Great Galactic Alignment 10 Year Anniversary: What's Changed?

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In the Great Shift, we're constantly blessed by signs and synchronicity from the divine. We've just entered a key numerological portal, 12:12 to 21:12, which this year, leads into the tenth anniversary of the galactic alignment where Gaia was rebirthed and shifted her centre of consciousness into 5D. Think back 10 short years. So much has irrevocably changed on the planet. What's changed in your life? Come join this grand celebration of the rejuvenation of life. Let it inspire your next 10 years forwards.

Galactic Alignment of 2012

I fondly recall the galactic alignment of 2012, where the sun and the earth aligned with the centre of our galaxy. At the beginning of that year, in the dreamtime, I was told that on the key convergence, during the winter solstice, I'd be "shown in lights" exactly what was transpiring...

True enough, I was awakened from my bed in the early hours, and with a small group of Openhanders, was led up to Wearyall Hill in Glastonbury, the place where Joseph of Aramathea is said to have landed with the young Jesus, when Glastonbury was an island surrounded by water. I expected I'd see some light show above the Tor, the planetary heart chakra. But in fact, in the darkness, my eyes were drawn to the fascinating layout of street lights between where we were standing and the Tor. We all realised it together, as if gifted from higher dimensions: it depicted a woman lying down giving birth.

We made our way down to the point of the vagina, which turned out to be a humble barn, now the rural life museum, and on the gable end, hidden in plane sight, a clear star map, depicting the shift through densities of consciousness, 3rd, through 4th to the 5th, and at the top, what spoke of as the "Christed Child". The Christ consciousness had helped reactivate Gaia and shift her centre into 5D. That's how higher knowing interpreted it.

Back then there was so much hype and expectation about what would transpire on that one day: some were saying a pole shift, for example, would immediately elevate the planet into 5D consciousness. I'm reminded that expectation and intention are the killers of all true experience - your mind overwrites, and dissolves out what actually wants to happen. The immediate shift of the planet and humanity was never going to happen in that one day. We simply weren't ready for it. Much karmic unravelling, growth and forging of soul were still greatly necessary.

Gaia did shift - not ALL of her consciousness, but she was helped to shift her centre into 5D. Her kundalini rose from the darkness of the past. Her Flower of Life Torus began to reignite. It signalled a new beginning.

Planet in Metamorphosis

Due to the expectation of a completion on that day, a lot of people became disillusioned about the 5D Shift at that point - it's just "New Age Baloney!" But is it? Think back now through those 10 years since. So much has changed on the planet that it's hardly recognisable.

Firstly there's been a strong elevation of planetary consciousness - many more people are waking up. We've had the powerful projection of the shadowside into society through the manufactured pandemic, which has been necessary for those following the shift to reclaim soul sovereignty and process much necessary karma. We have major changes in the weather patterns unfolding, as with all the other planets in our solar system. Our ecosystems are breaking down at warp speed - life here is moving on into another realm of consciousess. In fact the changes are so great, that if you're not still burying your head in the shifting sands, then you're catching your breath as the tide surges in. Such is the magnitude of it.

The Process of Transformation from 3D to 5D Earth

The universal mother tongue is that of signs and synchronicity. We're spoken to through these grand numerological sequences. It tells you that life isn't random, but is moving together as the One, as the Torus, and that you're a cherished and beloved aspect of that. You're held and supported - unconditionally loved.

Windows of opportunity happen for us to go inside and reflect about our interconnection with the whole of life - to lift our heads up from the daily routine, the daily technological grind, to see past that which separates and confines us, and instead, open our hearts and feel our interconnection with it all. So it is with this key 12:12 portal leading into the 10-year anniversary of galactic alignment on 21:12. It's a phenomenal opportunity to expand our consciousness and connect deeper with the divine.

Metatron - Paternal Weaving Consciousness

This time I'm being spoken to through Sacred Geometry - particularly hexagons. I can feel the presence of Metatron. I'm being shown his energy is an instrumental paternal consciousness, helping oversee the development of the New Paradigm in 5, 6 and 7D. It's tremendously inspiring and uplifting.

During this window of opportunity that this scared 12:12 - 21:12 portal provides, make sure to take time out for meditation, especially at sacred sites you know. Watch for the sacred geometry that appears in your life. When you witness it, how does it make you feel?

For sure it's going to help weave new connections around the planet. I would say bringing together conscious community to support and uplift one another. Expect that new connections are likely to come into your life - do watch for that opportunity, and I'm certain you'll be blessed by it.

12:12 - 21:12 Portal is Open!

So in this 12:12 - 21:12 portal, let's open our hearts and minds, reflect back on how much has changed on the planet these last 10 years since galactic alignment, and ready ourselves for the next 10 years ahead. It's sure to be epic!

If you feel motivated and inspired by my sharing, come and get involved with the ground-breaking evolutionary work of Openhand. Check our upcoming events calendar...

Openhand Winter of Metamorphosis 22/23

Bright blessings

Open 🦋🙏

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13/12/2022 Shift Update

When I look back these 10 years since galactic alignment at the solstice of 2012, what do I see? A great deal has happened in the field itself and this is always where I prefer to focus, because the surface of reality shapes from it. In the early years, working as part of the Openhand team, I saw the need to unravel the dense blocking energies of the field that were locking the old construct firmly in place, slowing the Torus, depleting the kundalini of Gaia. And of course, this was happening in people too. So it's been about unlocking the Torus in the energy field, through energetic expression and amplification - especially through the numerous workshops and retreats we've undertaken around the world.

In the earlier stages especially, what I can say, is that this essential work brought Openhand into direct confrontation with the various interdimensional groups that were a part of the intervention and locking things down. The work was under pretty much constant attack. Persistence was the name of the game. Not being distracted or derailed. It was utterly essential to express with the coherency of the Torus - the truth of reality expressed as the Flower of Life.

Pretty quickly, various elements of the groups, like the Reptilians and Annunaki started to realign, realising the futility of struggling against the natural flow of life. We showed them a way of coming into alignment with the flow. This broke the coherency of those groups down resulting in strong inflows and surges of aligned consciousness.

Where do we stand now?

Reconciliation and Collaboration

I'm being shown and I'm feeling in the field that reconciliation between the various groups can happen. That we can come together at a "round table" and collaborate to support the wider shift and to bring more people into that realignment. What we need to understand is that many souls are still influenced by the old blocking and limiting consciousness. So this reconciliation bodes well for a wider movement of the consciousness leading into the shift.

Currently several of those groups are convening, around Wearyall Hill in Glastonbury where we viewed the original galactic alignment from. It's a case of getting to know one another and respecting the differences between each other; acknowledging that we all have so much to bring to the table that can support and uplift.

Here's where we stand 10 years on. And I can tell you I am optimistic and positively enthused by the development. We'll certainly be introducing this sense of energetic reconciliation through the Openhand work going forwards into 2023. It bodes well!

Bright blessings

Open 🦋


In regards to your question, I really like those reminders of the bigger picture and changes that are possible within a short period of years. To me it literally feels like switching my life into some kind of parallel Universe. Or to be more precise, starting to live and feel, as if I am part of this Universe, expressed as one's human life.

Speaking of my younger self, 10 years ago, there isn't much to ponder about. My perception was governed by the outside world, I might have noticed an early seeds of spiritual awakening that still needed few more years to actually sprout.

Synhronistically, I've just seen the perception, that came through me on this date (12.12.), excactly two years ago. Speaking of galactic alignment - this has been a phase of the emergence towards my "cosmic self". In what can be interpreted as some sort of "chanelling",  there is a short excerption from this writing:


Becoming part of the Universal brotherhood of star races

Request to become cosmic race pending. Operation in progress, awaiting full activation.

Journey through eons of time has found it's way into a fruition. As the cosmic heart of humanity is awakened through collective union of sacred hearts, the Universe is applauding our performance. We are The One's we have been waiting for, the innocent voice whispers through the subtle feelings of ascending humanity. Surrendering the bonds of seperation, call of the divine mother has ignited the hearts of a mankind. The cosmic seed is sprouting, rememberance of divine blueprint is shinig forth through new guides of the humanity. Leading by the way of being, the doorway into enlightened realm is way open. Through sense of shared heart, everyone is invited to join.


As the collective Soul of humanity is landing in our hearts, we are remembering - what our hearts are made of. Heart comes from the Earth. Deep within this big paradox, the journey towards the stars begins for humanity. Join us, the hearts anchored in love and embeded in luminescence, are singing. Let's travel home together, in our journey throughout the Universe.

It's interesting to see how my active engagment with Openhand, that has taken part over those last two years assisted me in embodying this sense of expanded awareness and answered many of my "soul inquiries". I am grateful for this learning process of integrating more of myself into this life and sense of comapionship on the journey.🙏

I've touched an interesting sensation, reflecting all of those life changes. It can be described as absence, or lack of myself in this human life. Since returning from Egypt, I've had this sense of not being able to fully land back home. As if the part of me, simply don't want to engage in some of the "old ways" of living. The sense of expansion still keeps me hanging around in the ether, occasionaly resisting to fully land in the body. 

Embracing this feeling of "lack of myself" in connection with expanded awareness emerging through my peak spiritual experiences, calls for some form of harmonization. How can I bring the sense of alingment within my daily activities?
Let's see what next cycle of (?) years brings as I am learning more about myself through this human life in times of the Great Shift.đź’š



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Such a lovely sharing Miha - full of inspiration đź‘Ť

I loved this...

Journey through eons of time has found its way into fruition. As the cosmic heart of humanity is awakened through collective union of sacred hearts, the Universe is applauding our performance. We are The One's we have been waiting for, the innocent voice whispers through the subtle feelings of ascending humanity. Surrendering the bonds of seperation, call of the divine mother has ignited the hearts of mankind. The cosmic seed is sprouting, remembrance of divine blueprint is shining forth through new guides of humanity. Leading by the way of being, the doorway into enlightened realm is way open. Through sense of shared heart, everyone is invited to join.

And as you said at the end, I too am greatly excited by what the future has to bring.

Much love and well wishes

Open 🦋


So Openhanders, I wrote this article this morning with a tremendous sense of sacred auspiciousness (is that even a word?!) - my heart is bursting as I reflect back at the monumental changes. Contemplate the trajectory forwards to this day, this portal, and just imagine what's going to change in the next 10 years.

Be inspired by today's article: Great Galactic Alignment 10 Year Anniversary: What's Changed?