see, our times are changing ever more rapidly now. Gaia has endured the Intervention of Opposing Consciousness long enough. The unseen powers-that-be have scant regard now for our beautiful eco-systems - that is becoming increasingly clear. But every cause has an effect. And so with the introduction of highly invasive not-so-'Smart' technology, so will the Universe respond with an acceleration for the Earth into 5D. That is the startling synchronicity of our times.

Gaia is ready to transform the Earth into a higher paradigm of consciousness in the Fifth Density, through which, like a worn out skin, the old reality is steadily peeled away. It is the Openhand conviction that Gaia has now signaled this crucial new phase, in the higher interests of all sentient life, to minimise any undue suffering and begin shifting energy into the higher dimensional reality - one that exists here and now, all around us.

People with the eyes to see and ears to hear must now grasp the metal, go deep into the soul, and let the heat of alchemical change burn away the ego's dross, to unleash a new sparkling Divine Being. It's about digging deep through the karmic ballast, working it through, unleashing Kundalini, reuniting Lower with Higher Self and activating the Spirit Light Body. It's a new consciousness of light that you can prosper in from day to day. It will be your vehicle of Ascension when your time comes to pass on. And it will be an immaculate home coming!

Introducing Openhand - A Higher Dimensional Bridge

Openhand is a higher dimensional bridge, which may best be considered as an integrated team of Ascended Master Energies working with the Benevolent Mission in the ether supporting Humanity's Shift into 5D. When you know how to work with it, you may use it beneficially to break down karmic blockages and infuse authentic soul beingness into every facet of your life, which leads to abundant and successful living.

But to be clear, this is never about telling you your truth. The New 5D Paradigm can be theorised, yes, but it must then be realised. It's about holding a cauldron of alchemical exploration for you to get to know the deepest aspects of yourself.

Who are you at your deepest core?
What new gifts of beingness can illuminate your life right now?

Held in a Safe and Protective Space

During the work, you'll be held in a safe and protective energetic vessel, where the veils over authentic reality are thin. We'll be resonating authentic soul vibration - keys to unlock the door of your next big shift. We'll be taking you deep into the Void of Presence, integrating soul, helping process Karma, unleash Kundalini and activate your Spirit Light Body, which is our vehicle of Ascension.

5D consciousness is not something to wait for. As the energy of the old Karmic Construct now unwinds, you'll find ever more higher dimensional energy to support you in 3D living right now. Our new process "illuminate" is perfectly crafted to help you fulfill this.

Introducing Openhand - Guided by "Open"

Openhand is a higher dimensional bridge, the integrated consciousness of Ascended Masters through the ages. It is working with the Benevolent Mission in the ether all around us supporting Humanity's Shift into 5D.
I incarnated somewhat unusually via a soul exchange, which initiated during a life threatening car crash. It was my passion to come here and support the Great 5D Shift of Consciousness taking place on the earth right now.

I look forwards to meeting and working with you. Praying Emoji

Supported by Aspasia & Jeff

Aspasia is Openhand's Community Coordinator responsible for weaving the organisation of our events together in terms of booking and administration support. She is also a very experienced spiritual facilitator who skillfully co-creates explorations of Awakening with all souls (see her website: AspasiaAwakenings). She will be a support facilitator during the event. Please contact Aspasia if you have any questions about the nature of the event or travel and arrival arrangements...

Essential to Openhand's Work is the development of a Global Facilitator Network, who're all skilled in supporting people's awakenings and shift into expanded "5D" consciousness. Support Facilitators have been through Openhand's core program of courses and received Spiritual Facilitator training. They're skilled in helping you get to the bottom of karmic blockages and remove them. There will be at least 2 support facilitators at the event assisting the work, including Jeff shown in the photo.

It will be our pleasure to be of service.

Timed perfectly to meet Your next Shift

Big movements are happening in the world around us, and we'd love to help you kickstart your next big Shift. This 1 day intensive takes place at the very aptly named "Pheonix Centre", which is a high vibe hub, close to the central rail and bus stations of Exeter. You can get here cheaply by National Express Buses or National Rail. And if you're staying over night, there's plenty of affordable airbnb accommodation available.

It's a great creative hub that connects people...

Safely held in a profound vehicle of alchemical change...

Plenty of compassionate one-on-one...

Free flowing movement to unleash Soul... There are plenty of healthy and tasty eateries nearby with Vegan options...

Administration Details

* Venue in central Exeter: The venue for this highly Transcendental gathering will be in the drama studio of "The Pheonix", in central Exeter. Full venue details...The Pheonix

* Date and Timings: 19th Oct:
1 Day Transcendental Intensive: 10:00am till 5:30pm (doors open at 9:45am, please arrive early for a prompt start; with lunch break between 1pm and 2:15 pm).

* Price: "Pay as You Feel"
We would like to open the Openhand work up to as many people as possible, beyond financial constraint. So this special event is offered as "Pay as You Feel". Meaning to invite you to offer what is affordable to you considering the context of this life changing work.

(NB. You will need to reserve a place in advance. See Reservations below.)

* Accommodation & food: - there is a plenty of affordable accommodation on airbnb for those traveling and wishing to stay overnight. Bring your own vegan food for lunches or partake of the plentiful surrounding eateries. On Saturday evening, for those staying over, an eating venue will be organised for the group at 6pm (please state whether you wish to attend on booking).

* Travel: Central Exeter is served by its own mainline train station. It is about 90 minutes drive from Bristol and 3.5 hour's train/bus journey from London Heathrow International airport.

* Not for profit: Openhand is a not for profit organisation. All surplus revenues are reinvested to facilitate our objective - to help others in their journey of spiritual awakening.

* Reservation info: To reserve a place or to get more information email our Community Coordinator Aspasia:
***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder.

ARISE DIVINE BEING: Outcome, Booking & Further Info

For those new to Openhand, we've been around on the planet some 17 years now, and aeons elsewhere before that, giving a helping hand in challenging Shifts like the one taking place on Earth right now. After countless iterations to define accuracy, we've developed the 5D Shift Project, which is a framework for your progressive spiritual unfolding through 3 stages of development (discover more... The 5D Shift Project). This latest Openhand "ARISE DIVINE BEING" World Tour, with the process "illuminate", will represent stage 1 of the work. But even if you've done stage 1 before or if you're already advanced down the spiritual path, this is all energy work. It will meet you in the ether exactly where you are, and advance you along the steps you now need to take.

Now is the time, to look into the external mirror, and see the limited physical being that you are not! Let the veils of limitation fall from your eyes and from your being. Here is the golden opportunity to step out and become all that you can be. Spiritual beings were made for these times ahead of us. Your purpose and destiny for being here, is set to come fully into view. Honour, own and embrace it. Step courageously and fearlessly forwards into your divine being. And this wave you're about to step onto, will become the ride of your existence!

RESERVATION & INFO: to reserve a place or get more information email Openhand's community coordinator, Aspasia:

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The Pheonix keeps appearing in our cards - no wonder as the energies of the shift heighten. Exeter nestles on the edge of Dartmoor where Openhand is currently based. It's easy to get to and good to hang out in. This is a one day event with a "Pay as You Feel" ethos to encourage as many newcomers and resource constrained as possible. If you've been wondering about dipping your toes into the Openhand transformative waters, now is the time!

See you down the flow

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