'Happy' - around the world

I have been watching this Pharrel Williams 'Happy' phenomenon for a while now.
This show here is quite interesting in this respect. I am not sharing the video here because of the emotions, but because it seems to me that Oprah really 'gets it'.

'It's being used for something even greater than yourself' 'It's so infectious because it comes from such a clear space...'- she says.

In my opinion it clearly shows how any of us can become a pure channel of Spirit also to uplift others. It also reminds me that we are all deeply loved.


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ive been watching those happy videos too

heres the "happy" video contribution from where we live, it brings a huge smile to my face every time I watch it, enjoy :D x

thankyou pharrell Williams for the inspiration you provided for this!



Great to read your posts about the power of a smile. I also find it to be so true. I am sitting in a café right now and another guest just recently passed me by and gave me a big smile. So uplifting. :)
I've always considered stand up comedians "healers". I think that what they do by making people laugh their faces off (if you can say that in English) is so powerful. I interviewed a stand up comedian once and asked him what he thought he'd be doing if he wasn't a comedian. "I think I'd want to be a doctor and help people. I would like to do something more important than this". I told him I think you already are doing something very important. :)


Thank you for sharing your story Trinity...:) A few days ago a stranger told me that my smile makes her smile. Sometimes spreading happiness starts with such 'tiny' things :)