7 RAYs Radio

Music is the elevation of soul. The vibration reverberates within our temple body; it tunes our strings; and it moves our body to wiggle, flow, stomp, expressing self fully.  OPENHAND celebrates music as a tool for self alignment, self expression and self love. 

I would like to play with anyone out there that is getting all hyped on the flavors of 7 Rays. How is our sensing body feeling into these unique expressions of energy and what music out there is harmonizing with them?  

I am introducing a thread dedicated to the RAINBOW Airways: 7 Rays Radio. This is the radio channel to share what music you feel aligns with each RAY. Get your DJ on to help BROADCAST what your SOUL is dancing and singing to these days voltage emoji icon

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Hey Gwynn,

SO spot on with the vibe of the retreat. I had a big experience being visited by a pure white wolf, just like in the picture you chose, (without the funky lights)! I love the way he's now showing up as a rainbow wolf! It feels like embracing the Ray 4 and now the full rainbow harmonic too.

Arctic Wolf


Wow, this is awesome Gwyn. 👏👍🤗

We've been right amidst this on 5GATEWAYS yesterday. I've developed soulmotion to combine with the 7-rays - it's a great way to experience the resonances.

Wonderful - thankyou!

Open ♥️


Shaping synchronistic magic 

Ray 7 flavors:  entrepreneurial, creative, manifesting, spontaneous, self-believing and trusting

"I am guiding you"


Yearning self-expression 

Ray 6 flavors:  expressive, influential, charismatic, colorful, idealistic, liberational and devotional

"vision’s clean and mind is still"


Realizing abstract higher WISDOM 

Ray 5 flavors:  metaphysical, altruistic, insightful, all-knowing and practical 

"your fascination with Ethers"


Interpreting authentic reality 

Ray 3 flavors:  observant, articulate, astute, mathematical and systematic 
"the judge better hurry on down, just get on down to planet Earth" 


Surrendering unconditional Love ~~ honoring the divine feminine 

Ray 2 flavors:  accepting, peaceful, sensitive, nurturing and flowing

"women at the center" 



Purposeful creative WILL   ~~   honoring the divine masculine

Ray 1 flavors  courageous, passionate, inspiring and catalyzing 
Feel it in your ROOT 

"with all the fire we can bring"