Exodus: of Gods, Kings and Divine Beings

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Metaphor in the Movies It seems there's a plethora of great movie metaphors emerging at these profound times of great change. As I've written about in Divinicus, my sense is that humanity is tapping into a collective story about where we've really come from, where we are (which isn't always easy to see), and where we're going to. It's a massive story; an incredible amount to take in. It's a story that by itself, is enough to process karma, realign botched DNA and activate your spirit-light-body. For me, the recent movie "Exodus: of Gods and Kings" is one that speaks volumes...

Of Biblical Proportions Here's the trailer below. In essence, it is of course the Biblical story of Moses, leading the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery by crossing the Red Sea. In this metaphor, I've always seen the Red Sea as the karmic plain. And since the early Egyptian civilisation founded much of the bedrock of today's energetic matrix (again explained in Divinicus), then you get a strong metaphoric motivation to break away from the slavery of the modern day system. For me, the movie portrayed this exceptionally well...

Another thing I loved about the movie, was the challenge Moses faced in 'taking to God'; how difficult it is to intuit and feel the authentic, aligned guidance, especially in this density. It's the sense that you're guided on a path of breakdown - the ego is broken down into the place of surrendered openness. Which is when miracles can truly happen. Let's cross the "Red Sea" together.

See you there!

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The Brian is pathological, its a metaphor for overthinking. The false self does need to die, sometimes we do need that killer in us I think.


Brain dead is really a metaphor.. What I think really needs to die is the hero in us. Its really about leaving the world (ie giving up our opinions about the world represented by the hero who thinks that he knows). Its tough.


Ouch Lei that sounds like it could be painful though lol – please don’t strike your brain too dead, it’s kind of useful too ;) Is there not a more forgiving way..? xx


Yeah I'm sure they do carry quite different energy. I'm really quite disobedient. Even though I'd been given guidance many times, the false self in me still believes it knows better. So I like the word 'obedience' because it carries the feeling that I strike my own brain dead so I don't have to think any more, I just follow the 'orders', and I love that feeling.


Hi – thanks for the interesting thread. Sheds some light on things for me too.

Lei - Obedience and surrender for me carry quite different energy. I’m definitely not the obedient type but am open to surrender. x


To me obedience is really the same as surrender. I prefer to use it because it carries a stronger feeling for me than surrender.


Very good movie ! since i saw the poster back in november , i knew like many of Us that this is another deep metaphor showing up on the screens . I felt a strong connection with also the " Noah's Ark " movie and synchronicities received back in november too . What i found very interesting in this movie is that they didn't waste time in putting details about the 10 Commandements !!! They didn't go into anything except that he received them at a certain point - what i truly feel is like a message there too - the 10 commandements are for the mind , not for the Soul - SO , somehow , The Soul's liberation here is really enphasized through the whole story - from Moses to the whole liberation of that community . The Ones who want to control will have to face a lot of deception - the King's Son for example experienced that fully .
I truly enjoyed it and recommand it .
Thanks for the article Open , i surely like many here don't miss those messages . It takes some times to sink within but i really enjoy these times of great shifts . Synchronicities speak so loudly since the Divinicus workshop - it's pretty amazing . today , i saw 11.11 again .
Jean - Michel


I haven't seen the film yet though it looks like there's some powerful metaphors from the trailer, with the Pharoah trying to hold onto control and Moses being completely committed to walking his path for instance.

One thing about synchronicities - I find that authentic synchronicity is not about telling you what to do, its not a set of commandments, or directly telling you anything really, its all about a mirror - what reaction does that sign evoke, or provoke?, how do you feel to BE in relation to that? That's how I see it. Sometimes you might get seemingly contradictory signs and feelings for instance. No doubt you've said it many times already Open, but felt to mention that again.



There's a truth in the questioning though Lei.
Who would you be obeying?

Really it's the soul. But the soul's frequency can be usurped as it comes down through the dimensions - especially in the fourth density. The intervention there is mirroring what happens as a soul separates from the source and begins to question its own path. Because the observer aspect can actually distort the flow. So Opposing Consciousness in the fourth density plays out this distortion in manifested form.

It's a conundrum for anyone working to integrate soul and be really sure of their authentic frequency.

That's where synchronicity is so important - because in the moment synchronicity cannot be accurately replicated or mimicked. And synchronicity then builds a consciousness landscape which the mind can also read - so in this sense, mind and heart work together: one is surrendering into the soul, the other is providing boundaries through which it should be authentically flowing.

The key is flexibility. To be flexible to change - which is different from the doubting ego.

I wrote about consciousness landscapes here, in case it helps...


Best wishes on the path

Open *OK*


Looks like a really great movie to watch. I even sense some deeper significance for me in there.

In my case though the challenge is not so hard to hear the guidance.. I seem to be constantly tuned in. What I struggle most is trust and obedience. If I had only one prayer, it would be 'Please grant me more obedience'. Knowing how profoundly lost I am already, the only thing that can truly lead me home is to simply obey. It is either that or believing in the deceptive voice of the head.


Yes, the challenges of hearing divine guidance accurately seems to come across a lot - the same in the Noah film for example and again in Interstellar.

What I have found personally, is that the harder things are to hear, the more intently they encourage you to listen!

In that way, it is of profound benefit.

Open *OK*


I enjoyed this movie too, Open. I love the way you point out the metaphor regarding the challenges around intuiting authentic aligned guidance and how you can feel brought to your knees as the ego relinquishes control, yet it is in the space of surrendered openness that miracles can happen.

I saw lots of parallels between the Egyptian pharoah's blindness to the "signs" (wave after wave of plagues and pests) and the leaders of todays societal structures. The refusal to relinquish control of the status quo even watching the mirrors of mass destruction like deforestation, polar ice melts, Fukoshima, Gulf of Mexico oil spill, contamination of ground water supplies through mining and fracking. The list is endless yet the mainstream matrix pushes it along at an every increasing rate.

I'm so glad I broke away from the slavery of the everyday system. I'm definitely "IN" for crossing the Red Sea together.

Come join us!