The Power of Meditation

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Right now in the world the old fear based reality has become unstable and is beginning to fracture. It's what science calls the movement of disordering free entropy. But wherever you have that destructive energy breaking things down, the miraculous thing is, reconstructive energies take shape immediately the parts of the old consciousness fragment. It is a reordering energy science calls 'neg-entropy' and the Awakening Movement knows much more appropriately as unconditional love! It's drawing us into a higher paradigm of greater energetic harmony. Meditation has the power to do this. We become channels of consciousness for the new energies to flow in. Not only is meditation powerfully healing for us, but the whole of life on our planet...

The Flow of Love

To understand what free entropy is all about, imagine before you a match-stick building. You pull a match from the foundations and since every match supports every other, the whole building topples. The energy that causes this is free entropy. But since all came from nothing, if you have a flow in one direction, there must be an equal and opposite flow in the other - and so there is. It is the unconditional love that draws apparently separate things back together again.

  • In the Openhand work, we sometimes get people to look deep into the eyes of a stranger. Firstly you can feel the palpable sense of discomfort and self-consciousness. But then with gentle but piercing guidance, we take people past the disordering energy of self judgment or judgment of the other, and instead reconnect with that part that unites all - the soul. Very quickly indeed tears flow and people find themselves hugging each other in deep heart felt empathy. It is simply beautiful to watch!

Meditation is extremely powerful for catalysing this shift to take place. As we go inwards, increasingly we're confronting the disharmonious disordering energy that we have inside or that we've soaked up from our dense environment. But here's the thing, once you shine the spotlight of the inner Seer onto this chaotic energy, it simply begins to unwind itself restoring balance and peace which then radiates outwards...

  • "A while back in my home town Glastonbury, the council was repairing the surface of the High Street which meant a large section of it had to be closed. It was absolutely wonderful to be able to walk through the town without the noise, hubbub and distraction of busy traffic. You could taste the new sense of peace hanging on the breeze and unfolding itself all around. The next day with the High Street still closed, I went into town to buy some groceries. To my wonderful surprise, a meditation group had gathered of about twenty people sitting in a circle in the middle of the road. It was so inspiring, I simply had to stop what I was doing and immediately join them. So I sat down in the road and connected my heart to this wonderful group. As we meditated, increasingly more and more people gathered around us to see what was going on. Although in Glastonbury there's often a bit of 'us and them' attitude between the so called "New-Agies" and Town's Folk, the gathering had a positively calming effect all around. You could feel the sense of mutual respect and empathy from everyone there."

Impact of Enlightening Meditation on Society

In 1993, perhaps one of the world's most enlightening experiments in the power of meditation took place in Washington DC. Nearly 4000 practitioners of Transcendental Meditation were gathered together to meditate over an eight week period. During that time, the rate of violent crime decreased by 23 percent. The odds of this result occurring by chance are less than 2 in 1 billion! And it simply doesn't matter the form of meditation you undertake - as long as it's directing you inside and causing you to let go. That's what inspired me so much about this wonderful video I came across the other day. People from all cultural backgrounds gathering together to radiate energies of peaceful harmony. Be inspired...


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