Dreams - what do they mean?

Hi Open - I am wondering about dreams (night-time) I have read so many different theories on dreams and what they mean. Last night I dreamed I was in a holiday place in France with lots of other people. I was with my ex partners family well some of them. His mother was there and so I was saying to someone that I was really happy because I didn't have any family responsibilities as I wasn't the older female in the group. I felt companionship. What I woke wondering is can a dream be a viewing of another life we are living in another place? I woke feeling less "alone" - this being one of the things troubling me at the moment - lack of companionship physically and feeling a lot of responsibility for my family members. Its like it was the complete opposite of my life here. Or is this a viewing of what I crave. I have felt for so long that dreams are very important but not sure how to inteprate them. Sometimes I awake sobbing if I have lost someone I care about in a dream that type of thing as its so real. Two nights ago I dreamed of my dad who passed away six months ago. In this reality He passed away in his own bed just as he had said he wanted the week before having expressed "that's it now no more hospitals, doctors, medicines". In my dream he was very ill almost unconscious I could barely rouse him to speak to him and this was because a well meaning off duty doctor had tried to help him but really it had been a great hindrance. I have read that appearances in dreams of those passed away is very special but have no clue as to this meaning :) I have told myself in the past - I don't have to understand my dreams but yet it feels I am missing something ..
thankyou and many blessings

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Hi Elaine,

Interesting question yes. I observe dreams are a way for the soul to get out of conditioned reality, and to share a message - a metaphor - so that the unrealised aspect of self, may realise something.

Allow me to qualify that.

Firstly the dream is 'told' in metaphor. This is important. Because with metaphor, it offers the possibility of getting out of the intellect - it's not about looking for an intellectual answer. It's about activating some kind of repressed feeling, that your soul can then work with and integrate.

So for example in your dream you felt companionship - as a vibrational feeling. My intuition tells me you were probably feeling a vibration of your soul family. Work not to struggle to understand, because this only dampens the integrational effect. Work instead to regress into the feeling of companionship inside. Then you will begin to actually embody it. It becomes part of your beingness.

I would say in the other case, the soul of your Dad was speaking to you. It feels like he was wanting to move on. And just needed you to be okay with that. In which case, focus on the love you have for him in your heart and just let go. Let him go on his way.

So really the principle of interpreting dreams is not to try to intellectualise them. Instead, what do they kick off as inner feelings. Then with those, what feels right and aligned to integrate; aswell as what might you need to let go of?

In this way, dreams are exceptionally powerful for helping the soul to integrate and evolve.

Open *OK*