Star Being Collaboration 2023

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What are the essential field trends going forwards into 2023 that will undoubtedly affect our lives in a positive way? It's all about reconciliation and collaboration amongst the various Star Being Nations on and around the planet. In Openhand's New Year Message for 2023, we explore how you can best capitalise on those infusing energies to uplift your life.

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On a continuing note to my previous post as I wrote that this year begins with a new journey again and it feels very intriguing how all is going to unfold and feeling inspired by this Openhand video I came up with a few questions for my self, put them out into the Quantum Field and now will be watching for the answers to land. Then I felt to share these very simple questions with the Openhand community with lots of curiosity if and what reflections that possibly could deliver. These are the questions for everyone:

• How can I make this new year the most magical and the most transformational time for me? 

• How can I gain from the availability of the higher dimensions and what areas of my life I could / would infuse with that?

• What is that thing that yet missing from my life or I cannot find within me?

• What is the vision of a direction that I am moving towards and where it might lead me?

• What are the next steps I'd be ready to make? 

• What may hold me from making the next step / taking the action?

• There is a Magic in the ether available / accessible to everyone, I know that. What stops me from truly surrendering to it?

It would be lovely, dear Openhanders, to read your reflections to these questions or maybe you want to share your new year contemplations into the field for the inspiration of others.

Looking forwards to hearing from everyone 💜

Warm hugs and love 


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This questions were really powerfull inquires for me to work with in this day. I would be happy to share some reflections.


 How can I make this new year the most magical and the most transformational time for me? 

Waking up this morning, I’ve noticed that there is a tick attached on the skin on my biceps area. It never happened before to find it landing in the middle of winter, at the beginning of January. As nature is changing around me, also the entities posing as potential treat in the energy field are adapting well to planetary transformation. I truly admired its capacity to survive, even in times of more hostile environment for those species. This tick definitely spoke to me about the need to work on my “spiritual muscles”. It’s been directly reflected, when I opened the OHweb later in the morning – mastering the art of transcendence in situations from my daily life, seems to be my invitation for upcoming times. 

 How can I gain from the availability of the higher dimensions and what areas of my life I could / would infuse with that?


Coherent morning practice is essential to me in starting the day. Today, I’ve been specifically drawn to go in the common area, where workshops are usually held at our place. It’s important for me to work/engage with places where there is some sort of openness to the flow of energy, so I can readily infuse my surroundings with higher dimensional energies. Interestingly, I’ve anchored my morning process today by connecting with specific trees, that to me resemble rays of Consciousness. Visiting some of those higher-dimensional apples” speak to me about possible interpretations in forming the bridge through elements of nature.

In my life it is currently represented in inquiring about the place/lifestyle in accordance with authentic expression. That’s where the OHweb came into play this morning, finding those genuine inquires in the quantum field. Thanks Asya, it’s truly the art of asking right questions.🙏


 What is that thing that yet missing from my life or I cannot find within me?


Love. Loving kindness and sensual human connection... I recognize that I am often times surrounded by the clouds of doubt in regards to human interaction. On most occasions I tend to be kind to others, it’s still very difficult for me to truly embrace myself. There seems to be most resistance towards me, as the human self.

Taking time (especially free-wheeling) to be with myself assisted me throughout years in opening more space towards unrealized aspects of myself.


 What is the vision of a direction that I am moving towards and where it might lead me?


Sharing more transcendental perspective of my direction in the initial comment in this thread, I feel to elaborate some details. On my hike today, I was guided to meditate in small cave. It is where I am sometimes faced to embrace some of more Un-Consciousness areas. Facing the pain of Original humanity (to me represented as the end of Lemurian epoch), I’ve recognized how much does it still influence me. I’ve rekindled some of those memories in my partnership throughout last years – reconnecting with the true sense of higher-dimensional connection and love. As this period seems to be drawing to an end in my current experience, it feels like re-experiencing many of those moments from my own fall from grace.

In this regards my vision is clear and lead me towards enhanced sacredness, and my wish is to bring more of it into my living setting and relationship. I dream of some kind of starseed hub or simply an “earthlsanctuary”.


 What are the next steps I'd be ready to make? 


Trust in Life. Walk my Path by witnessing the collateral beauty of every single step. Next step on my journey of the day has been the hill nearby, with the symbolical altitude of 444m. It’s called St. Thomas, dedicated to the doubting Apostle from the Bible story.

Speaking with the marvellous tree at the top, the message has been clear to me. Just by openheartedly embracing my doubts, I can eventually find the light coming into and open the space for Soulful infusions. There was even the lid of the bottle on the ground – speaking to me about the necessity to let the “Genie out of the bottle”. Sharing the capacity to articulate the sense of energy flow seems to be my innocent approach in giving the space to those parts of myself that are unable to speak/be heard. 


 What may hold me from making the next step / taking the action?


I am holding back, because of “my power”. Reflecting on this question, I feel strong tension, like constricting pain around my lower abdomen. In my operating system as human, I haven’t yet been able to truly find the environment where I would be able to thrive as spiritual being. It feels like laws of nature holds me firmly in its grip, since the crystallization has taken place in the densest of the places.

As I was walking towards home from the hike through the woods, I recognized the facets of myself throughout different dimensions. Trees, birds, clouds in the sky, fallen leaves covering the stones on the ground,... to name but a few. Interacting with the neighbour and chatting about seasonal cycles it’s all bound into coherent (and complex) story.

It became clear to me – I am afraid of suddenly changing the narrative, being aware of the influences it is going to highly likely bring to the surroundings. 

In my own life, I am still waiting for the feedback loops, that will signalize me, that it’s time to move towards the new direction. Infinite lessons of patience, I am learning in this human experience...


 There is a Magic in the ether available / accessible to everyone, I know that. What stops me from truly surrendering to it?


Relativistic understanding of the Absolute Truth.

The awareness of our higher-dimensional nature, is the tricky phenomenon in human lives. It is offered as an invitation to truly align with our multidimensional template in expressing ourselves, yet it can also lead to the lack of ultimate experience of one’s Life. Speaking from our 3rd dimensional perspective, what is considered magic to the human eyes, appears to be just an “ordinary flow” through the eyes of the One in us.

In this regards I find it even more intriguing to surrender to the polarizing nature of human reality. I am recognizing that my understanding of “Magic” slightly changed over time. What’s speaking to me the most is this facet of mysticism. Developing the capacity to hold and be with the open field, that usually feels like the unknown to my human mind. Unravelling this Life as the mystery through the limited perspective of my human senses is therefore the deepest invitation towards magic from the perspective of my Soul. In this way it can recreate the sense of ordinary magic in my day to day life.



This is the moment of arrival to me. Felt for the first time in my day, the immaculate sense of Presence. Thank you Magic, I welcome myself.

It was well worth diving into the Quantum field with those fascinating inquires. Thanks to everyone, for diving in with me as well.





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That's fantastic explorations, Miha. I always feel fascinated with the depth of inquiry in all your sharings on the Openhand web which are interesting to read. It is astonishing to see the response to all those questions at once - to me that seems like one's ability of being well connected with self. 

Meanwhile myself have put those questions out as setting the direction of my inner work for this new cycle and now going to explore them one by one over the time.

As I was looking for the reflections there are few your responses to those "Quantum" questions that speak to me. If I take for example one about the magic which I found well resonating 

Speaking from our 3rd dimensional perspective, what is considered magic to the human eyes, appears to be just an “ordinary flow” through the eyes of the One in us.

And then you say

Developing the capacity to hold and be with the open field, that usually feels like the unknown to my human mind.

I totaly concur with that. I believe it's our natural ability of beingness to be in that "magic" or the flow all the time, however the intervention has done a great deal of it's agenda creating the distractions to lure us away from rediscovering this natural ability. This one brought me back to the very basic question - what the Magic really means to me? I personaly would link the magic directly to our multidimentional possibilities, opening up to it and being able to tap into the field of higher dimensions within. For example, the significance of the signs and synchronicities in my life increasing gradually and here I find the real magic if I am or would be able to weave the reality from it. It's my greatest yearning to live that "magic" all the time. But I still feel sometimes being disconnected from it, particularly in my earthly to-do matter. The strongly expressed logical mind is that which I feel is stoping me sometimes from surrendering to the flow, it wants to know and figure out the meaning. I have to armour myself with patience and let this unravel on its own.

Thank you, Miha, for sharing with us 🙏

I wonder what the magic means to other people and how you experience it in your life? Would be lovely to hear from you, fellow travellers.

Photo: another magic we came across in Mexico Playades retreat centre October 2022 - the Sanctuary of Butterflies


With lov3

🦋 Asya

Hi Open, Tilly and everyone.  The old year went out with a bang. Literally.  Oregon had crazy storms and I had planned to join in on that zoom meeting for New Years when my inner knowing said to hold off.  Well that storm hit us so hard, it took out power across the state by dropping hundreds of trees and taking out power lines.  I had no power for 2 days and lost 1/2 of my solar system, which is still out.  The solar guy will be out Tues. to see about fixing it.  No heater on the solar backup systems and couldn't make a fire in the woodstove due to 80+ mph winds howling down the stovepipe, that would have backdrafted smoke into the house.  So it was cold, dark and I opened the window shades, laid on the couch and just looked into the darkness of the storm. It was pitch black out so there was only the howling of the winds. I used to be so excited in my soul when big storms would come but this time I just contemplated the changes, opened up to invite only benevolent beings inside and was quiet.

After the first storm was over and I was able to get out to town, but still without power, I saw the trees had been torn apart, ripped to shreds all over town and the tears just ran down my face.  I knew Gaia was going through the changes too.  Coming home I saw the power lines on the pole at the end of my driveway on the road had all been torn away.  Not one line was still attached.  I felt like that's what's going on inside myself, ripping out the old to make way for the new energies.  I've felt blocked for a while but am being patient knowing the changes take time.  So I worked at clearing out more things, and started feeling a spark of some new thing wanting to be birthed but not sure what it is just yet.

There has still been electrical issues and the storms keep rolling in from the ocean and may still cause more outages, but the sun is out today and I was able to hear your New Year video.  It was beautiful!  I'm anticipating finding out what the new changes will bring.  Once the weather warms a bit I'll be outside in the dirt and weeds working to get the growing areas usable again.  

Wishing everyone good energies and a Happy New Year.   Praying EmojiHeart



Wonderful video which might be a perfect reflection on my journey through the year 2022 too as I had all kind of experiences during that year – from the very close encounter with an intervention, breaking through the densities to realigning those energies within the Torus and reconnecting with the lightness of the higher dimensional energies.

Thank you Open for your tremendous and tireless work facilitating the planetary and, can I say, the cosmic shift as it all interrelated. By shifting our consciousness and working to break free from the old, controlling, limiting constructs of reality created on this planet little yet people may realise that this has an impact on the cosmic consciousness too as we communicate into various Star Being Groups and facilitating the realignment of some. We are the inseparable part of the cosmos, particularly all range of beautiful star souls that Openhand has drawn into one place – this awesome community.

Thankyou to Thomas and Tilly for a lovely welcoming word, this warms my heart. Thankyou to all Team (on the ground and in the ether) for taking and accepting me on board of the Openhand ship. Like Tilly mentioned the quiet star being and so my support to Openhand will be happening quietly at the background and I am thrilled to be involved in this.

This early morning of the first day of the new year I woke up with some realisation that the very last couple of days of the year 2022 I have spent packing my stuff, mainly the less used things to be taken away and this year begins with travelling. It's very symbolic. New journey begins again into the new chapter of my life and it feels to be in line with this vast transformational process on the planet and with Openhand sailing through the seas of Quantum Shift. It feels very intriguing how all is going to unfold and I am meeting this year with the joyful shivers in my heart. “Let’s do this together”. Let’s alchemise it.

Rippling out warm love to all Openhanders and the community.

Photo: Sunrises over the mountains we have been seeing during the Mexico retreat 2022








Asya Heart

Hi Miha, Alex, Nils, Tilly & Thomas, what lovely feedback for the video - thanks so much 👍

2023 feels like it's going to be another pivotal year for so many people in the shift. Let's inspire each other in the community to keep parting the clouds and orientating to the new, higher-dimensional landscape that is taking form.

As Thomas says in the video, "let's do it together!"

Much love and well wishes

Open 💙

Allignment has been "the word" for me in last months and this video beautifully encapsulates the nature of this process. I truly enjoyed the imagery with you and OHweb platform on the screen in the background, as you were sharing. Wonderful to see that the team is growing, wishing many nice winds in your sailing boat. Synchronistically, this year Openhandweb truly came "online" for me, and it feels like just the beginning of some new chapter. Hugging

I definitely share this enthusiasm and passion, when it comes to talking about the macrocosmic perspective of planetary transformation. Rebirth of the planet into a new paradigm and mediating the Soul of humanity into liberated existence is a humungous task at hand. It also reflects the emergence of Cosmic Consciousness within me. Deeply connecting with the energy field, I’ve started to understand my role in this process. Embodying the quality of transcendence and serving as the grounded maverick, I am starting to unravel the gifts that I have brought to this world. Immersing in the energy work the sense of eternal student has been rekindled in my experience, for that I am deeply reverent to this community.

It is with humility in my human heart, that I could feel the reverence of the cosmic heart beating through me. Cosmic embrace is a feeling that I carry deep within myself. It’s an invitation towards unifying the starseed mission and aligned movement in the energy field.

Remembering the sacredness of our journey in this unfolding of the Universal dream, I feel to share some parting rhymes in times of the transition. 

Through dimensions of existence, I've been travelling with persistence.
Heading towards Earth as my destination, carrying the sense of Cosmic embrace as proclamation.
Noticing this place of utmost Truth inversion, the sense of Mission has called for full immersion.
Almost getting lost among evolving species, stepping in this Game with numerous Star nation nieces.
In midst of planetary chaos, drama and stagnation, planting seeds of future and Universal collaboration.
Awakening the illuminated heart of Humanity, let us seize the opportunity to transcend Insanity.
This journey in the spiritual savanna, is all about rebirthing the Nirvana.

Much blessing to everyone in new Calendar yearPraying Emoji be continued



What a stunning video Open! It felt like a deep embrace, a comforting hug, a knowing that no matter how this all unfolds, I am held. As Tilly said so beautifully, the Openhand works ripples out and all I have to do is stop for a moment and link into the connections with all the beautiful souls I have met over the past few years at Openhand events to know I am supported. I have had a number of new communities come into my life over the past few tumultuous years but Openhand remains the anchor, the place I always want to return to. 

So much love and gratitude for what you all have done and will continue to do...

and as 2023 dawns all I can say is...bring it on :)



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What you say about "just stop... and link into connections", so resonates. In fact I shot my piece of video as I was walking, and indeed, I realise, I stopped and stood still as I was connecting outwards to the wider community in the clip used.

It's always so great to have your warm and bubbly presence on our retreats, Alex. I look forward to our next meet up and treasure memories of dancing together through the ether via zoom last summer. 

Much love to you,

Tilly Heart

Thank you for such a heartwarming video Open, a great way to head into 2023. I feel like I'm only just catching up with the fact the New Year begins tomorrow! Like it has suddenly crept up on me as it's been such a deep journey of Alchemy being part of the current Quantum Shift Retreat - I have felt totally immersed in the moment.

So great seeing snippets of the previous year. Each gathering has been so deep, so moving and so alchemical it is simply impossible to convey unless you have been there. So to all those sitting on the fence or toe-dipping, please jump in for the ride in 2023, we are a vehicle to assist your ascension, you have a golden opportunity to reclaim the birthright of humanity, and actualise yourself as the next iteration, that of Homo Divinicus. That is epic in the journey of Gaia and all beings who have trodden this earth under the influence of the intervention. We're breaking free, come join us!

Big thanks to Thomas for finding his gentle yet driving way in the team, his creative talent and technical gifts are both a joy and inspirational. Welcome Asya! The quiet star being, who is also a font of creativity and humble service. Both of your energies are so welcome and will help sooo much at the new Openhand "ship". I don't know how Open has juggled so many tasks for so long but I'm sure he will feel very supported. Our recent zoom meeting felt so balanced seeing all four of us on screen together, what a joy!

Thank you Open, for your leadership which steps forward when it is most needed and your unrelenting enthusiasm for helping so many Souls through the shift. The way you see the bigger picture and draw all the strands together is so needed right now.

Personally, yes I feel a lot of positivity for Star Emoji 2023 Star Emoji

Big love to all our friends around the world, you make every day special.


Tilly Kiss

Dear Asya,

It's such a beautiful gain to have you on board for this new year of wonder and big shifts. Heart

I am sure Openhand will profoundly profit from your engagement and I am already curious how things will change. I am very much looking forwards to many new possibilities.

Great video, Open Praying Emoji like I said - let's do this together with everyone The Sun Emoji

Much love and a big hug,

A beautiful video. Thomas truly sums it up for me. 2022 has been a challenging year, pushing me to my limits like never before. Though I also experienced an ineffable glimpse of another reality in august that truly helped keep my faith. December was my heaviest month ever. Then it suddenly seemed to shift instantly 3 days ago. I now truly resonate with 2023 being a year with much light and joy.

Much love to you all! 


All this week, in the build-up to the New Year, I've been looking at the developing energetic field trends that are definitely going to shape all our lives moving forwards. What we need to hoist on board is that we are most certainly NOT alone! There are many energetic influences around us both benevolent and malevolent. That's why life on the planet has been so confused and chaotic throughout the history of society. Humanity is being influenced right down at the DNA level. But what if we could change all that? What if we could realign and unite the various vying Star Being Nations in the ether around us?

It may sound like a tall order, but that's exactly the thrust of Benevolence, acting through the dimensions, as we shift gears into 2023. It most definitely IS possible. When we reflect, and ripple, through the ether, the truth of the Grand Galactic Convergence that we're sailing into, what we're culminating to, then it makes no sense to any being other than to come together and work it through together. You cannot fight the Torus. You cannot negotiate with it. But you can align with it. Now this Flower of Life is being re-established here. It will be emergent as the planet shifts to higher 5D consciousness. That's where we're ultimately going. The only sensible action is to get on board!

That's the message here at Openhand we're going to be communicating through the field, through 2023, loud and clear! We'll be expressing it energetically at all of the events - which I can tell you will cause realigning and expansionary rippling effects, for the participants and into the wider field. The only sensible option available now is to align inwardly with the shift to higher 5D consciousness. That's where humanity needs to go now!

It's this message I've worked to encapsulate in Openhand's New Year Video, which you can watch above now. Be inspired. It's designed to motivate, uplift and align as we begin a new cycle into 2023. And do tell us your thoughts about it. I'm most intrigued to hear!

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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