Exploring Empaths and Catalysts

Submitted by Open on Mon, 01/20/2020 - 17:37
Why it's important to drop self limiting spiritual labels
We must be careful labelling ourselves, or labelling others, as an 'empath' or a 'catalyst'. I've met plenty who've become attached to the identity or else become victimised by it. We all have empathic AND catalytic tendencies, although for sure, some will have stronger leanings to one or the other.
When we label in this way, or label others, it's all too easy for the ego to fixate around what in effect is a fixed judgment - a condemnation. It's highly limiting because it encourages particular behaviourisms and fixed ways of being; when the soul wants to dance in different harmonies of expression, depending on the flow and landscape of the moment.
That said, to explore ones catalytic or empathic abilities within a given framework of form is beneficial to expand our gifts. But ultimately, to unleash them in their fullness, is to step through the form into formless expression. The most skilled catalysts will have great empathy too, so as to be able to connect into a reality construct in order to transform it. And the most compassionate 'empaths' will encourage transformation too. We're just working in different ways. Each can learn from the enhanced skills of the other.
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