Escaping the Simulation: The 5D Human

Submitted by Open on Fri, 05/31/2024 - 13:20

What are the intricacies of the simulation that are limiting and derailing people? How did humanity lose the experience of the Original Lemurian? Most importantly, what does it take to break free and liberate the divine being within? That's what we were exploring, in depth, on the Openhand DIVINICUS retreat. Tune in. See what's involved. Set the 5D Human in you free!

Premieres 1st June, 6am UK time

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We had a lot of fun, both shooting this video on the latest Divinicus retreat, plus also weaving the footage. Hat's off to everyone who committed deeply to the processes which made the event so special.

I recall particularly Dagmar on the Sweat Lodge day in the rain, slipping and falling into the stream, banging her head and getting disorientated - yet getting right back up, getting on with the job, and peeling off several layers of karma in the process. That's exactly the kind of courage and fortitude we need these days for crossing the "Red Sea of Karma". ♥️

Enjoy the video everyone, and do let me know your comments - I'd be intrigued to hear.

Bright blessings
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Brilliant video! Highly informative and inspirational.  A beautiful blend of fun and wisdom. The best so far!(to me). What a perfect place to do mediation and regressive work. I can imagine so many layers being shed in the process. I had deep resonance with what you shared Open. The last few days I saw the exact thing in my field. An overamplification of ray 1 and ray 3, the orientation being subtly changed to fit within the simulation. I knew it, but it was highly tempting to go with it. The energy came from the source but subtly adjusted. It takes some shattering event to remind us of the true orientation. I opened my fridge yesterday, and two big bottles of oat milk hit the floor and got shattered and I also got physically sick trying to fix the 3D. All of it reminds me to shift the orientation. Does the adjusting of rays only happen if there's still karma involved in the process? Otherwise, living the 5D is natural and effortless. So whenever the soul rays are being influenced, the invitation is to dig deeper into the karmic layer involved. In the simulation, it takes a considerable degree of inner work and vigilance to stay tuned to the authentic soul energy and not be led astray by the intervention. Thanks once again for reminding us of what's important at this stage of our evolution.

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Hi Openhand,

It looked like a wonderfully enchanting retreat - thank-you for sharing the video.

Pondering this overamplification of the rays. From one who is known for the occasional passionate outburst. It is cathartic and wholesome to harness a surge of emotional energy in some circumstances. For example, if others infringe or break our boundaries by invading us emotionally or spiritually, a surge of life force energy in the form of anger can reestablish our power and keep the energy of the other person or entity out of our system.

And I notice when i've been in important negotiations with a person, taking a risk by trusting them, a dymanic naturally occurrs where I've goaded them a little, just to get an emotional surge from which I can guage their authenticity. My feeling that under the malaise of the envirotoxins and modern-day brainwashing, it's difficult to fully grasp the essence of the being you are dealing with, it can take special measures.

I will be monitoring the process. I must've been inspired by the video as I spontaneously dug out some old music I love and danced and cried.

Wonderful, thank-you!



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