Mastering The Power of Quantum Manifesting in a Terraforming World

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The balance of power on the planet is transforming strongly. But not necessarily as projected into society by the shadowside. There's a need to beware of the surface distraction, because a tremendous influx of consciousness is abound that we can each draw power from if we look up beyond the surface shenanigans. It's high time to discover and embody the true, selfless, power of quantum manifesting. Now, more than ever, this is essential to your harmony and balance in life.

Surrendering into a Greater Power

Openhand has a new base in Glastonbury, the heart chakra of the planet, that is instrumental to the shift. A tremendous amount of 4D planetary karma is processed through here. The reason I share is because of HOW it manifested - it's an example of how things can take shape, in an aligned way, with what we're internally processing.

About 18 months ago I had the sense it was time to move from the flat I was living in - it had become too energetically cramped for the amount of energy I'm now working with. It was also too noisy and distractive when filming and conducting zoom sessions, which have now become crucial themes of the Openhand work. And so I began with the most important approach to quantum manifesting, "Show me!"

It's a simple phrase that means you're surrendering into a greater power, a greater movement than the small I. You're prepared to let go of everything and let the field decide where and how it wants to move you. Sounds simple right? And maybe it sounds like there's then nothing for you to do but watch. It couldn't be further from the truth - you've really got to work at it.

The question is how?

The Flow of the Quantum Field

Consider it this way: the flow of the quantum field wants to move you, just like a stream heading down a mountain to the ocean source. But there's still a role for you to play. At the risk of mixing metaphors, you're invited to surf the wave with your own unique expression. What gets in the way is where you inadvertently get tight within the old patterns or karma. This gets you stiff on the board and likely to fall off. Or mixing those metaphors again, you flow over a boulder and get caught in an eddy current. The flow slows down and you get the sense of being stuck.

You've expressed your surrender and now the universe repays you with derailing density!!

It's crucial to recognise that your own story as a soul is being sought by the flow. We're each interweaving with it. And the driver for the movement is the power of your unwinding mechanism within. You connect up in meditation, deep consciousness bodywork or through nature, but then as the flow strengthens through you, it will pull internally on all the places you identify with the surface drama.

This internal fragmentation of soul manifests into the external, and no matter how much you might want to intention something else, the inner disharmony manifests distortive and unbalanced reflections into your life: in relationships, how you work and live.

You must have a process to work through this density in order to manifest effectively - it is the driving force, whereby the unwinding effect accelerates the forward momentum in life. Without it, there is simply no movement. This is exacerbated right now by the shadowside in society, that's constantly trying to stir up fear, anxiety and distraction.

The inner process we apply in Openhand is called the Breakthrough Approach, which is straightforward to apply, but not necessarily easy - you've got to summon the courage and commitment to delve into all those places you don't really want to go...

Learn how to apply the Breakthrough Approach on an Openhand Event

Why Did You Create it?

For Openhand, in terms of moving base, I could feel the flow wanting to achieve that, but there was much to work on internally to do so. Firstly, there was any reactivity to disturbances around me - like, for example, the many wifi channels and noise that projected into my space from the other flats - I'm sure many of you can empathise!

It's crucial to recognise, and own, why you have created your current circumstances - because you can't move on without integrating the lessons and growth you were meant to get from them. So in a difficult and challenging circumstance ask, "why did I create it?"

Do you react, close down or wish to extract from the discomfort? What in you is needing that to happen? Almost certainly the ego. This is the world we live in. In becoming a quantum manifestor, we have to discover how NOT to be determined by surface-level interference. Because the One in you definitely isn't.

The question is: can you allow this external interference of society to come through you, but then meet it internally, and bend around it so not be affected?"

It's also essential to recognise when we work in this way, we're rippling realigning consciousness much further afield. For every expression of truth, there is a rippling effect.

The Ocean Merges into the Drop

When you open the internal space progressively, and by peeling off the internal reactive layers one by one, then what you're going to find is that planetary infusions of light start to move you in new ways.

For me, the inner work reflects into this wider quantum field movement - the drop merges into the ocean, then the ocean merges into the drop.

Let's consider it practically.

On the summer facilitator conference in Avebury, the group was experiencing powerful connections with various star-being nations such as the Andromedans. For example, the crop circles were being woven seemingly in direct response to the inquiries we were having. It was beautiful to behold, but my question to them was: how can you support in a practical, physical, resource way?

How to Quantum Manifest Calling on Star Being Support

One crop circle we went to had been woven in an extended figure of 8, but mown out by the farmer before we could see it. Nevertheless, the energy there was still immensely powerful. It was crucial to overcome initial disappointment and judgment of the situation. Or else you end up derailing what "wants to be" - this is the same in whatever unpleasant or inconvenient life situation or circumstance you find yourself in. Ask, why did it happen that way?

Synchronicity spoke of the figure of 8 needing to be activated and anchored somewhere else. Higher knowing suggested Glastonbury. These higher dimensional insights and intuitions come to you when the mind is not obscuring in reactivity.

The figure of 8 is a powerful life metaphor - how kundalini energy flows between you and the source. You must connect up internally and remove any blockages in life in order to manifest harmoniously. In Glastonbury, I was shown this is how the energy essentially wanted to flow between two key features: Wearyall Hill and the Tor. I gathered a group of the facilitators on Wearyall hill and we worked to establish an ascending portal in a key energetic location. Later on, an influx of Draconian energy helped establish an anchoring energy at the Tor. The two flows began to work in harmony.

I knew we'd achieved what wanted to happen in the field itself. And it's esssential for you to recgonise the quantum field puts you in an ideal position to work both on yourself, AND also the local field. We are instrumental as energy workers in the shift. Our personal lives are interconnected with the bigger picture.

Lo and behold, just a short while after the work was complete, the new Openhand base manifested in the ideal location on Wearyall Hill - just below the location of the portal we'd established. And the means to make it happen wove together with divine orchestration.  Now there's a standalone base that is the perfect vessel for an amplified field level of work.

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Floating your 5D Vessel

As an amusing conclusion, I observe the quantum field, and those supporting in it, have a great sense of humour too. I always view the place I live as an energy vessel - a ship, moving through time and space. Now when you float a new ship, the custom is to crack a bottle of champagne on the side of the vessel. I don't drink alcohol, so that was out of the question, but when one of the guys helping the move-in fell over at the entrance and smashed a bottle of Cider Vinegar, I instantly knew the divine synchronicity!!

I share the story so as to emphasize how we're all instrumental in the shift; that we each have enormous power in this terraforming world when we progressively soften into the flow and respond to its calling. You certainly won't get what the ego wants. However, you will be held and carried, and receive bounteous wonders far beyond imagination. Just the sense of being a part of something much greater than the small I is ample reward for the commitment and courage to develop your life from the inner unravelings.

Especially now, as the field is opening up and you take centre stream in the Shift, you'll be simply amazed at what is possible.

Bright blessings

Open 🦋🙏

PS - if you're inspired to shape an adventurous and alchemical life in a more harmonious way from the quantum field, explore Openhand's Ground Breaking Work...

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20/02/2024 Shift Update: Quantum Manifesting

I've spoken about this plenty, but it's important to keep doing so. So much change is happening in the field right now and society is terraforming in humungous ways. The shadow is desperately shape-shifting its daily dramas to distract and lock things down, BUT, it is failing!!

Marvellous breakthroughs of the light of benevolence are happening by the day. I'm currently working with and advanced Openhand facilitator group, and I can't begin to tell you how uplifting and optimistic things are. We're connecting into layers of intervention, at a planetary level, speaking into it and causing it to let go. Its coherency and resistance is breaking down. Plenty of these souls are realigning and coming back to the light. I'm seeing breakthroughs in many areas of society. It looks very messy on the surface but mark my words well...

In the next six months, you're going to see big breakthroughs in many areas of life across the planet. The shadow agenda is breaking down. It's complex and confusing, but if you stay tuned into the field and the tremendous inflows of light, then your life can be uplifted in the most magical of ways. Trust in that possibility, act accordingly, and you will not be disappointed.


With this in mind, I encourage all to re-read my article above today about quantum manifesting in a terraforming world. Be inspired by it and work to apply it to key aspects of your life. Get to experience that terraforming possibility now - allow for the fact that benevolence can, and will, work with you. You'll be amazed at just what becomes possible...

The Power of Quantum Manifesting in a Terraforming World

Mark my words, we will look back on these times and celebrate the fact that we kept going, we kept digging, we kept trusting!

Bright blessings

Open 💙💎


25/03/2023 Shift Update

Hi Everyone, I've just landed in Sydney ahead of a Thrive in 5D Retreat here. It's been a big journey through the matrix with all its complexities, but the flow was immaculate, weaving this way and that, synchronicities abound, signs and numerology a constant divine conversation. It's so important right now to be in the flow and to focus, and then everything will work positively for you.

This is why I felt to share this article today on Quantum Manifesting in this Terraforming world, to encourage attention and accurate alignment. I invite everyone to review because it offers some essential insights in how we can navigate the transforming 3D/5D landscape. Dive in, then do share your reflections. I'd love to hear...

The Power of Quantum Manifesting in a Terraforming World

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎


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It's marvellous to be back in Australia, to keep this work breathing there and opening channels of higher dimensional light. It's all about embodying the Universal Torus and flowing from there. I'm reminded of this video I shot on retreat in Byron Bay a few years back. There's been so much water under the bridge since then - so I can't tell you how good it feels so good to be back...



09/11/2022 5D Shift Update

I've written recently about the Power of Quantum Manifesting in a Terraforming World. How essential it is to be illuminated, informed and creating from the higher dimensional infusion of light. And I shared a very practical example of how a New Base for Openhand in Glastonbury manifested by directly applying this approach. What we're plugging into, is the new 5D Crystalline Grid, which is now very active and internally "visible" when we do the inner work.

You can anchor in it, and draw energy down from it. It's going to be highly transformational in your life. Hence I felt to share this lead article below today...

5D Crystalline Grid - Divine Super Intelligence, And 5 Ways To Be In It

I encourage you to reflect upon it, and most importantly, explore the 5 ways to be connected into it.

It's high time for upliftment!

Open 🦋🙏



08/11/2022 Shift Update

Major unseen events and unwindings are happening in the field all the time, that aren't immediately obvious on the surface - due to the level of mind and emotion-led distraction. So many situations and circumstances are interrelated but go unnoticed. I felt to add to my article on quantum manifesting in a terraforming world (scroll up) with a look at the connection between the Christ Consciousness and the Heart Chakra of our planet.

How are things shifting?

Here's Openhand's latest blog/vlog update providing essential synchronicity about the very latest illuminations of what's transpiring in the Shift...

Major Energetic Planetary Shifts Unfolding: New Base for Openhand




Openhand has a new base on Wearyall Hill in Glastonbury - yeah! It's in a standalone space so the energy can be held more effectively without interruption. But the real adventure was how it manifested. Hence my sharing above today. It's purpose is to illuminate challenges you might be facing, but then to work with the quantum field to remove anything blocking your creative flow.

Bright blessings to all

Open 🦋