Crossing Paths

I am new to this and I would like to say that for a few months now I have things happening to me that I can only say are spiritual. My heart and mind are running wild along this path and I knew, I do not have to think about it being the right think. I watch 5 GATEWAYS and it seemed that I could touch a little on each of the Gates, I am not sure if I can find the words to describe that. I do know that right this moment I am in awe, and there is no going back to how I use to live. Thank you for letting me in. Someday the words that invade me to describe how I understand this Path well make it here for all to see.


Greetings Horse - you are most welcome here on Openhandweb.

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Thank you Open for welcoming into this remarkable place of enlightenment. This journey for me is at the beginning and like a seed all I can do is grow.

Thank You again with
All my love and more