Crypto in Aquarius: Currency Wars in The Global Fight for Freedom

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As we sail into the Aquarian Age, the fight for democracy and the emergent light shifts decidely onto the economic stage. As 2021 dawns and crypto goes ballistic, the controllers are already stabbing their pointed fingers to derail and destabilise. After a steal on democracy in THAT election, the shadow state is now taking on the crypto mavericks to constrain them, which could well be the first shot in an all-out global currency war.

It's a confused and confusing landscape. I would say a good degree of sovereign agitation is necessary to blaze the light of freedom through the global situation. What might the astrology tell us of this new "battle Front"?

Year of the Eagle

To remind you 2021 is Openhand's year of the Eagle. We must allow higher consciousness to direct us as to what to pay attention to, and not be distracted by the attempts of the shadowstate to confuse and derail. What do you really feel is going on? What does your soul direct you to?

A week ago as I was camping in the Avebury energy fields, I was awakened with a sudden start. Something is happening in the world of crypto. Sure enough, as Bitcoin and Ethereum were surging, the Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC) had launched an all-out assault on one of the top crypto currencies XRP (it's one that I've felt will underpin the new financial system and felt to invest in). Immediately the currency plummeted, pulling down plenty of "alt-coins" with it. Private investors were diving overboard left, right and centre. Would this signal a war on crypto? Or will it turn out to be a shot in the foot by the controllers?

This is where the eagle-eye is essential. You have to see through the fizz on the surface. As one crypto exchange after another dumped XRP, it looked like the currency could go to zero. But then something very weird and contradictory happened. Greyscale, a large institutional investment organisation, made the biggest XRP purchase in history (Grayscale Just bought biggest XRP amount in history). To me it's clear, high shenanigens are afoot. Personally I have the sense that the shadowstate orchestrated the legal suit so as to kick private investors out of the XRP crypto boat (so it can take over) and to blast a warning shot across the bows of other crypto boats (such as Monero and ZCash). I still do believe XRP will have a major part to play in the structure of the new financial system. Which is why I don't feel to jump ship.

PS - wouldn't it be great if we could do a modern day Robin Hood with XRP?!

Activate the Misfits and Mavericks!

This kind of action tells you to be aware of the high stakes shenanigens going on. I mention this case for another reason. The actions by the shadowstate have rightfully precipitated an all-out legal assault by private investors against the SEC, including petitions to the White House. It demonstrates the Misfits and Mavericks in the world of crypto are highly active and rebellious.
XRP investors petition White House in SEC suit

A quasi kind of facsistic communism seeks to take over the world, using smoke and mirrors to conceal itself and distract the attention from its real underlying serpentine movement. But the upsurging sense of sovereignty and freedom, flowing spontaneously through the soul, will simply NOT be quashed! Be prepared for many new battlefields of liberation opening in 2021.

I have gotten the clear sense that what we're witnessing are the first shots in a global currency war. The astrologer "Black Swan" supports my view...

In October 2019, months before the Rona pandemic, Mr. Swann predicted that January 2020 would bring "a black swan event" that would disrupt the world economy. He also predicts that the Aquarian "Technocalyopse" will ignite massive disruptions to the global economy by the mass adoption of digital currency, all inspired by the New Age's planetary alignments.

The Grand Cross

For me in recent days, the number 13 has been appearing literally everywhere. Fascinating then that the horoscope depicts a rare configuration, a "Grand Cross", which appears in 13 degree alignments when the founding dates of Bitcoin, the USA, the US Dollar and China/the Yuan are placed on an astrological chart:

- 13° Sun Cancer: Founding of The United States of America (7/4/1776)

- 13° Sun Aries: Creation of U.S. Dollar (4/2/1792)

- 13° Sun Capricorn: Minting of Bitcoin's genesis block (1/3/2009)

- 13° Mercury, 14° Neptune, 7° Sun conjunction in Libra: Founding of The People's Republic of China & Renminbi (Yuan) (10/1/1949)

In astrology, the Grand Cross heralds the potential for massive cyclical change and turning points, from war to geopolitical upheaval.

Here are some of Swan's main predictions around this astrological convergence...

- Bitcoin will eventually hit ten million Yuan in price (CNY 10,000,000.00).

- The next global revolution for individual rights will be the attempt to emancipate money from the state.

- The American Revolution 2.0 will officially begin in early 2022, as major planets return to key positions they occupied at the founding of the United States of America in 1776.

- The year 2022 will accelerate the eventual adoption of cryptocurrency into the core of the emerging digital currency financial system.

- As the old economic guard wrestles with the unstoppable crypto-upstarts, social protest and unrest will likely erupt among fragile economies. The monetary reins of power are now visible again, appearing last during a similar astrological cycle in 1944 during the formation of Bretton Woods.

- China will unveil the digital Yuan in February 2022 for global distribution.

- The widespread adoption of the digital Yuan will coincide with the February 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Chinese New Year and the historic "Pluto return" of America on 2/22/22.

(PS - investors in merely Bitcoin be wary. It is not, as yet, able to deal with the inevitable insurgence of quantum computing and since China owns 51% of all Bitcoin mining resources, we need to be wary of their intentions - which appears to be to destory western economies through the bogus pandemic).

The Questions are the Answers You'll Need

Watch this space with eagle-eye clarity. It's essential to have an underlying understanding of what's shaping. The astrology helps. A global fight for freedom is taking place on several battlefields, and we're just now shifting into currency wars. As I've said all along, I believe cryptocurrency a powerful route to emancipation, freedom and individual sovereignty. But due to the high stakes, there will be high shenanigens too, as this war on crypto, signified by the SEC's opening shot, indicates. But who exactly is pulling the trigger? It would appear none other than the shadowstate in a new cloak and mask attempt at global take over. Don't be fooled by the surface tom-foolery. Steel the nerves. Be flexible bold and courageous.

Above all, what I've clearly discovered, is that the light of higher consciousness does speak into the world of this new digital freedom. Some cryptos will fail. Some trails will burn out. That happens in all battles. BUT, some will succeed!

And as private plaintiffs now take legal action against the SEC including the individuals concerned, I do believe it will stir up a revolution the likes this planet has never yet seen. These are the early days of Aquarius. The early days of a popular emergence of soul and soveriegnty. The early days of rebellion.

Let the jar break and the waters spill over. Forge through the emotions and gain the higher plane of mind with eagle-eye clarity. That's the great challenge and opportunity of this New Age.

Finally, I realise this article has provided many more questions than answers. That was my purpose. As humanity learns to ride 5D waves of high creativity, the questions are really the answers you need to find.
How to Positively Thrive in 5D Consciousness...7 Qualities to Embody

In the eternal search for illumination.

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I've often spoken here on Openhandweb how much I felt that crypto was a tremendous way of defeating the centralised control of the system. The shadowstate has been trying desperately to own the space. It has succeeded to a small degree, and may constrain it with regulation, but it won't stop especially the young generations from entering the "metaverse". 

I've always been a great supporter of ethereum and Vitalik Buterin its founder. I can't make my mind up whether he's an Andromedan or Arcturian - probably both! Anyway, what's tremendous about ethereum is that its ALREADY regulated, and so many new projects are being rolled out on it. As I've previously said, it's steadily becoming the railway track of the new internet of value, where everything becomes tokenised.

The shadowstate rolls out its new financial agenda - the idea being that they own everything and everyone in it. Crypto (and especially ethereum) is the antedote.

I understand it may be difficult to get your head around. But if you can, now is a great time to enter the space. Consider that you'd be supporting the system by buying a few knuts and bolts (that's how I look at it). You don't have to understand what the trains on the track do, just that they're decentralised and are gloriously free to do their own thing. And that you're going to benefit by oiling their wheels - plenty of experts believe that ethereum will at least 10x in the short while ahead (it's already gone 20x since I recommended it here on Openhandweb just 2 years ago). You can buy it, and easily store it and gain interest off it. Here's a place where you might do that easily...

Here's why it's likely to be a winner - and if you think you're too late, the train is only just getting started!
(PS - you must do your own feeling research feedback before entering - does it feel right?)


You might be understandably frustrated by the machinations by the shadowstate with regards to crypto. Personally I think it's mainly froth as the ocean runs in. Have no doubt the tide is strengthening, which to me, is a reflection of the shift to a higher consciousness which the shadowside is desperately trying to rein in. Personally I don't believe they will succeed. Here's why...


I know plenty of Openhanders got into crypto, especially at the back end of last year as the market was rising strongly and it was looking clear we were entering a new financial paradigm on the planet. So what happened the last 6 months and where's it going now?

My sense is the shadowstate have been putting the breaks on so as to catch up - they've lagged behind but can now see the enormous value transitioning. So particularly with Bitcoin they've been "short-selling" large amounts to drop the prices as regular investors have pumped it up somehwat. I watched these waves of rising and falling for some time. You could even predict some of the key dates they'd do it around - the 13th of the month for example, or Friday morning ready for the traders to have a weekend off!

However, what's seemed to happen in recent months is that the peaks and troughs have gotten smaller and nearer together. More and more regular investors are getting into crypto - the number of private wallets has over doubled this year alone. My sense is the shadowstate is less and less able to influence, although increasing regulation is on the way for sure - which will actually be stabillsing.

So where does this leave us now?

I can feel masses of energy and many more regular people coming into the space. I feel the market is about to take off again and hit some new highs by the end of the year. Adoption is happening at an exponential rate which is greatly going to challenge supply. I believe there's every reason ethereum will lead the show and the fundamentals predict that it could go up in value several times from where it currently is in this year. So if you've got ether, hold onto it! And if you're new to the space, consider it. HOWEVER, do be careful, as explained in the video below, when eth 2 is released (possibly sometime in Q1 2022) then those who've been staking ether will likely release onto the market in a large wave which could well dip the price strongly before taking off again in the months after - something to watch for).

What about the other alt coins?

There's a video below I want to share from well known and very savvy crypto investor Raoul Paul. Here's also said about the other alt coins that "in this market, a monkey could pick any 10 and succeed at least with a few!" It's because there's a tremendously fast adoption rate of various alt coins. The ones I've been following are: Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, Polygon, Ve-Chain and Tron. I still think XRP is ready to shoot to the moon when the SEC case against is finally settled - the projects that are being built out on XRP right now are astronomic.

The crypto space full of suspence and intrigue.
And crypto is reshaping the world financial market right under our noses.
Make no mistake, it is challenging the hegmonay of the shadowstate. It won't be a clear run by any means, but it's going to reshape society surely with more expansive consciousness. That can only be a good thing for the shift...


Just as we suspected all along, there's huge crypto manipulation going on right now by the shadowstate as this video below so eloquently reveals. What can we do? It's clear they're trying to push the regular guy out of the crypto space so that they can own it for themselves. What I can see is surpression for some time to come, but when they have the investment they want and the regulation they want, there'll be a huge bull run hike in prices. I can't say when, but I do believe it will come in the not-too-distant future. So if your own holding has sunk back to some considerable degree recently, fear not, stay strong, don't let them push you out of the market, because huge growth is on the horizon still...

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I can feel it coming - a dip and then a rise. That's what the signs have been saying.
The medium and long term fundamentals continue to be very strong for crypto.
If you're holding, then my recommendation would be to keep a 2-3 year out look (at least).

Best wishes to all invested.

Open 🏄‍♀️


So, cyrpto has taken the mother of all bashings these last couple of weeks whilst Openhand has been running DIVINICUS in Mexico. Personally I decided just to ride it out, even though my own holdings have plummeted over 50%. It's great to test your level of personal investment!

What's going on here is clear market manipulation by the shadow state, beginning in China with the USA hot on its heals - in clear sync, probably prompted by bearish Elon Musk statements (no surprises the state might have his arm twisted behind his back over SpaceX and Tesla). Crypto was suddenly dumped by the whales on a broad scale, which sent millions of new investors running and consequently the market tumbled.

But as a well known crypto guru commented, it's simply time to grow some backbone or leave the market!

The shadowstate were always going to instigate these manipulated sell-offs due to the massive impact the shift from the fiat system that is unfolding. It's a direct challenge to their financial hegemonay. But the case for crypto is now just as strong as it ever was - and getting stronger by the day. So if you've been hit by the recent sell-off, just remember: EVERYTHING IS SELF-REALISATION! Just as energy comes in, so it flows out. And the more you're able to flow, the stronger the flow through you gets. The waves simply get bigger.

For me, I'm in it for the duration, I love the projects like ethereum and if I can support them and help the shift benefit in the process, then that's fine and dandy by me.

Here's crypto Eri shedding some light on the matter...


12/01/21 Journal Update: So if you're invested in the crypto space or watching it and considering jumping in, you may be quite shocked that all the leading cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP) and plenty of others took a huge tumble by 25% the other day. Well firstly, get used to it! The crypto space is highly volatile. In March last year Bitcoin lost around half its value in a few days before bouncing right back (I see them all beginning to regain right now). But there's another reason too, which we need to be aware of. The system is getting its fat fingers into crypto as the next big wave, and wants to own an ever greater slice of the pie. So it circulates stories like the one below, and manipulates prices by orchestrating sell-offs. It's to discourage regular people from staying in the space and so they can buy on the dips. So don't be put off, see the dips as an opportunity to acquire, and most importantly of all, stay long!

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Dear Open ,

I got an insight into learning curves in crypto as the market crashed as soon as I invested ( why did I manifest that - probably feeling into the fear of doing something outside the comfort zone ,so I can pick up less clunky ways to do it and to catch flow better ) :)

Also I like the part about Vitalik being a star seed. Very Andromeda energy he has . 

I really like the article I am linking to below. And you can see in the picture ,why :)

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Hi Megha, I have to smile. I bought my first Bitcoin when it was merely $500 (wow!).
Immediately after the price crashed to $300 and I thought I'd made a huge mistake.
How many times have I felt that?!

It's a great exercise in easy come, easy go. Not to be "invested" in the outcome.

And the fundamentals for crypto are extraordinarily good!

Open Praying Emoji


Good Morning Open and All

As I write this morning the Crypto market is having a pullback, BTC is down 25%  around $32K.

Typical swings in the crpypto market, and it may drop more.

I would like to chime in a little about XRP-Ripple. Xrp is the Bankers coin ie:Central Bank. ( XLM, Stellar is also a bankers coin) The assault on XRP is most likely coordinated with the bankers and will be instrumental in the Great Reset. I agree there are schennanigans happening.

However, if Trump prevails and I believe he will, despite current appearances (and we will know in the next few weeks) this will not bode well for the Central Bank which in the long run will not bode well for XRP.

I own XRP and am hedging my bets, I own other crypto and can afford to take the hit if XRP fails, so can Greyscale.

Almost all Crypto are Technologies.

Some are just getting started and have very bright futures.

A couple I have invested and think they will do very well in the future.

I look at the Tech, the people behind it, their connections, applications and market cap.

Cardano ADA, currently $0.25, Founder Charles Hoskinson is a mathematician that co-founded Ethereum. Nuff said.

Theta Token. (Theta)  $1.63 Theta Token is blockchain to video streaming, seeking to decentralize video streaming and video on demand.

This is a revolutionary technology, their partnerships are A+.

Chainlink (Link) $14.14 The solution's base is built on oracles, which help in limiting trust in a single party and work seamlessly in a decentralized infrastructure.

All of these Cryptos can be traded till the end of the Halving cycle (See Bitcoin Halving) or held for long term.

As always do your research.

This is Not financial advice, 

The Crypto space is prone to lots of Volitility that being said, be brave :-)

Best of Luck



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Hi Martin,

Thanks for a tremendous overview of your thoughts on crypto. I concur with many. I have this one important point to add for all new to the space...

If you're new, look to good sound investments for the future, rather than trying to "score" in just a few days, because crypto is highly volatile. Unless you're an experienced trader, it's easy to get your fingers burned - so look to the long term. And in so doing, to me, there are always two things I pay attention to: (1) Does the technology offer a unique differentiator value?
(2) And even more important, what is the quality of the team behind it?

That's why I'm all-in ethereum. Their team is magnificent to my mind, with the right ethos and also now a huge network of open source techies. XRP has a tremendously experienced team too, with plenty who've succeeded in the company Ripple, but with a very different energy to Ethereum. Bitcoin has no centralised team, which is what concerns me. And since 51% of all Bitcoin mining (how the Block chain is updated) happening in China, that's a big concern I have.

So always check the players involved. Make sure you resonate. Here's Vitalik Buterin the Founder of Ethereum - the interdimensonal intel tells me he's a 'white hat' sent here from outer space!...

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10/01/21 Journal Update: I've been banging on about the importance of decentralisation on the Blockchain for a number of years, and I know it went over plenty of people's heads. Well now as a quasi facist/communist energy tries to take over the world and censor anyone who dares to challenge the mainstream narrative, (Black Snake energy is doing this) it's coming ever more to the forefront. How can we escape the controlling clutches of big tech and social media? In a word, Blockchain. And on that, the decentralised ledger system. Of course this is how cryptocurrency is hosted, but as I've said all along, it's not just about crypto. In a world gone crazy, it's the antedote to centralised control. Here's a great video which I encourage you to watch. Yes, it's a degree technical, but what it explains really well, is just how we're going to overcome this BigBro Nanny State going forwards. And mark my words, it's going to happen fast. Real fast, like a tornado...

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I just finished the retreat yesterday ,and had a character building experience today :)

On one of my doctor groups there was a call to arms so to speak for the vaccine ( since we are going through a pun-demic :)) ) Let's all get it ,we will be able to convince the public etc.was the general consensus . 

After which I felt a contraction in my belly ,my throat and the left side of the heart . As I breathed through it ,I very politely ( I was bloody proud of myself !) replied in the negative with a good intellectual reasoning why we should NOT be getting it. It was very Ray 4 despite my strong internal reaction. There was a LOT of backlash ,obviously ! 

As I came home though ,my partner also a member of the group ,said something like ' Why do you want the mob to attack you,keep your ideas to yourself ' or something to that effect which trigerred me a lot and the shit hit the fan . That's his Fear ,that the mob will get me or him( smacks of karma ,doesn't it ?) 

Now the interesting thing is ,throughout this period we have had MANY differences of opinion. But I see that's exactly where I contract. Where I feel he isn't letting me say my truth ( even if he is offering an opinion howsoever gently ) . And it left me feeling so drained that I wonder if the karma has attracted a powerful entity as well ! 

Whew,more and more interesting this ride is getting ! 

On the completely other edge of the polarity ,when you guided us to meet the Team ,I was surrounded by such humorous beings . So much light and love and crazy laughter ,it's difficult to explain in words because there was so much etheric chuckling ;)

Thank you Open for that experience and to Jen and Tilly and Elizabeth for holding space through it  ❣️



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Hey Mehga, thanks for sharing. I can relate to a lot of what you say, speaking out one's truth in these times can certainly feel like a daring task! It's good to keep pushing through with a light and open heart.  Thumbs Up SignHappy cat emoji icon

Since I've seen plenty referring to entities on here as being "powerful", in one manner of speaking or another. Here's a few quick pointers from my perspective, concerning entities and their "power". 

Each one of us, who holds the spark of consciousness, is a reality creator. What we think, and believe to be true, is held within the power of our own consciousness, and from thus the outer reality is shaped. There can be no real power, outside this infinite creative potential. Darkness vs. Light is an inner "battle", projected as an outer one. And what is believed to be true is then given power. So when we interact with other beings on the path, ethereal or coporeal alike, what we are interacting with is actually a part of our own consciousness. Interaction with Light beings can be viewed, as a part of our "future" self reaching "back" to us from outside of linear time, communicating with the part of themselves still evolving through linear time. And in this sense interaction with negatively-polarized beings can be viewed also, as interaction with the shadow aspects of our own consciousness, that is yet to be integrated. So when we choose to call/believe another being as "powerful" (in comparison to self, instead of in connection to self), then it is kind of like hiding away the key to our own reality, and then posting an ad in the ether for a key maker. Often times when we feel that way about others, it is the ego projecting out, acting on a karmic "powerful vs. powerless" dynamic. To me, the invitation to heal is to feel fully into the emotional state in which we feel "powerless", simultaneously holding both the self that is "powerless" and the self that is "powerful" in one, then it becomes easier to gradually let go of identification with the dynamic, and hence the need for it to manifest on the outer will cease.  

In reality, the belief in an external power outside the self is what really set the limits on our true power. 

Lyra Praying Emoji

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Dear Lyra ,

Thank you for that really interesting perspective. I agree completely ,there is only as much power in the entity as I am unwilling to own. And in this context I have become aware of interference .  I am going to read and re read many sentences . 



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Interesting video. Will you be looking to transfer Openhand to one of these blockchain websites in the future? 

I really appreciate all of your insights and shares about the crypto space. Good to see them from an energetic perspective too, which isn't too common. I invested for the first time back at the beginning of November and am really glad I did. I'm still getting my head around the tech behind it but it looks like this will be the way forward for anyone wishing to disconnect from the system but still maintain the services they may still want to use. 

Keep it coming Open!


In reply to by Richard W


I totally agree Richard, I jumped into crypto in November as well, and am happy that I did. I'm also wondering if Openhand will appear on the blockchain soon?

I am doing my best to learn more about the blockchain technology, but still have lots to learn. Maybe someday I can be of help to others making the transition, maybe even here.

I have just been exploring domains on blockchain and from what I can gather, now is the time to grab one, while they are still fairly cheap. If you are interested, there's lots of info at 'Unstoppable Domains'. Things are moving so fast right now that I thought you might appreciate a tip, I know I can use all the help I can get.

Keep it coming Open! (so well put, Rich!)



08/01/21 Journal Update: Back in August I spoke about three cryptocurrencies to be attentive to, Ethereum, Bitcoin and XRP. I felt to give a little update in how things have shifted since August for the three cryptos - I think you'll see, we are indeed coming into a paradigm shift in society within the world of finance. And it offers the tremendous possibility for financial emancipation for those who feel to get their heads around it (and I'm finding a lot of intuitive light moving through the space too).

Ethereum: to me this is the darling of the new crypto industry, due to the added value it brings daily to the space in it's creation of "smart contracts" or DAPPS. As I've said a number of times, I believe this will form in essence the backbone of the new "Internet of Value". Back in April when I wrote about it, the price of Ether was £185. In August it had shot to around £300 per ether. Now, it's hovering over £800. Surprised? I'm not at all. And in 2021 it has a long way to go yet. It's entirely realistic that it could rise as high as £18k in the next two or three years due to the rapid adoption rate where other technologies are using its platform.

Bitcoin: everyone is still piling into Bitcoin! It's clearly being adopted as the new digital gold - a store of value. Interestingly gold has fallen these last 6 months as Bitcoin has gone parabolic. Back in August Bitcoin was around £9k, now it's £27k! Again, there's still huge room for growth as institutional investors rush to swap their cash balances with Bitcoin. Expect tidal inflows in 2021. It could well touch £90-100k in the forseeable future. BUT, I am still personally wary of what may come with quantum computing. What has happened in the past where new tech upgrades have happened, is something called "hard-forking" where the currency splits and takes two different routes. It has a tremendous impact on value. That said, the level of corporate interest is staggering right now, which will likely to continue to drive the price, at least through 2021.

XRP: I always saw XRP as the dark horse of the shadow state. If you think Bitcoin and Ether have huge potential, then pause for a moment and consider the world of "cross border payments". That's what XRP was designed for. It's a muti trillion dollar daily industry in which the current "Swift System" is broken. At just 20p a coin, to me, XRP is an absolute steal. BUT, know that were you to invest, it would be like riding a Black Dragon! I mentioned the SEC's court case against it in my article above. To me this smells of shadowstate shenanigans. Back in December, holders of XRP were offered Spark Utility Tokens freely at the rate of 1:1 XRP. They're due to be "air-dropped" in the next 6 months. Wow, a benevolent gift! But then immediately afterwards the court action (which had been mysteriously on hold for 8 years) suddenly takes place (smells like they were buying off the private investors). Of course everyone piled out of the coin as one exchange after another ditched it. But then suddenly, inexplicably, instutitional investment started to flow back in (Grayscale Just bought biggest XRP amount in history). It is definitely NOT for the risk averse, but personally, I'll continue to ride this Black Dragon and see where it might lead. Wouldn't it be a lovely juxtaposition if some of the shadowstate funds could find their way into this spiritual community to support spiritual growth?!

PS - there's a raft of other coins worth looking at besides these: ChainLink; Stellar; Aave; VeChain; Blockstack (smart contracts for Bitcoin). PPS - I am NOT a financial advisor - DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

The paradigm shift in the world economy is well and truly underway.

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Interesting article... 

I don’t know who Swan is, but if they’re predictions are based on insight rather than on deductions from ‘news’ sources, then the suggestion is that 2022 and digital Yuan is a done deal doesn’t it? 


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I would anticipate the digital Yuan actually coming in to a large extent in 2021 - other Central Bank Digital Currencies too.

Open Praying Emoji


Dear Open ,

Thank you for this. While I couldn't pinpoint how ,I could see how the attempt is to destabilize what seemed to be solid cryptocurrencies to scare off the individual investor. And how this is the exact time to buy and keep ,not sell. I also have an intuitive sense that Bitcoin is being promoted precisely because it's the dinosaur of crypto and will not last long .

I am just finishing off a Udemy course into Crypto that gives me the tech know how on how to buy sell and secure my deposits. I feel like I am making my foray into a brave new world . 

After a good bit of getting over my poor conditioning over dealing with money ( tonnes of poverty consciousness there  !!) ,I suddenly 'see' how this is the way forward . 

Thank you for the validation . 


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That's tremendous Megha - glad to see you're exploring this new arena. I've always had the sense that ethereum will play a major role in the new economy, it already is, as plentiful "alt coins" are made to run on its network.

Best wishes to you

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For anyone interested in the crypto space and the beginnings of the currency wars, you might like to check out this recent video from Crypto Eri in Singapore, about the private legal actions firing up against underhand, smoke and mirrors action by the SEC, specifically against XRP...