DIVINICUS 24: Year of the Dragon

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This is a very special year for Openhand's jewel in the crown DIVINICUS retreat - the Year of the Dragon. It's where we work to raise the collective kundalini by working with Gaia, in a stunning, secluded retreat, high up in the mountains of Wales. Come join in with the energy of the retreat through our daily journal, providing an insight into the meditations and the approach, so you can gain inspiration for your own journey. It's a pleasure to include you 🙏

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Ahh such strong, potent energy! Thanks for sharing. This isn't directly related to the retreat but it is so well-made and next level I had to recommend it, and I feel there's all kinds of dragon and who-knows-what other fierce energies driving it. It's a movie on Netflix called "Whiplash" and the reason I recommend it is because the two main players embody unwavering, unapologetic determination towards true greatness. If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend it if you want strong catalysts and fearless warriors with heart. And a touch of magic. 🙏💪👏🌋🥁📽️ 


It turned out to be an absolutely marvellous Divinicus 24, in the Year of the Dragon, no less. It was deep, connective and energetically sophisticated, with everyone peeling off plenty of layers as we crossed the karmic Red Sea. As I pointed out in the new book (RESURRECTION), this crossing the 4D karmic layer, especially as the simulation goes into overdrive, is deeply challenging. Why? The deception has gotten intricate and complex, weaving all manner of dramas, especially in spiritual work, redirecting people's conscious into the "harvest". Here at Openhand, we're determined to expose that derailment for as many as possible.

Here are just three of the key things we experienced...

- How Ra is very cognisant of the 7 rays of consciousness, those of authentic being. And has dicovered how to over-amplify them. So in a being that knows it's coming from the Source, and so trusts in its own soul guidance, it causes an echo of the ray, which then dampens out others. It might, for example, cause one to make a spontaneous choice of ray 7 in a particular direction, but crucially, before the landscape has peoperly shapen and landed in the base chakra. It creates a false reality construct. We were learning how to perceive that
- How Gaia is still embroiled in the old soul contracts, both with the intervention itself, but also various learning aspects within humanity; including also care and loyalty for the Lemurian Originals, some of whom are still trapped here in the 4D
- We had incredible experiences of incarnating as Lemurian Oiginals, then journeying right into the BigFoot experience - just how interconnected with nature and telepathically magical that being is. We experienced reclaiming this energy and activating it within ourselves.

There were stacks more insights - too much to write about at this time. But rest assured, we'll be weaving essential understandings and illuminations into the work going forwards.

For now, here are a few snaps of our closing ceremony. Joy delivered yet another soul-stirring (and rather amusing 😆) rendition of the New Zealand All Blacks "Haka". It was the perfect way to conjure the Dragon spirit and conclude the retreat, as we head back into the simulation of society, but completely empowered.

I think this is what we were supposed to be chanting, but heaven knows how it came out!!

"Ka mate, ka mate, ka ora, ka ora", "I die, I die, I live, I live."

"Kia whakawhenua au i ahau!" "Let my life force return to the earth."

"Ko kapa o pango, e ngunguru nei!" "The passion ignites!".

Let our rendtion inspire your journey on.
Thanks to all for tuning in.
It was an absolute pleasure having you along.
Bright blessings
<<< Open 🐉

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A warm thankyou to the Openhand team for this amazing week of alchemy. It really came together smoothly, Open's incomparable guidance, seamless, excellent facilitation by a bubbly Joy and a Thomas, so grounded, his feet protruded into Australia! It was a bonus to have our lovely Tilly show near the end. Words fail me to describe the magnitude and depth of this process, the absolute gift of grace it represents. There was plenty of digging and laughter. I am no longer the person that went, I am more now.
Winding back with others through picturesque Wales after, I felt the intensity of the seer observing as the world scurried about its business. The balance between the lower and higher densities was clearer than ever before. To be poised with such knowing in this state was awesome and humbling, especially after our enlightening week in the woods.
Simply stunning, Openhand. Hosted with skill, aplomb, sensitivity and creativity. And what a beautiful, talented group of souls to share the experience with. Oh, ...and the grub was great!!

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Reading that Ra is able to cause echos of the Rays in souls who know they are coming from Source has sparked a huge inquiry for me.  I'm holding it all loosely for now.  Maybe some answers were revealed at Divinicus so I thought I'd share my exploration in case there are any insights.

Typically Ra feels justified because he provides something a soul is longing for or feels they need.  Assuming that applies, what does a soul coming from Source long for, or feel they need that Ra is able to provide?  If the answer is nothing, then why is Ra deviating from his typical blueprint?  Because flat out trickery points to bing unaligned and Ra does not view himself as unaligned.  Is he working with some other energy that is controlling the process?  He does like to hide in the background.  If there is another energy, what is it?

Ra also believes he's providing a service because most (maybe close to all) souls who are harvested are content to be there and would not choose to leave.  If a soul coming from Source realizes they're in a false construct, they'd course correct.  And if they find themselves harvested they would definitely want to leave.  So is he still be providing a service?  If not how is he justifying his actions, something that seems important to him?  Maybe souls at this level are looking for some type of mastery at being able to discern when they are and are not truly coming from Source and want to be tested and he's providing that for them?  But everything Ra does is very strategic and calculated.  So what is the strategy here, why is he agreeing, what's in it for him?  Maybe amusement.  He does have a need to play a game that he finds amusing.  Without it he gets bored.  In boredom one has nothing to do but reflect on their own distortions, something up to now, Ra has had no interest in exploring.  He also has a need to feel like he's the most intelligent.  Maybe this helps to inflate his perception of his own intelligence.

A lot of questions, I know.  But for me personally, echos are extremely hard, if not impossible to recognize in myself because they are so subtle.  Even when pointed out, they are hard to work through.  So it feels like understanding more about the inner workings behind them will somehow help in the detection, unraveling and prevention. 

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Hi Ann and Jen,

These are excellent inquiries into the nature of Ra, specifically how he might be influencing the 9 Rays of consciousness that comprise the Soul. Here's a summary of the rays below...

My observation in recent times has been of several advanced people on the path, being drawn astray, but this time not through misdirecting inertia and dumbing down. Rather, it is a clear over-amplification of at least one of the Rays above. It plays on the natural phenomenon of the "Imposter of the Soul" - an echo of the Soul, as the Soul works to forge iteself across particular densities - especially the 4D karmic plane.

How I've seen this work for example, is a 'pulse' felt coming in on the ray 7, through the crown, that amplifies spontaneity - the being leaps into a choice, but before the energy has fully grounded in the being. It creates a false landscape.
I've seen it too in the ray 2, where an over amplification drowns out other rays, such as the ray 3 of discernment.
I've witnessed over amplification of the ray 3 cause an over questioning of the flow, again so it isn't fully anchored in the being.
I've seen over-amplification of the ray 4, the Christ Consciousness, binding two soul's pathway's together.
Also, previously, at the very beginning of this inquiry, I see how it diverted one facilitator by over amplification of the ray 9 - an excessive protective motherly energy, that caused a knee-jerk 180 degree turn, where they were caused to feel "unsafe" in deep karmic work.

In answer to a couple of your questions, essentially about how Ra can justify this - how does he reconcile diverting authentic soul impulse? Ra works on acquiescence by the being, and their tacit handing over of sovereignty, so how is he managing to get away with this outright deception?

1. Yes, it's a game to him. I've felt this from him in this new inquiry - it's leading to mastery of the Soul Ray Harmonic. It's highly subtle, and misleading. I imagine he gets lots of "play time" with this one - watching advanced people being drawn astray, knowing that his "assault course" is providing the mechanism for their mastery - should they actually see and perceive what's going on.
2. My observation from the Divinicus retreat, is that it's not actually him doing the "work". Yes, he's there in the background. But there's another advanced form of interdimensional entity, that is placing various subtle implants, to misdirect the soul's flow and thereby gain energy from the ruse. I feel the Tall Whites involved, but this seemed different - organic even.

This is indeed a game of mastery. I guess you could say it's "welcome". Except I still feel Ra is deluding himself around deception.

The inquiry deepens and continues. One thing is for sure - there can now be no compromising with the path as we venture across the 4D Karmic Red Sea. Assuming people definitely have the will to cross to the other side. It's going to require an all-in commitment for that to happen. One thing this is definitely causing, is an increased commitment by the Openhand energies here, and refining of the "allowances" or any compromises we can endure in the processes. Diet is a huge one for example - the level of negative vibration one ingests if you're not 100% plant-based, means you definitely won't pick up other spurious vibrations hiding in the energetic "baffles" such consumption causes. But then I see this only as a good thing - consumption of animal protein is definitely NOT a 5D vibration!

Thanks be to the 'glorious' Ra!!

Open 💎

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Hi Openhand,

I've got this RA energy coming through the life scenario and people I work with, this is how these energies tend to emerge for me. It's quite fascinating, as i've never come across this sort of mentality before. The people in the scenario are so implanted or shut-down on the soul level, that my relationship with them is held in a sort of limbo. It doesn't develop or go anywhere, as there doesn't seem to be a recollection of what went before with them. They're held in mental loops that cycle round and round, and they take you through the same loop again and again at each meeting, like you're a stranger. They occasionally fixate on something that penetrated for them of you, and that'll come up in the form of teasing you about it, because they've assumed it's a thing for you. They operate primarily by mockery of the other to maintain the illusion of an imaginary power differential over the other, over you, of you believe it. I've been brought to the point where i've had to end the working relationsip because they've compromised integrity beyond the level which unconditional acceptance and non-judgement permits. Yet, it hasn't penetrated. There is no conception for them. It will have a profound impact on their lives, but the tall-white influence makes them immune from any feeling of it, any care. It's weird, weird, weird, beyond arrogance. Will see what happens. I had a wonderful synthesis with the softest most beautiful light gold dragon in my dream several months ago. It ellicited a very deep level of compassion and love within me, to the point where I adopted it as power spirit. I spent ages looking for it's representation in an art form to honour the meeting and initiation, but these things are so often unique to the point that they cannot be captured in form at all. Like a delicious fragrance on the air when out in nature, if one could just capture another sniff. It was battling out of some entrapment in the phenomenal plane with a male entity, there was no resolution within the dream, that's why it struck me so. It is with me now and we liberate together. Every step we take in life, we're subject to the intervention energies of the field, the machinations of the simulation. And as we lift each foot we release the attachments and identities that went before. And on an on we go, one step at a time. As a way of life.

Starsky 🌟

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Thanks for this Starsky, it's a poignant insight into the sense of the simulation now in regular life, and the level of dumbing down, which has become quite shockingly widespread.

You said...

Every step we take in life, we're subject to the intervention energies of the field, the machinations of the simulation. And as we lift each foot we release the attachments and identities that went before. And on an on we go, one step at a time. As a way of life.

Right on! The days of soft compromises must now bite the dust.

Open 💎

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The 'soft compromises' programming must be fully ejected from the psychic machinery of soul - although one cannot charge around like a bull-dozer amongst the dozing. A drop of Ray 3 & 4 with a smidge of Ray 5, 7 & 9 not to mention Ray 6 & 8 have to be delicately attenuated to the no-chance circumstance.,

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Wow! What incredible energy in these pics! The words, meaning, and bodily expression are so powerful!! 

Open I wanted to ask you about this aspect of what you wrote above - which was part of what was illuminated during Divinicus retreat:

"How Ra is very cognisant of the 7 rays of consciousness, those of authentic being. And has dicovered how to over-amplify them. So in a being that knows it's coming from the Source, and so trusts in its own soul guidance, it causes an echo of the ray, which then dampens out others. It might, for example, cause one to make a spontaneous choice of ray 7 in a particular direction, but crucially, before the landscape has properly shapen and landed in the base chakra. It creates a false reality construct."

Ultimately, is the way in which Ra over-amplifies the rays of consciousness also highlighting the karmic pattern that is already there? It seems we would collectively and individually have drawn this energy. Is this overamplification highlighting an already existing overamplification...essentially magnifying a blindspot - which can ultimately be illuminated? I suppose I am feeling that there is order - a divine logic here - and that this energy is being drawn through resonance. Happy to hear more on this and to refine the perception if needed!


Yesterday, on the last full day of Divinicus 24, we were quantum manifesting with (amongst others) Dragon energy. It is after all, the Chinese Year of the Dragon!

What is Dragon Energy all about? Personally I'm still in a wonderful journey of alchemical discovery about it. But already I can say it's not at all how it's so often depicted - some unpleasant beast to be gotten rid of. Far from it. Yes, the Dragon Energy is fearless and warrior like, but it's also sophisticated, highly empathic, sensitive and tuned in. It has compassion, but doesn't suffer fools. It's direct, coherent and catalytic. So it's an all round symphony of qualities. One thing is for sure, it has the ready power to blow away the simulation!

And what about quantum manifesting? Well, here are Openhand's 7 Golden Keys...

7 Golden Keys to Quantum Manifesting

Here are Openhand's Seven 7 Golden Keys to the approach of quantum shifting your life. They are expressed fully in detail in the 5D Shift Podcast at the bottom...

Key 1: Honour the Truth of the Moment - embrace the situations and circusmtances exactly as you've created them. Take ownership - meet the moment exactly as it is and how you feel about it

Key 2: Tune into the Path of Light - apply softening and opening meditation processes to begin to feel the infusion of Soul as a sense of Rightness

Key 3: Process Triggering - the infusing light will trigger aspects of inner density and ego that are resisting the movement to higher consciousness. Work to unwind through these convergences applying the Breakthrough Approach

Key 4: Switch to Active Attention - work to soften intentionality to make your consciousness open to "spiking moments" in the flow. They're point to new directions and possibility

Key 5: Ask, "Show Me!" - the Universe is configured to reveal yourself to yourself, which then shapes your destined pathway. To illuminate this, ask the Universe to reveal it, "Show me!"

Key 6: Reflective Feedback Loops - watch for moments that "click in" for you, in terms of how you are, what you feel to express and create. Pay attention and give energy to them

Key 7: Pathway of the Soul - step positively into the pathway of the Soul that is now clearly revealing itself and compelling you forward.

Bright blessings to all
<<< Open 💎


It was a massive day for us all yesterday - the pinnacle of the event, which is Sacred Sweat Lodge Day, using the First Nations Approach. After all the processing of the previous days, you could call it a rebirthing day - letting go of the old version of oneself, and being reborn anew.

It began with a wonderful ceremony - the Tibetan Agni Hotra, which is signaling ones heartfelt commitment to shed the fragmented layers of the ego.

Taken from above, from the studio's new central structure, which lent itself well...

Everyone has made "Icons" to represent the pain body they want to burn away. This was a marvellous one by Ella, a "cage" representing the inner pain body to burn away...

The sunny weather finally gave way to rain, which is perfect for the Sweat Lodge day, as it feels deeply cleansing. However, building the fire in the rain can be somewhat tricky!

Neverthless, we got a great fire going...

The pain body takes to the flames!

The rain did nothing to dampen spirits whatsoever - we celebrated the fire as we prepared for the Lodge...

Joy's Haka had to be experienced to be believed!

The warriors are ready!

It was a stunning lodge for sure - I'll share more later. For now, I trust it inspires a deepend sense of commitment to the path!

Bright blessings

Open 💎


Once we've softened through surface identity layers, then gone deeper to strip out the strands of the simulation, then people are ready to shift onto the karmic plane and travel astrally across the "Karmic Red Sea" (as I termed it in the new book RESURRECTION). This turned out to be an extraordinary journey. The flow regressed us right back to Lemurian times and the very first incarnations as Original Humans - the Lemurians. Energetically we lowered vibration and eased ourselves into those forms.

Down to the studio, ready for the journey of lifetimes...

Although being birthed that way was rather like being squeezed into some primal spacesuit, and a full-on assault to the star soul, after some progressive journeying through subsequent lifetimes, souls became familiar with the experience, and began to revel in it - the strength, vivacity, courage, aliveness; how incredibly tuned into nature; and being tuned in telepathically to the higher dimensions too. What an incredible experience!

But then we journeyed into the times where the Lemurians were duped, through bogus, but intriguing, spiritual ceremony. We journeyed to stone circles in Africa, that were configured to alter DNA through sound vibration. We experienced abductions and live genetic hybridisations. I can tell you it's a full-on assault to the senses - but completely necessary and tremendously healing. You have to consider that people are carrying this karma around with them, which is preventing the soul from fully integrating here and now, processing out the karma, and thereby being able to fully reclaim their divinity,  and go with the Ascension to 5D.

During the healing, it was stunning to actually experience Bigfoot come into the studio, in the 5D. How they hugged and welcomed us, how they revelled in the healing and homecoming. What extraordinary beings they are.

In conclusion, we explored the understanding that we can't return to those days of incredible earthly and natural interconnection. However, we can bring the best of that energy, experience, wisdom and naturalness forward to the next evolution, in 5D as Divinicus!

Wow. What a deeply stunning experience.
We've been blessed.
<<< Open 💎


We're diving ever deeper here on the Divinicus retreat. We're getting into deeply embedded identity filters. Those that have been woven since the very early years. It often begins with parents projecting onto the growing child their ideal of what they want you to be - from their value system; often that which has been inculcated from society.

How do we work with them? Most importantly, this is deep meditative energy work...

We go deep into meditation and then regress back through the years, recalling early experiences, but then most importantly, feeling the embedded energy of these deep inner layers.

It's essential to dig deep into those embedded emotional attachments.

Then it becomes possible to dissociate out from them - to actually project them out from your bodily field.

You decide to let go of them and can then unravel and  dissolve them from your field.

It's immensely liberating!

For a much deeper insight into undertaking this work, explore the Openhand lead article on the subject...


Unwinding Inner Identities in the Process of Enlightenment

We're having an absolute marvelous and transformative time here. We're breaking through the layers quickly and coming up smiling. It's immensely restorative and regenerating.

Bright blessings to all tuning in.
<<< Open 💎


Until you fast and sit in stillness for some considerable period, you've no idea just how insipid and surreptitious the simulation has become - how subtle distractions, toxins and emf bind the soul into compounding layers of dulling vibrations. That's how the soul gets misdirected into repetitive and programmed behaviours that ultimately lead to a collectivised 4D bubble - the soul harvest of the intervention, which is now rife across the planet. It's something I spelled out in detail in the new book RESURRECTION.

That's why a good period of fasting, with complete stillness and guided meditation, is so powerful. We're applying additional techniques too, such as blindfolding. How does this help? The mind forms an interrelational landscape of subtle judgments based on what it sees. It places "you", as an identity, right in the middle of that. So you become a polarised duality, as opposed to being the clear clarity of the presence, flowing as a soul. Thus, we're breaking down these inner filters, working through the embedded layers, peeling them off, and setting the soul soaring. It's simply amazing to feel the vibrant liberations going on...

Blindfold amongst the trees. It's so stunning to be immersed in vibrant and charismatic nature...

Blindfold yoga by the stream...

The light coming in!...

The May Blooms are simply stunning - the air is awash with fragrance to stimulate the senses...

Blindfold down to the studio - feeling every nuance...

A supportive hand awaits...

Moving Torus energies in the studio. We have a new structure in the middle. Apparently last year, our meditations brought the roof down! The new structure actually lends itself well to holding the core of the Torus energies...

The Vision Quest concludes with a succulent bowl of fruit, experienced in a divinely sacred manner. What better way to resurrect our divinity!

Bright blessings
<<< Open 💎


The first phase of DIVINICUS is run (loosely) along the lines of the First Nations Shamanic Vision Quest. We go into stillness, fast, sit, meditate, and then in Openhand breakthrough fashion, process what comes up.

See how the energy of our photos might inspire you to get some quality stillness in your day.
Getting ready for the Quest to begin...

Wait, who comsically ordered the good weather? I'll have to get out rain dancing!...

Dealing with Tall White Intervention

I can tell you very prevalent right now, is ejecting Tall White influence from connections into the Simulation - how programmed behaviours cause degrees of unconsciousness, which people 'medicate' with through soft comfort - what we consume in day to day life - comfort eating, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, social media distraction, etc etc. This creates a dissonant vibration that sinks into the layers, gets embbed, which we then lose sight of energetically - it's like 'white noise'. Entities in the field, such as Tall Whites, can see and tune into this dissonance. They attach to it, and then subtly distort the pathways of the person by streaming in ideas, desires, intentions and even dreamtime visions that make people create or choose a certain pathway - but one that is 'adjusted' back into the Simulation.

You've got to explore deep into the motivations for why you make certain choices - were they programmed, desired, conditioned, or spontaneous but not grounded through the being? Were they choices simply of comfort and compromise? As opposed to following the true path of the soul, reflected through signs and synchronicity.

For more on understanding and ejecting Tall White Intervention

Exploring Deep into embedded Layers and Behaviourisms

By sitting still in silence, fasting, and guided illumination, we peer deep into these subtle vibrations, equalise with them through guided chakra attunements, and then energetically strip the interventions out. It's proving highly effective, however they do surface sequentially in layers, so it requires commitment and persistance. Which I'm glad to say the group has in abundance - there's a tremendous willingness and commitment to go deep.

Desi goes deep within...

Dagmar gets straight into Sirius karma...

Spot Bon, the 'Hobbit"!

Asya, stripping out the simulation...

Andy, quietening the mind...

The stream washes it all away...

Anatoly, getting some one-on-one amongst the trees...

Great to have you all tuning in.
Much love and well wishes from everyone here.
<<< Open 💎


18/05/2024 Divinicus 24 Begins, in the Year of the Dragon

The group arrived yesterday here up in the wonderful mountains of Snowdonia, following their various travels through the travails of the Matrix - changing flights, car breakdowns, yet everyone made it just fine - the spirit is strong. Already we're taking ice-cold dips in the stream to cleanse our fields and invigorate a sense of aliveness in this all-important Year of the Dragon. How do we summon the Dragon Energy to support our Shift across the karmic plane? That's what we'll be exploring this week here in the eco mountain village of Cae Mabon. It's just like being in the movie, "Lord of the Rings" - bring on the Dragons!

Waiting for the group to arrive, "is that Anatoly's plane or Andy's helicopter?!" (actually, it's just me enjoying the sun before it all kicks off!)

Preparing a welcoming fire...

Building the energies with the drum...

Thomas smudging the participants as they arrive...

Warm hugs all around as the retreat gets underway...

Come and tune in each day to the sense of the energy. It's sure to inspire and uplift your journey right now!

Bright blessings
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