Gaia's Planetary Stargates Coming Active...How to Respond?

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Planetary Stargates are nodes of concentrated energy where the veils between the dimensions are thin. To someone readily able to let go and expand their consciousness, all manner of metaphysical experience is enhanced. Much more than that though, this elevation in energy is beginning to widely effect life on the planet in the most profound of ways. The chances are that whether sensitive or not, you're already experiencing the effects.

Understanding and working with the phenomenon is going to become essential and highly advantageous for all.

Exploring the Nature of Planetary Stargates

Imagine casting a ball into a net, the net will shape around the ball. So it is with the quantum field where it "catches" a dense crystallisation such as a planet. The energetic lay lines become concentrated at certain points - geological convergence for example. These nodes offer a more direct route back to the experience of the Source and all the dimensions inbetween. If you stand in such an activated Stargate, and you're tuning into your own consciousness, you'll likely get a booster to your expansion. It will increase the sense of interconnectivity with the Universe and accelerate the flow of soul multidimensionally.

Stargates enable you to travel on the astral planes across the cosmos: or else for example readily access the akashic record; they'll help you regress rapidly through ancient karma; restore damaged DNA; activate your Merkabah.

The Stargates across our planet have been purposefully retarded and constricted by an Interdimensional ET Intervention bent on controlling the vibrational state of the planet and enslaving humanity. It's applied a variety of methods to do so, originally by the implementation of megaliyths that reverse or constrict polarity, or else in modern times, by the use of EMF technology, chemtrails and GMO for example. Just as the implementation of energetic implants into the human field is widespread, so it has also been with 4D technology implants into Gaia's field. This has generally made the surrounding energy field stagnant, disconnecting and dense. It's meant that humanity has been readily controllable, as we've recently witnessed in the bogus measures of the pandemic.

Reclaim Your Sovereignty Under the Universal Law of God

Reactivation of the Stargates Happening

Now a tremendous phenomenon is occuring. Through the elevation of Gaia's frequency, and due to the dedicated work of sentients across the planet, the knots in the morphic field are unravelling, the ET technology is being removed and the Stargates are reactivating. That's certainly the sense and feeling from the messages I've been getting through the crop circle season here in the UK during 2021. A series of interrelated crop circles seemed to be speaking of unlocking the Stargates and accelerating the energy. Check this wonderful video clip and then return to my article below...

For a more comprehensive review of the crop circle season, and how they relate to the activation of the Stargates, see: Starsouls and the Toroidal Flow

I know my sharing will already sound highly esoteric to plenty, "So what? How might it effect me and my life?" - in short, IN EVERY WAY!

How is the Reactivation of the Stargates Effecting Us?

Every reality construct is a crystallisation of the quantum field - the space-time-continuum. The intervention, especially through the measures of the pandemic, clearly have an agenda of creating a high tech synthetic reality with humanity enslaved within it. Controlling the energy fields has been a key part of that. Consciousness is dumbed down and more readily manipulated. However, as the Stargates now come more active again, infusions of galactic and solar energies increase, plus most importantly, the quantum field on our planet is now shifting back to galactic alignment. This will amplify and break apart the false constructs over time, until the intervention is stripped off the planet in its entirety.

Imagine the underlying planetary morphic field becoming more wave like, with anything that's fixed and rigid beginning to bend and break under the rippling shifts. Doubt it's possible? Here's what happens simply when wind frequency meets the natural frequency of concrete...

Here's the mechanism of how we shift from 3D to 5D Earth

Working with the Stargates on Retreat

Here at Openhand we've just completed a marvellous terrestrial retreat on the edge of Dartmoor in South West England - it's an ancient energy site with several Stargate nodes. Sitting together in the barn studio, constructed of the same granite underlying the moor, first you could feel the blocking energy separating higher dimensional and lower from interconnecting. An ET field implant was causing me a splitting headache in the early hours of meditation. But by concentrated focus and resonating the field in different ways, with sound for example, then this technology and a particular invasive entity was removed. You could now connect the higher and lower dimensions more readily as the field opened up.

In the days that followed, particularly in the Dreamstate through the night, I could feel the energy of the studio where we were working connecting into a particular Stargate on the moor. Such that during the meditations that followed, it felt like the energy of the group was literally resonating that within the walls. It felt like the whole building was shifting in time and space. Furthermore, I could feel those waves of quantum energy beginning to connect to other energy nodes I'd recently visited in the UK and the sense that the energy was rippling to other centres even further afield on the planet.

This activated quantum rippling effect was clearly having a tremendous effect on the participants - readily activating and processing through karmic density, removing blockages and implants, bringing various dormant aspects of the soul alive. By the end of the retreat, we were simply ecstatic!

 Working with Stargate energy in Your Life

It's not all going to be plane sailing though! If you're sentient and feeling the machinations of the field, what will most likely be happening is you'll be feeling an impetus to change key aspects of your life:

possibly changing where you live; the nature of your work; many of your relationships. It's because the old consciousness is being challenged and broken apart in order to make way for the new infusions of light.

Don't get me wrong, this is extraordinarily positive for the shift and our personal lives. Phenomenal new possibilities of creation are coming our way - to be interconnected with the Divine in all aspects of our lives. To become the co-creator of reality in a fulfilling and abundant way. But it will test you in the process - it will challenge any fears, inertia, investment or anchoring ties into the old consciousness. So you'll need to become skilled in breaking through and letting go - finding and expressing new aspects of soul consciousness. That way you will literally channel the reactivating Stargate field positively into your life.
(Explore Openhand's Breakthrough Approach)

Get ready for great change, great unravelling and your life will become bounteous, fulfilling and at times ecstatic. That's the tremendous possibility awaiting us as Gaia's Stargates reactivate.

If you'd like to start to benefit from these tremendous infusions of energy in your life, and possibly facilitate them at a planetary level, then explore getting involved with the work of the Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings
Open 💙🙏

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15/09/2021 Openhand Journal Update: Change & Transformation

I wrote above about the opening of the Stargates on Earth. As they reopen and become more active across the planet, then the surrounding quantum field is going to become more fluid - wave like. It's not something people will notice if they're still plugged into the old system and constrained by its mental values: it will likely remain pretty static for those who've been jabbed - the purpose being to restrain souls within the synthetic reality construct. It's certainly not the end of the journey of emergence for these people because there's always a way to connect and infuse soul - it just becomes ever harder the further they venture down that diversion. However, if you're consciously expanding out into the quantum field and being more informed by the Shift, then you'll likely start to infuse these new energies into your life.

We have to be prepared for things to change - to let go internally of fixed ties into the old construct. That doesn't mean everything should end! Crucially it's changing the way you are in these situations and circumstances. How would the next grandest version of you express now? What new aspect of soul and sense of self wants to come through now? If you don't know, ask, "show me!" and then pay attention to what you're shown. Embody that new feeling sense by opening up to the possibility and expression of that beingness. When you do this, because things are getting more fluid in the field, everything is bound to change. Some situations will break down and break apart - others will transform in ways you couldn't previously imagine. Your life will become full of miracles and magic.

The Openhand Bow is perfect for working with a dense construct inside and bending into it so as to break the consciousness threads apart...
The Openhand Bow

Don't expect it to be easy and plane sailing though. Remember the outer reality is the crystallisation of where you're currently at on the inside - how your soul is journeying through the dimensions and the degree of fragmentation - attachment - you're experiencing. So you'll start to challenge internal layers, triggers, addictions, karma, emotinal ties. Distorted feelings mask authentic soul frequency. And these triggers of emotion and thought activate some degree of pain: we're conditoned to dealing with the pain (boredom, aloneness, stillness, need for external love or respect) by taking some sensory stimulation - to distract, supress, replace the internal discomfort. This is where to resist - to let the pain come up and look right into it, feel deeply into it. Allow it to be - meditation and fasting are powerful ways to turn up the volume on these triggers for example, because there's no dampening effect of the food. It's why daily intermittant fasting is so transformative (eating only within a 6hr window in any given day or reducing to only one meal a day is even more effective) - you get these regular internal confrontations which you can peel back to release the new consciousness and then integrate it into your life (this is what the Breakthrough Approach is all about).

There will come times when you've made such inner progress that particular situations on the surface need to be completely let go of - so a new reality can take shape. Even with the inner work, you'll need to likely summon courage to face fears at these key moments. If this is happening to you in a particular situation, then you might like to reflect on this Openhand article which has 5 key recommendations for working into the challenge...

How to "Burn the Boats" of an Out-dated Reality Construct...5 Key Steps

Wishing you well out there in the shift

Open 🙏

The influence of the activating Stargates (particularly in the UK) was palpable and phenomenal on retreat at Eden Rise last week. You could literally feel the walls of the studio we were meditating in hum and resonate with the surrounding morphic field. It meant that the work was highly transformational and at times ecstatic.

Do browse my new article today on the activating Stargates - I'll be sharing more in due course. I believe it's going to have a phenomenal effect on the shift and all our lives in the immediate years ahead.

Much love

Open 🙏