Crypto Tsunami in the Planetary Shift

Submitted by Open on Sat, 02/12/2022 - 06:27

It's been a turbulent time for crypto. Many of us expected the extraordinary climbs to continue last year, but it would appear that shadowstate intervention and manipulation have thus far controlled the show. It can't go on much longer. Despite the intervention, waves of newbies are entering the space. The level of adoption is astronomic. I can feel a veritable Tsunami of funds on its way. Which can only be a good thing for the freedom movement and the planetary shift.

Crytpo: A Watershed in Human History

Whether you're involved in crypto or not at this moment, we're at a watershed in human history, a paradigm shift in how we connect and exchange with each other. The shadow desperately tries to cling onto the reins or else own the horse. My sense is that no matter how it regulates, it will ultimately fail.

There are simply too many intelligent Millenials, who've been mercilessly disenfranchised from the system, that are fighting back. With plentiful new projects they're springing up all over the place, like leaks in a very leaky dam.

I encourage you all to take heart. It's clearly demonstrating the demand for personal sovereignty. We're witnessing great crypto compassion in the Ukraine, with donations ballooning by the day. We saw it in Canada - Justin, you cannot prevent someone sending crypto from one private wallet to another!

Explore the Relevance of Crypto in Acquarius

The Crypto Freedom Convoy Rolls On

Have no doubt, the freedom convoy is on the roll and will not be stopped - I believe it can ultimately unravel the financial hegemony, that which underpins the injustice of the corrupt political system. Only time can tell, but there are many who feel the way I do. As encouragement, I felt to share this great exposé by a favourite, well-informed commentator in the space, Raoul Pal. It's a great snapshot of where we currently stand...

Bright blessings for a future of greater financial and communicative freedom.

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Others say the controllers will find a way to tether cryptos to digital ID and the coming social credit rating system and that those who control the fin. system would obviously do everything in their power to trap the 99% into the beast system. Do you see the people overcoming this?

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I suppose anything is possible. But I don't believe they will able to tether true cryptos to digital ID - the Blockchain is completely decentralised. Wallet addresses are designed to be completely anonymous. Of course a central bank digital currency is completely different - you have to go cap in hand to the system for them.

Best wishes

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Hi Open,

for me Crpyto is a rather long term investment. I don't have a big investment in  cryptos but it keeps me inquiring and up to date about how things shift in this sphere. It's interesting to see how volatile the market is and how much can change just during one day.

So i keep hanging on Cowboy emoji

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Oh, I am so happy you are dipping into this conversation.  Thank you. 

Yes, purchased a few years ago and have been riding the wave (not looking too often to keep my sanity :-) 

Yet, I have had a big inner discussion wondering if this is just another test of my resistance to trusting. Do I trust that my soul journey's got my back? By purchasing crypto, am I not surrendering or am I surrendering?  Open, this has been a mad man's dialogue on those unsettled days.  In moments like today when I honestly have more bills than incoming cash, I want to cash out at a huge loss to tend to things in the now. My inner self says "just do it" so that I can feel comfortable paying the lawyer or buying a birthday gift for my child. Yet, I have not budged and feel compelled to sit like a mother goose on the egg for the incubation period. And then a scream of "for how f-n long is that, Gwyn?" penetrates my whole being. 

You might not have any real answers for me. I get that all of this is an individual inner test of mastering the flow. AND I would greatly appreciate a bit of sharing from others here in support to see this avenue of abundance for what it is--the future wave of conscious currency.  

Martin has put a long of his attention into this realm, and I feel versed in it enough to not be put off by it, turned on by the opportunity, and clear about risk with an unattachment to expectations. 

"Anytime is a good time to invest" has been our motto in the crypto world.  I am also very interested in the new pathways that are more blockchain orientated.  I would love to hear from others what platforms and ways of being technologically savvy are being used?  
As well as what ways have others served away from the BIG BROTHER goggle/chrome world? How can we support each other between these dimensions: creating new ways that are not seeped in the old paradigm of info/data collection and murky criminality?

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Great inquiry about crypto Gwyn! And it begs another question: what was the motivation for buying them in the first place?

You say...

Yet, I have had a big inner discussion wondering if this is just another test of my resistance to trusting. Do I trust that my soul journey's got my back? By purchasing crypto, am I not surrendering or am I surrendering?

Perfect! How illuminating. It's ALL self-realisation and there's nothing else going on?

In the question: has the soul's journey got my back, whose back? You mean the ego? The soul is about destroying the ego. I bought Bitcoin when hardly anyone was talking about it and the cost was a paltry $500 per coin. A tech friend "persuaded me" (yes I've looked at that one!) to put it into a new (at the time) open-source wallet. Which I did. Only to lose it all. Now I can see it, but can't move it. It's absolutely superlative self-realisation! Can you create and let go!!

You asked the question: By purchasing crypto, am I not surrendering or am I surrendering? . Only you can answer that. It's your journey, which crypto has provided the vehicle for.


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