Gaia Emerges from the Matrix

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It's now become crystal clear: Gaia has completed her soul contract with the matrix. Her kundalini energy is strengthening and re-emerging after thousands of years of suppression. We're seeing that as her Torus flow speeds up, which is causing instability in the old 3D construct. But this is not to fear, rather to embrace as inevitable transformation leading to a higher vibrational paradigm in 5D. So what exactly is going on right now?

Time Stamps for Quick Referencing:

08:02 Connecting Meditation
20:03 Ancient Alien Architects
44:38 Gaia's Soul Contract
48:54 Solar Logos Speaks
1:02:31 Catalysis & Change
1:24:46 Catalysis Meditation
1:30:46 Spiral Dynamics
1:43:34 Conclusion

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16/09/2023 Shift Update: Gaia and the Old Construct

Huge shifts are happening with Gaia right now, as she gears up after what we can say is, a completion of her soul contract with the ancient alien architects of the matrix here. You're probably already feeling the instability of the old consciousness construct you were living in. Change is not on the horizon, it's right here now!

That could cause a degree of fear and anxiety. The Homo Sapiens being is configured for safety and security. It's really programmed for inertia. But if we know how to deal with that hesitance, then this shift can become a enormous boost in our personal lives. Because we can "turn into it", work with the ties and attachments that activate, feel the new inflows of energy, and set them to work to transform our lives.


That's exactly what I was expressing during the seminar, which goes live at 7am UK time on Saturday 16th Sep. It includes meditations to help you integrate.

Then do let me know your thoughts on it. How is it currently affecting you?

Bright blessings

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