Evidence on How Solar Magnetic Forcing is Impacting the Climate

It's high time to get increasingly cued up on how solar magetic forcing is impacting our climate in increasingly extreme ways, and how this is becoming the new norm in the immediate decades ahead. It becomes especially impactful as we transition through the Grand Solar Minimum which then amplifies the effects of the Earth's dwindling protective magetic field during the culmination of the Pole Shift. I felt to open this thread inquiring into that...

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So we've got raging bush fires in Australia at the same time as raging cold, snow and ice across the USA. The two are highly likely interlinked, both amplified  by the impact of elctro magnetic forcing from the sun, during the earth's dwindling magetic shield, which then impacts the ionosphere thus cascading down into the jetstreams. It causes some areas to get unusual cold, others excessive heat and drought. Check out the first two and a half minutes from the excellent Suspicious Observers...