Major Energetic Planetary Shifts Unfolding: New Base for Openhand

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Major unseen events and unwindings are happening in the field all the time, that aren't immediately obvious on the surface - due to the level of mind and emotion-led distraction. So many situations and circumstances are interrelated but go unnoticed. Openhand has recently relocated to a new base in Glastonbury, with synchronicity indicating a key connection between the Christ Consciousness and the Heart Chakra of our planet.
Explore the revelatory Symbology:

Galactic Alignment 2012

At the galactic alignment of 2012, plenty on the planet were expecting the pole shift to complete and the world would be transformed in an instant. Personally, I knew that wasn't going to happen. But, that major triggers would be fired. The 5D Shift would be accelerated. Back at the beginning of 2012, I was told in the dreamtime I'd see a vision in lights on December 21st of what was actually taking place. Sure enough, on the 21st, in the middle of the night, I was awakened abruptly, and gathered a small Openhand tribe to head out to Wearyall Hill - to where I felt guided by the heart.

Indeed we did see, in lights, metaphoric representation of exactly what was going on: street lights between Wearyall Hill and the Tor showed a woman giving birth. The convergence was packed with alchemy, synchronicity, symbology and sparkling energy. We were guided to the exact place of the convergence -

the Somerset rural life museum - a barn, and on the gable end a clear star map showing the shift from 3D through 4D to 5D. We felt the birth of the "Christed Child", meaning that the Christ Consciousness activated the birth of a new paradigm in the 5D. The group all felt it. It was literally stunning; a peak moment in all our lives.

It's a crucial planetary shift that had been building but blocked and suppressed (by the shadow) for many thousands of years. The Crucifixion was both metaphoric of the shift through 5GATEWAYS into the new paradigm (watch Openhand's acclaimed 5GATEWAYS movie), but also the continued attempts at blocking and thwarting - notice how many of the stigmata points during the crucifixion were at key chakra centres: like the crown of thorns designed purposefully to distract from the 3rd Eye Chakra. Plenty today have blocking chakra implants that prevent full soul infusion and alignment. Hence the importance in the Openhand work of removing entities and implants (check Openhand's popular meditation: removing entities and implants).

Symbolism in the Crucifixion

What few realise is that the crucifixion was also symbolic of how Gaia herself was being blocked and thwarted - that she has suffered energetic implants, especially at the 4D level, by the intervention. It is folklore in Glastonbury that Joseph of Aramathea brought the young Jesus here. They landed on Wearyall Hill when Avalon was surrounded by water. Aramathea planted his staff which grew into what was known as the Holy Thorn Tree (which has been sadly vandalised in recent years). Actually, I have been shown a different or supplementary vision - he also buried the crown of thorns there after the crucifixion, and this became the Holy Thorn (it is possible by the way that a thorn tree can grow in this way if the nutrients and water content are sufficient).

Again, this is tremendously symbolic: that Gaia had been blocked and thwarted from the natural flow of her energy field and connection into the solar system and galaxy. In short, prior to the alignment of 2012, she was dieing!

Hence the importance of removing these implants, which our facilitator group and others around the world have been diligently doing for many years. I reported in the summer of 2021, how with support from various Star Being groups, the planetary stargates were being reactivated. Hence the tremendous significance of the establishment of the extended energy figure of 8 (encompassing Wearyall Hill, the Rural Life Museum and the Tor), which was conducted by the Openhand Facilitator group this summer.

Read About the Facilitator Group Quantum Manifesting

Synchronicity: The Objective Mother Tongue of the Universe

Now, as I often illuminate to the facilitator group, when you do this kind of work, of course it's etheric, a degree intangeable and open to interpretation, and of course misinterpretation! There are no hard and fast rules. Except that is, the objective mother tongue of signs and synchronicity - always watch for the feedback loops that affirm the work that has been done.

With that in mind, I felt to share this pearler of synchronicity regarding the recent relocation of the Openhand base, following several years of this work since what took place on Wearyall Hill back in 2012, backed up by the involvement of several facilitator groups all working diligently and selflessly since then (♥️).

The new Openhand Base manifested just below the point where we re-established a key part of the figure 8 Gaia heart-flow on Wearyall Hill. The address is: Thorn Hill, The Roman Way, 8AD. The contract was written up by a lady called Thea (Joseph of AramaThea!).

Synchronicity - you simply can't make these things up! For all who pay attention, history is in the making, the shift is accelerating, and we have the tremendous opportunity to harness the power of this quantum energy into our lives.

Reactivating Gaia's 5D Crystalline Grid

Finally, Wearyall Hill was where I was guided during "lockdown" (you can't lock anything down permanently!!) to shoot this video on reactivating Gaia's 5D Crystalline Grid. Let's be inspired in our lives at the benevolence of these monumental shifts unfolding across the planet...

Bright Blessings

Open 🦋

PS - if you're inspired by my sharing and consider yourself a planetary shift facilitator in the making, get involved with our work:

Openhand Shift Facilitator Program

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Since you mentioned Christ and Christ consciousness... I wanted to share a Dream I had some months ago which coincided with my moon cycle. It was just the moment I woke up from the dream that I realized I was going through a bloody purge! (note that until 6 months ago - until exactly the full moon eclipse in taurus - I was practically infertile and hadn't had my moon cycle in a year or so, so this stuff was big).

Within the dream I remember walking up a staircase that led infinitely upwards with no railing on either side. A friend was climbing them with me. 

The whole scene was pretty short.

A sarcastic voice came from somewhere saying: "What you climbing upwards for, salvation (or enlightenment)?"

I turned around saying (not with words but knowingly)

"Christ is everywhere."

That was the end of the discussion, no answer came. And suddenly I woke up and felt I was deeply cleansing. 

He is in everything and everyone. Sounds like Tell me something I don't know, but for me that last bit was so true, it came from deep within me, I knew that in a visceral way, and the realization rippled into my whole body.

Writing this just made me realize that, so far, this year had not been about external sacred union, but rather an internal union with the great Beloved or with- Christ, I suppose. 






Had to post for a couple of reasons.  Last Monday evening I did mantra work out loud, using my mind to set the mantra meditation on Glastonbury tor.  The session lasted about four hours and I was mainly using long mantras to Durga, Kali and Saraswati; and a shorter mantra to Tara.  For most of the next day I was in an altered state. On Tuesday and Wednesday in the evening I was using bija mantra combinations on the chakras and on Wednesday evening I was sky high and bursting with good vibes.  Possibly because I am now sometimes doing lots of mantra combinations on just one or two chakras and had been concentrating on the brow and top of the head chakras.  There followed research into Lemuria and trees, and the idea that the trees want us to interact with them, possibly even activate them.  Hitherto I would have said that they activate us, but maybe they would appreciate some good sounds and a little love and gratitude. More research into Lemuria led me to hear that Hawaii was very important during the lemurian era and that there is a big upright quartz crystal set on a rose quartz base on Kauai.  The Goddess Pele then gave me a metaphorical boot up the backside and told me to go and clear the energy in the town where I currently reside, which has a reputation for being an energy sapper, draining and dull.  So I did the clearing work yesterday.  For much of this year when I had spare time; I was building a course using mainly combinations of bija mantras on the chakras.  Several combinations per chakra.  Making these sounds day in day out is like helping a tree to grow in my subtle body.  By making sound on the chakras and focusing on one or more of them per breath, I feed the tree.  Final point, possibly relating to previous post about Andy from Andromeda.  I watched a video where a woman was talking about a relationship between dolphins and andara crystals.  Interesting sonic similarity there.


Here she is with perfect timing, Mei-Lan, with a gift from the heart of Gaia. It feels like another divine feedback loop for the completion of the energy realignments in the planetary heart chakra, Glastonbury, which led to the new Openhand Base. It's simply heart melting. I share it as a gift to you all ♥️...


Moving house is never easy. For me it has happened slap bang in the middle of two important tours: Openhand's Mexico Retreat, Return of the Pleiadians, and Return to Atlantis, our Egyptian Pilgrimage PLUS, right before a key facilitator summit. I wondered how I was ever going to get it done?! When I found my energies flagging with all the packing and shifting, this song below was gifted.

I wonder: what have you got to move and shake up in your life?...

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Congrats on your happy change and new beginning! Last week i lost someone very dear to me but the goodbye was beautiful. i also made a move. i knew it was the wrong one but the experience was invaluable as i was able to finally see some key truths and cut ties for good. Difficult but so necessarry. In the process it also helped me take the reigns during some intense anxiety and through breath work and clamping down on runaway thoughts, was able to make progress in controlling and diffusing it. i also realised sometimes it's not just about standing your ground but using your voice, and through this experience, i'm finding mine. Now i feel as though weights have lifted and i'm beginning to prepare for the real move, a journey where i will get home. i'm quite excited. Have to rest and heal a bit first, but i know the move is coming soon. Everything i resisted was preparing me for this. Can only feel gratitude. i absolutely love that song, thank you, it speaks to me and the video is spectacular. i love Gaia so much. Things are definitely changing, i do feel it. Last night i had a dream i joined a circle where they were doing the vocal chakra frequencies. i've always had an affinity for sound and now feel this to be a calling in some way. Using my voice. "What's next?" 💙🙏

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Hi Barb - thanks for sharing your heartfelt feelings at the Openhand move - much appreciated ♥️

One of the things I would compassionately say about the wider awakening movement, is the reticence to share soulful feelings outwardly - to express when something touches you or resonates with you. This is highly derailing to the path of the soul. Because it means the energy does not carry out into the world. Hence Barb, when you speak of chakra toning, that's a great example of letting our soul voice be heard and to transmit through the field. It's exactly whey we do plenty of it on the Openhand events.

Keep right on singing!

Open 🦋


Hi Openhanders, I trust you see the tremendous significance in the key synchronicity I shared above about the new Openhand base - what it confirms is going on in these phenomenal transformations. So I'm intrigued: what does it say to you? What do you feel about what's happening? Do share with me, let's get those all-important feedback loops going!! ♥️