Gaia Kundalini Shift: Emotional Plane

Submitted by Open on Sat, 06/24/2023 - 03:41

We're at another pivotal moment in history for humanity and the planet. Gaia's Toroidal spin, and with that her Kundalini, is regenerating due to the Grand Galactic Convergence. The energy is moving onto the plane of emotions. What will that mean exactly; how will it effect your life in relationships for example? And, how does it signify humanity needs to reclaim the power of the Womb?

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For the past few days I've been experiencing a feeling of stagnancy everywhere especially in my relationship and daily life. It's like complete helplessness  and lots of emotions welling up. But don't know the reasons behind. Sometimes It feels like I'm not being TRUE to myself. No orientations no motivations. What comes suddenly is seeing myself completely alone ( running away from relationships) and acting from there. It might be some random thought as nothing external seems to be pointing to the loneliness I'm looking for. A feeling that I've been boxed in relationship walls and i can see nothing outside of it. There are  some expectations and needs from both sides. Questions  like what am I learning from this strangleholds me.At the same time , my mind says, I was in box before this ,so what's the difference ? Also a feeling am I just going with the plan of other? The woman who came with her partner  to the  gathering we hosted reflected something inside me ro ask this question. Of course, I have full freedom and still I doubt my existence.

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Hi Soumya,

This is what jumps out most for me from your sharing...

am I just going with the plan of other? The woman who came with her partner

How much are you allowing your partner to take the lead? If this is most of the time, especially within decision making, then it could well lead to an imbalanced situation where you could feel stagnant. So I would suggest working to activate especially the ray 1 and the ray 7 in chakra attunment and work to take the lead more. Then see how that changes the dynamic.

Love and well wishes

Open 💎

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Hi Open,

Thank you for the reflection. You are right. I was subconsciously allowing my partner to take the lead role which then dragged me into a limited dynamics. As im aware my partner is in a state of continuous inquiry and expression whereas I'm in a state of acceptance (thats what i see now). As you mentioned, in case of decision making , he comes up with different perspectives whereas I don't see things in that broad way which eventually gives him the lead.  Often he shows his frustratration for taking the lead always . Yet,  I didn't realize how am I giving out my truthful expressions?

This morning I opened up what I was feeling, the limited identity role I was/ felt playing, subconscious expectations and behavioral patterns. This provided a space enough to work in. Also could sense the presence of intervening energies like bs and greys.

I feel to more concentrate on my inner journey. Like you said Chakra attunement is a real game changer for me. I will be working on it.

Thank you🙏

Lots of love



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Hi Soumya. Your thoughts caused me reflection over the nature of partnerships and their value to me. I consider them the most challenging aspects of life ( unsurprisingly). Where they can offer reflections of twin flame essence and hence signposts to self realisation, there is also the potential for derailment and trauma. My experiences were dramatic but did propel me forward on my soul journey. Knowing what I know now, I can see the stark difference between a codependency and a co-commitment. I was stagnant in my last relationship because my process of change was not honoured and supported. Of course, ultimately, I allowed that situation to persist. So, is this an instance of 'all is valid'. Whether a situation is aligned or not, it still points to that which is. Retrospectively, the last experience, although painful, provided the shake up I needed to step further into my sovereignty. Ultimately I created a little space to be alone and feel the contrast between the two states of being, a situation that ultimately led to clarity. 

I honour your journey and thank you for sharing. 

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Hi Andy,

Thank you for sharing your reflections. These are valuable indeed.

I strongly resonate with this ~ "the last experience, although painful, provided the shake up I needed to step further into my sovereignty." I'm taking this as an opportunity without needing to run away.

Sending love


Informative, uplifting, and motivating as always, thank you❤️ Saw the red dragon last week and yesterday after buying a green charger, I noticed how it reminded me of a green serpent and there you are speaking about green serpents😮 My emotional work of late has been working with my ego when it gets hurt by other people's unkindness or rejection; I'm so sensitive to that and it locks me down in self-pity and self-rejection. Getting free of that and learning to count only on myself. The self-acceptance work I've been doing is helping with this. And water. I had a little tryst with the rain today when a thunderstorm blew in, at first enjoying the rain on my face then finding I really had no inclination to leave and so just letting myself get soaked, letting it wash away the muck from my field and feeling gratitude and joy. Really enjoyed the meditation too. Feeling eager. Thanks so much! barb❤️💙💜🙏

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24/06/2023 Shift Update

Yet again we shift gears through the cogs of this Grand Galactic Convergence. In the Openhand work there's a clear signal that Gears has activated Kundalini onto the plane of water - the emotional plane. It's happening as we've exposed exactly how the artificial moon is impacting life on the planet and how the increasing Toroidal spin is beginning to negate that.

We're seeing synchronistic evidence of this with the increasing storms and flooding around the planet. It's going to impact us all on the emotional plane - getting rid of toxic emotions, being more authentic in relationships, and moving into the Great Realignment of moment-by-moment, soul led decision making. It's massive!

That's what I'm exploring in this latest episode of the 5D Shift Podcast.

It's all happening on the plane of water!

Open 🐉

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We're going to be working with Kundalini moving onto the Emotional Plane at next Saturday's Ascension Exchanges...

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