Energy Shifts and Creativity

I continue to have incredible shifts in energy in the last week which has been pretty intense. Today was especially dramatic with heart clearing. Good news is the creativity has spiked as well. These lyrics came out today and I thought I would share - seem to go hand in hand with the clearing. Hope you enjoy.


I am a secret that I couldn't keep

The dreams of the dreamer who talks in his sleep


Safe but unseen in the depths of the night

I am the shadow that runs for the light


[Break / Chorus Here]


I am the answer, still trying to learn

The reason that fire can never be burned


Born into riches, like the prodigal son

I wander the earth as if I have none


[Break / Chorus Here]


Naked and hungry, I cover the land

In search of a beggar with a mirror in his hand


He knows who I am

He knows who I am 



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Thanks Open. The Openhand website and books/videos (& working with Kim)  have been invaluable on my journey. The essay on the Spirit Light body vs. Kundalini was especially helpful and timely the other day. I can't imagine walking this path without finding the 5Gateways movie (which I've probably watched 25-30 times) and joining the group in Seattle in 2016. Thanks again.