The Deepest Mysticism

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There's an alchemist in all of us
Many us can recall a mystical place that breaks the bounds of the rigid and limited; that sets the night on fire; brings vibrant colour to the day; creates the most miraculous spectacle. Many of us yearn for the revelation of the new, that we can feel welling up from the depths of our soul.
One moment it is there, in front of us, all around us. The next moment it is gone. No worries. This is the time to work through the density when it arises. But never lose sight of the 'goal' - that being the sense of Cosmic Self that you can feel at the core of you when you're in alignment, which a magical landscape then shapes around. It is always there, waiting for you to burst through.
This deepest alchemy all depends on what we put our attention on. It's not avoiding the reality of the one right in front of you, no. It's believing (based on experience) that there's much more than what the eyes can see. It's a perception, a nuance, a vibration, a flow. When your focus becomes more about these subtle inner feelings, then the veils over the deepest mysticim readily fall.
There's an alchemist in all of us.
It's time.
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For me it is when I am experiencing intense suffering and contraction and seeing everything sinking into darkness within and around me. If I manage to 'not believe' what this darkness paints for me, believe that it is just a veil, allow myself to rest in it, pray and find a spark inside that will carry me into at least partial expansion, joy, gratitude, compassion and love for life, then suddenly I can 'take it'.

Then it feels like I am lifting all this darkness up.

I still struggle with the right words and actions when this kind of processes happen and repeat some of the 'loops' and actions, thoughts. One day I will be able to transcend in time so that I don't repeat what I know is destructive and damaging. Then this alchemy will be fully fulfilled for me. This is what I yearn for.


Watch for the mysticism most of all in the little things, especially when inconvenient...

Yesterday I was on my way to meet someone and running a little late for the connection. So I headed for a parking space that was closest to the venue. But on my way, there was ever such a slight knowing synchronicity within the words of a song that I should go elsewhere. I ignored it, parked where it was most convenient and made the meeting in time. Although I noticed the car parked close at the exit with the numbers 123, it didn't fully land, I guess because I was on my way to the meeting.

The connection lasted way longer than I'd anticipated, and when I got back, I realised I'd overstayed the 3hr limit. I'll shortly be getting a £50 fine, which narked me at first, but then I felt it's worth it to have a confirmation that that subtlest of new vibrations I'm feeling can be so effective in the outer. An expensive but pricesless lesson in the subtlties of mysticism then!

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That sounds absolutely beautiful Hannah - thanks so much for sharing. Very inspirational OK Hand Sign


..the Japanese word for volleyball (literally meaning 'sequence of steps'). I've been watching a great Japanese animation series about volleyball and it rekindled my love for the sport (played for 15 years), which I wasn't able to fully feel when I was actually playing. But wow, those feelings all surfaced when watching, tears streaming down my face. The passion, the emotion, that feeling of completely going for it and at the same time surrendering in every moment.. volleyball has it all to me. And together with (or part of) a process of realigning the raptor consciousness/divine masculine I'm in, those feelings create deep alchemy. The feelings and images that came to me were those of having to play an important match every day. How would I be if I am to stand on that main court every single day? It's evoking warrior energy, a yearning to take action, and 'play' with all I have in me Slightly Smiling