At Eternity's Gate - Following Your Passion in the Great 5D Shift

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Have you seen the movie, "At Eternity's Gate" about the painter Vincent Van Gogh, played brilliantly by Willem Dafoe?

For anyone engaging in the Great 5D Shift of consciousness taking place across our planet, it's a superlative essy in reading the underlying flow of life, and the essential importance of fully expressing yourself with passion and commitment, even in a world that might not respect your unique gifts of beingness.

Let's make our lives a masterpiece!

Dancing on the Edge of Reality

What's expressed brilliantly in the film, and through the orginal paintings, is the story of a man who danced on the edge of reality. He perceived life so much more than the simple, separated, 3D objects that appear on the surface. He could clearly feel "God" animating through him has he looked out into the world and allowed unbridled expression to surge through him.

Like many of you, breaking through the limitation of the Old Paradigm, he was a man way ahead of his time, with countless detractors who couldn't appreciate his work and considered him crazy. Yet even in poverty and persecution, his incredible passion endured. He persisted, knowing the rightness of his soul, and left a legacy that the world has come to celebrate years after his passing.

It seems this film is perfectly timed for the Great Shift unfolding all around us right now. I wonder how his story might inspire you in the emergence and expression of your own soul?...

True Enlightenment?

We so often here about "surrender and letting go" on the spiritual path, but with that I often see an acceptance of "anything goes", which is not being in the soul either. Yes surrender can take you into the Eternity of The One. But from that infinite potential, soul will arise and yearn to express. And if you learn to ride that wave as it surges through you, then you can constantly stay on the edge of reality, always expressing from the Void of Potential.

This is true Enlightenment. It's the constant unfolding emerging expression of soul that rises as a wave, with finness and intracy, sophistication and a brilliance of dancing colour, that's constantly delivering you on the's shores of inner completeness.

In this great shift, it's going to help you enormously to find and express your passion. What is that? Maybe it's writing and painting, or expressing yourself through video? Maybe it's through yoga, dance and bodywork - what feels completely 'right' when you're doing it?

Making Your Life a Masterpiece

In studying people who've found this, be they artists, musicians, athletes or successful enterpreneurs, it's clear they've tapped into their soul and found a vehicle through which to express. This has put them on the edge of Eternity's Gate, tasting and expressing life in a way that looks extraordinary, and is thus so compelling, even if it takes time to be appreciated.

Passion and Commitment

To people who've found this, it doesn't matter about material success. It doesn't matter what others think of you or if they appreciate you. Yes, it's beautiful to connect and share your craft with others, but the underlying reason for doing it, is the joy of unleashed soul surging through you.

In this Great Shift, surrendering into presence is only the first step. It's then about riding the wave that emerges for all its worth. This is what I call Living the Shift - Dancing on the edge of reality by picking up the flow and daring to go with it, no matter what the external reaction or outcome.

So it's essential to find your Passion and Commitment in life. That way you'll ride the wave into eternity!
It's with this in mind that I put together this video, borrowing footage from other artists yet compiling and expressing in a way that is uniquely me. So what is uniquely you?...

In loving support

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Hey People!!!

This is a very inspiring video, nice job!


I woke with a thought this morning regarding passion and what that drives forward in people and the karmic reasoning behind those that hold one another back from reaching their full potential. What is it that works best even for the individual going forward. There is a lot of truth in what is best for one is not so much the other, that there is no true cookie cutter way. That oftentimes if we just listen to one another we will see the value and integrity of their higher purpose or calling in life.


I'm dealing with this very same and astonishing nature in life! I see the pattern within the confines of conflict. I see how even for me it has held me back, but more so in my nonchalant type behavior or mannerism. There is bliss though in being this way, because life does go forward in such a manner as to just benefit and help me learn through these patterns. That as much as even I hate to admit it, revelation only does come when one is ready to know it. I can see why even Picasso went his own way into the madness of oblivion. How even I refuse to just paint or draw a straight line. Honestly I never painted anything until a few years back. I just woke up one day and said I think I'll just start painting now! I got some acrylic paint, some canvas and asked myself what I wanted to paint. I did not receive an answer, so I just mixed the acrylic with different variations of water because I was always a bit fascinated by a man named Sequiros and his painting technique. I poured it on the canvas and just let it paint itself. Me doing that right there set off and ignited the largest passion I have ever felt in my entire life. Its as if I just bloomed right on the spot. I went all the way up to myself and I never want to come back lol!


So I definitely say let your higher self be your guide, follow those little whispers you hear in your mind. You never know where it can lead you and never ever let anyone hold you back from what drives you forward. Just know exactly what it is you have to learn from and that block or chain or whatever you call it will just dissolve when you no longer have anything to learn in regards to that.