The Flow of The Soul

Submitted by Open on Thu, 04/30/2020 - 16:37
The Flow of The Soul with Openhand
The only thing that is enduring, the only thing that is lasting, especially in this turbulent 3D world, is what you learn and then EMBODY at a soul level. All else is transient and beyond yours or anyone else's control.
When in the mainstream of soul, you're connected directly to the source of inifinite potential, which will ALWAYS find a way. Just look at what The One has ALREADY created and continues to do so.
When we speak about trust, what should we really trust in? In the government LOL! In the integrity of the system LOL! That a particular outcome will happen? That we can manifest our desires, dreams and intentions? I say a resounding NO! to all of these.
What I trust irrevocably in, because it's proved itself time and again, is my soul's ability to find a way forwards, to take me to the next step. Whatever circumstances I find myself in, when I'm committed to the quiet beingness of soul, then the next step always presents itself, and the next, and the next....
That's what we can truly trust in. That's what is enduring. And is utterly priceless.
Open 💙🙏

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