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Hello everyone wow long time since been here.  I need to say reading about darker forces etc put me off!  However last night i had a unsettling experience.  I woke and had the impression of something that looked like square playes tied together surrounding me.  They appeared hard substance and sort of shiny.  They were involved in orgasm energy.  This freaked me out a bit.  I have been searching about sexual energy feeling mine unnaturally reduced and also lots of problems in pelvic area which dont heal fast enough i feel.  This made me consider then that my sexual energy could be siphoned off to who knows where.  This is the way my thoughts went so i realise then oh no this is stuff i have read about and refused to believe!  Basically i am unsure what to do now and am a bit shaky about it.  Anyone have any insights /tips?

Much love


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Hi Elaine - nice to hear from you Heart

I would say on a general point, what I hear from plenty of people, is that they would rather not explore into what's happening on the shadow side around them and in society. However, the point is, that humanity created the kind of darkness we're witnessing because of the subconscious shadow side each carries, and the karma. So it becomes self-defeating to ignore it. If it appears, it's much better to turn into it and work into it. On this site, we're working to go into it, but also carefully equalising with it by normalising it - not sensationalising as does happen. We're working to process it in a grounded, balanced and evolved way.

Intutively, what you're describing, sounds like some kind of sexual intervention has happened in a past life situation. And that has likely caused trauma which has now kicked off. Hence the importance of now working into it.

My first question is to ask what judgments do you find yourself making around the shadow side? What are your fears? And what might your constrictive areas sexually be? The key is to feel into these and allow them to express. Then to work past judgment of yourself and others, to work to accept these are all aspects of the One. But then work to find aligned expression.

A simplifed way of doing this is the Breakthrough Approach.
A more complex but deeper way is the 9 Step Approach.

Do feel free to inquire further if you wish, and I'll help you go deeper into it.

In loving support

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