Humanity Crossing the Karmic Plane in 2024

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It's ten years since I first addressed the fact that the initial waves of people in the Shift were crossing the plane of karma. I was constantly seeing it activating in the Openhand work, with people regressing through their past lives and integrating through them. Now, ten years on, after all that has unfolded in society, I feel the buildup happening for a broad wave of karmic activation coming in 2024. What will that mean and how best can you transition through?

What is karma?

I'd say the first thing is to establish exactly what karma is, because you'll hear different interpretations. To me, there is no such thing as 'good' or 'bad' karma. We don't intentionally manifest 'good' events necessarily because we do 'good' deeds. In the sense in which these statements are meant, there is no such thing as 'good' and 'bad'. These are simply egoic judgments of the learning engagement our souls have subscribed to. To the soul, there is no 'good' nor 'bad' just the opportunity to learn, evolve and grow.

This can be achieved in both dense circumstances and light.

To me, karma occurs where the soul becomes identified and therefore attached to the physicality of life. In other words, where the soul identifies with the illusion. This might happen for example where one is in fear during death or a particularly traumatic experience such as an accident.

When the soul attaches in this way, then it essentially experiences the sense of disconnection from the Source, loses a 'fragment' of itself in an eddy current, identifies with the illusion, takes on distorted behaviours and therefore deposits karmic energy within the causal body - within the fourth density. It is this karmic ballast that 'brings you back down to earth' again for another incarnation.

Let us be clear, this is not a 'bad' thing in itself. And it's entirely natural. It's purpose is evolutionary growth. As long as the soul is always learning and progressing, then it's fulfilling purpose.

How is karma experienced?

Generally, it's my observation that people mostly experience karma in daily life. So the inner filter contained within the causal body projects this energy into the situations we manifest. It might happen within relationships for example. So now one's relationships are filtered and interfered with because of this karmic energy. The frustrating thing is that you don't necessarily see it. You'll often experience some form of disharmony without realising why?

Karma is the cause of an incarnation. That's why if you're to successfully process it, the most essential thing is to accept we create all the disharmonious circumstances in our lives exactly because of the karmic energy we've stored. So we have to take ownership for what takes place in our lives, confront it and work with it, in order to advance through that blockage.

It's absolutely stunning when we start to experience it: to step out of the usual frame of reality and to trace your journey of the Soul, all the way back through the aeons - the amazing visions and landscapes. It's simply breathtaking to behold.

That's why it helps enormously to purposefully regress people through their karmic past lives, which tends to speed up the process greatly. It can speedily remove disharmony in life and accelerate the Ascension process. It requires great experience and care to hold people in that regressive state - which Openhand has now acquired over the years. The ride can be turbulent, but if held correctly, then coming through to the other side is always immaculate.

As we move to the culmination of 2023, it's been a year of great challenge and turmoil through society. But as a result of this, a growing wave of people are letting go of their identification, their afiliation, with the systems and structures of society which they recognise no longer serves. They're softening consciousness within. This means the Soul can more readily expand onto the 4D karmic plane. And so I'm already feeling that 2024 will be a major year of karmic procesing for a broad swathe of humanity - the numerology speaks into it.

Processing karmic baggage

Different approaches process karmic past lives in different ways. Here at Openhand it's about relaxing people through the identity layers in meditation, then to expand onto the 4D astral plane. You're visioning and sensing situations that have triggered and fragmented the Soul. We regress into these circumstances as the witnesser - both in the situations and above them. Thus we're losing the reactivity and integrating through. The fragments of Soul are reclaimed and integrated. It's massively empowering.

The 'waters' of the karmic plane can get very 'choppy'. As people regress, the tide of uncontrollable emotion can arise rapidly. Suddenly people are seeing and feeling all manner of challenging circumstance. This is where you need a steady hand on the tiller, allowing the person to fully experience, yet reassuring them that this is all just an experience, that they are not the experience.

It's a subtle blend between fully honouring the pain, but not being totally lost in it. At the point where one can fully accept this karmic reaction and soften into it, then the fragment of soul that was buried there is reintegrated. The attachment is lost, the soul emerges, gorgeous senses of expansion occur, the soul flows free and heals the place where the restriction once was. We're now sailing a full breeze in the calmer waters of the Higher Paradigm. It's pure bliss.

Nothing to be Feared

So whilst karma can generate fearful experiences it is not to be feared. All experiences are transitory. And we must transition them to truly integrate the wholeness of the One. When you contemplate for a moment the trauma of humanity's intense history here on Earth, all the wars, bloodshed and violence, then it's no wonder we've stored the baggage of this within. That's exactly why life in society is currently so turbulent.

The key is to accept this turbulence, not to retract from it. Going back into ones shell simply makes the shell persist and only get thicker. We have to break the shell to emerge fully on the shore of the Higher Paradigm. And this can successfully be done by a direct confrontation of the energy within.

Taking ownership in this way and being positive, is a sure way to help humanity break through this limiting barrier, ease the passage and sail swiftly into the New Paradigm. I would say there's nothing more valuable we can be doing right now - getting a head start before the waters of society get extremely choppy in 2024. It's high time to dive in and release whatever karmic baggage is ready to go.

In loving support

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26/04/2024 Shift Update: Crossing the Karmic Plane

For some while it has been building until I have no doubt about it: 2024 is becoming a oowerful karmic year, where plenty who've been working diligently internally will ride a building wave to take people across the plane of humanity's karma. Why now, why so significant?

It's because plenty of the identity layers have been softened and broken down. For example, how can you possibly trust in the integrity of society and all its systems and structures right now? How, for example, can you trust the governments, the fakestream media, big tech, big pharma, the resource chains and the financial system? All of this is being called into question. Although it causes instability internally, including some fear and anxiety, it's a good thing. Because we break down those affiliations, that "loyalty" and inertia, inside. And now there's a space for consciousness to move - for the Soul to flow.

Next, it will flow up onto the 4D astral plane, where it triggers karma in the causal body. This then reflects into your outer life so as to confront it and transform the energy - to enable you to let go of your fears and old attachments. But it can be full-on. This is why undergoing regression work is so important and invaluable. It's why we pay so much attention to it here at Openhand in the event work. It means you can quickly process through, integrate and come successfully out the other side. Now you've gained greatly because you've dug up nuggets of soul-gold from the river bed of life. It means your life will gather flow, taking on new direction and meaning.

My advice is to get ahead of the curve, with all that building energy, and make sure you learn how to quickly process what's triggering and coming up for you. Then you'll gain enormously.

That's exactly what Openhand's new body of work, RESURRECTION is all about - reclaiming our divinity and the planet amidst the aeons of activating karma. You can do it, you're seeded to do it. The Book launches tomorrow...

RESURRECTION: Book Information

Bright blessings

Open đź’Ž

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I felt to share some more about past life regressions - what are they exactly and how do they present?

Firstly past life regressions only really start to happen when you've worked through a good deal of the lower inner densities and integrated soul through them - physical body, emotional and lower mind. Then there's enough expansion of consciousness to flow into the 4D causal body where karmic energy is stored.

When you start processing, it could be that you have flashbacks to the past life itself, and you may get glimpses of it. So it's a strong sign that's what's going on. However, you could be in karma in day-to-day life without seeing any kind of flashbacks - it could just be happening between you and those in your environment. How to know?

Firstly you may slip into some kind of "cognitive dissonance", where suddenly you feel like you're in a different frame of reality and somehow the two don't connect. Now this doesn't necessarily point to karma, it could just be a temporary disconnect from the false self ego. But if the cognitive dissonance seems to have a reality construct all of its own, which seems to generate new patterns of behaviour and way of interpreting the world and people it, and where this happens quite suddenly, then you've quite possibly slipped into a karmic filter within. Some telltale signs are (1) you might feel sudden pains in the body for no apparent reason (2) particular chakras may come active (3) certain vocabulary and keywords might spark off deep emotional reaction.

If any of these things start to happen, you could well be activating and acting through an inner karmic filter. In which case, the important thing is to stop as soon as you can, and regress into the experiences - in other words, take yourself back through them in meditation. To then allow yourself to experience what comes up and to feel into it, to honour and express the tightness. The key is to then come to a place where you're completely accepting of what transpires - you penetrate through the experience with presence. This is when the roots of the karma dissolve and that fragment of soul which was stuck there is reintegrated.
(do refer to the 9-step process for more detailed information)

Wishing you all well in your karmic regressions

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Hi Open,

For the past few days I've been sailing over the karmic waves. It's all started with an ancestral karma based on scarcity consciousness which then took me back into previous lifetimes here on earth.
One thing that coming up is' strong victimisation', being a victim of the circumstances. It was a little painful to see that I got this from a very younger age. A lot of emotions came with this.Its more like ' I can't have anything, so I would be accepting whatever comes", a stubborn mental attitude which inturn blocked all the motivations to go further,to explore or to change. It was more like taking No as the first answer.
Where does the victimisation come from? I'm well aware that im creating all the experiences I need so that my soul can forge through. Yet, why victimisation? Is there something I'm missing to integrate or Am I not asking the right questions? Is victimisation a karmic pattern or some mental loop? I saw a pastlife vision of a young girl wearing shabby clothes covered with dirt and mud begging on the street. I think  its all connected.

Another thing is I feel blessed to connect with gaia strongly, as if she is in my field ,watching over me. Because of my attachments and identifications , I lose it easily, but it is still in the background.

Thank you

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Hi Soumya,

A crucial thing to remember is that there's a truth in every distortion - find the truth, liberate that, and the distortion will unravel.

So what's the truth in feeling the victim?

You cannot control the flow of the Universe. It's going to do what it's going to do.

We can't change it. BUT, we can decide how to be in response to it.

That doesn't mean though, that you need to be the victim of other people's choices.

Always work to pick up the flow of your soul in any given situation, and align with that.

Sometimes you'll be successful with that. At other times you'll fall off the wave.

Keep getting back up. Keep exploring the attachments and break them down.

You'll find yourself able to ride the flow more and more.

But as long as you realise you can never control it, all will be well. And you'll come to peace with that.

Much love and well wishes

Open đź’Ž


07/01/21 Journal Update: We're deeply engaged in Openhand's "Quantum Reset Retreat", and people are going deep, very deep into Humanity's ancient karma - the original "wound" that everyone is now dealing with in the pandemic. How so? An ancient energy in the field came along and decided to take control - an Opposing Consciousness with the skills and knowledge (but lacking integrity!) and set about manipulating DNA. DNA is a carrier/receiver of soul signals. If they could interrupt those and insert their own, then they'd be able to control consciousness to the point where they could take over.

Doubt that this genetic hybridisation took place? I would like to show you a video on youtube by Greg Braden that contains incontravertible scientific evidence that it did indeed take place. But as with anything that comes anywhere near to the truth these days it's been removed! However I did share the evidence from the chromosome count in the book DIVINICUS.

It clearly shows that the Homo Sapiens DNA was hybridised and then (in the Openhand conclusion), sealed in place by the splicing together of the 2nd and the 3rd chromosomes so as to create a barrier to cross-fertilisation with the Original Human stock species. This represents at least four simultaneous changes that had to happen all at once - a change on both the maternal and paternal chromosome lineages in both a breeding male and female. You can't simply get from 48 chromosomes in homonids to 46 in all humans any other way, considering that there were no step changes between them.

Actually this revelation has been discovered years earlier by other researchers such as the nobel prize winner Francis Crick, who along with partner James Watson, discovered DNA back in the 1950s. The conclusion that it must have been done by a highly advanced ET race, with advanced DNA manipulation skills, was brilliantly expressed by Lloyd Pye in his book Intervention Theory.

Evolutionary Disadvantage

Sadly Lloyd passed on in 2013 in mysterious circumstances. It's often the case when someone comes too close to the incovenient truth, which is not the narrative that people are expected to believe. My concern here too, is that as these discoveries hit the mainstream, including the spiritual mainstream, I'm already hearing about how these beings might be our 'saviours'.

An important question to ask is "why splice together the chromosomes at all?" It's an essential question NOT answered in the video. And actually contrary to what's shared, it is NOT what makes us human. The DNA must also have been adapted. As I've explained in the book DIVINICUS, the chromosome splicing was done to create speciation - a barrier to the original species. Why? Becasue as explained in Lloyd's book, some pretty hefty downgrading took place as Homo Sapiens was introduced. Including for example a 50% reduction in muscle and bone strength - no evolutionary advantage whatsover in the landscape some 200,000 years ago. Without the speciation barrier, the weaknesses and programming would have bred out over time with the original stock species.

Why is this important and surfacing right now?

Human consciousness is being manipulated yet again within the virus pandemic. In fact viruses are one way in which DNA is adapted. It's abundantly clear that the pandemic is an invitation for humanity to regain soul sovereignty in the every day choices that we make. It's unconsciousness that has led to this intervention in the first place. By infusing soul in the constant conscious choice, you can actually repel both the consciousness intervention and repair the DNA. This is leading to the emergence of the next evolution of humanity, where the intervention has been stripped out.

Regressing Through This Ancient Karma

There's no question, humanity WAS seeded by genetic hybridisation - and it's coming around again through the mass application of the vaxx - designed to alter DNA to make people more acquiescent to the synthetic agenda. It's an inconvenient truth, but if we are truly to proceed on the spiritual path and humanity is to fully ascend into 5D, this karma muct be confronted and processed out. That's what we were doing yesterday here on the Quantum Reset Retreat. We summoned the angels and an army of benevolence to hold and empathic, supportive and loving energetic vessel and then we sailed courageously through it.

Actually it is only our judgment of these events that holds us and creates anxiety. Why were these things "done to us". In fact we discovered that plenty of souls chose to incarnate into these powerful circumstances so as to reflect the injustices back to the controllers. We were able to find grace and emapthic understanding, to shine back to them through radiance from the eyes. You could feel many of the intervention crossing back to the light at that point. It was simply stunning to behold.

My heart melted at that point - and the group heart too!
This is how we process karma.
This is how we truly fix the problems on earth right now.
This is how we ascend into 5D.


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Ah ha when I read 'hoping to catch his eye' back it felt like it came alive. And now as I reply I feel a degree of sadness for humanity...for myself and how I wish there was more open hearted engaging in the world, in my world. It feels sad how somebody could sit so close, begin to smoke in my space and not once look or engage with me...hmmm ok so there is an aspect of me that is probably being ignored.

I have some homework (non-grasping of course).

Thanks for the attuned feedback Open, I now remember feeling momentary sadness in the middle of the experience and popping back out of it within a split second.


Hi Jaq,

An interesting incident indeed. It holds the possibility for many things to be experienced and possible outcomes. The danger with trying to interpret these things across the web, is the risk of getting into the head about it - "I would have done this etc etc" or "why didn't you do that?"

So what instead happens for me now, is that I let my mind be open and allow attention to draw me to things. And these words drew my attention "hoping to catch his eye". Was it a soul impulse to actually engage the guy? Maybe the bravery was at the core of the anger? In other words, maybe that was authentic and an invitation to act in some way?

But of course in these situations, you've got to keep watching the potential distortion or it can go 'pear shaped'! If one is given to engage, even in quite challenging circumstances, if we can do so without energy, I've often been surprised by the outcome. There's always the chance that we engage the soul in the other.

It definitely feels like you're confronting some past life karmic incident. What would probably help is to sit in meditation and take yourself through the event again. See the images and feel the feelings. There'll likely be some kind of contraction in your body. You may feel the heart first, but then there'll probably be something elsewhere too. It will probably be a constriction around how the Ray 1 warrior energy wants to flow. My empathic attention is drawn to the head. But it could be other areas too - the base chakra and dantien for example.

If we're still unsure what such an incident may be about, then we can always 'offer it back to the universe' with "show me". You're bound to recreate the situation in some other guise.

Thanks for sharing

Open *OK*


I was in Glastonbury Saturday treating my mom to a vegetarian birthday lunch...She was checking the menu out inside (as we had her dog with us) while I sat at one of the tables outside. I was happily enjoying the fresh air (reckon I sniff an attachment to fresh air here) when a rather intimidating (to me at least) looking guy came and sat right opposite me on 'my' table and started rolling and then smoking a cigarette. I find that not too much triggers me these days and most experiences are perfectly ok just as they are but on this occasion as the smoke wafted my way I could feel all sorts of things going on within my inner world...immediately judgement was there...followed by a pinch (or two) of disapproval...definite resistance...a sense of pushing away and then...ANGER. I sat with the anger for a while as he smoked his cigarette, hoping to catch his eye so I could give him 'the look' I was clearly feeling brave with my anger. I eventually decided to leave rather than confront and so took my disapproval with me.

I feel a bit uncertain in the experience not sure exactly what the invite was, whether it was expressing myself with compassionate yet respectful strength whilst allowing the angry but not loading the expressive energy with it or just feeling it and being awesomely ok with it and not wanting it to be different.

I'm happy to just allow the clarity of experience to surface when it's ready but if anyone has any thoughts they are happy to share that would be most welcome too.


Hi Robisbe,

Thanks for sharing - yes, you're right, it's 'not as simple as that'. But in a sense it is for humanity.

There are all manner of benevolent forces now engaged in the intervention. In my experience, it's an ongoing phenomenon passed down through the eons of time. It's all about unraveling distortion at a cosmic level and realigning it with the source.

The Opposing Consciousness that is here, is being successfully engaged and unwound. Strand by strand it is being evolved, realigned and relocated. Yet some are still resistant - the most dense 'raptor consciousness' of which I speak which has actually been here longer than humanity - although that doesn't make it 'natural' to this environment.

But that is being engaged too. The embodiment of human and star souls sends out a realigning beacon through the field. As each person evolves his/her conditioned behaviours, it gives more wider encouragement to the Opposing Consciousness to do the same.

Make no mistake, the Earth holds a very special place in the cosmos and will be reclaimed that the natural eco-systems can rebuild themselves over time. And that's going to require a very tumultuous cleansing process. What the Hopi Elders described as "The Great Purification". As the life energy ascends, it will leave space and time for the eco-systems to rebuild themselves again.

That's what I see and feel from the highest levels of benevolence. It's an ongoing realignment of energy bringing all places eventually to balanced harmony - what we might call 'nirvana'.



What about other beings/races who see Earth as place of biological resources?

I'm reading a (free) book 'Life In The Universe'…
(and already read 'Allies Of Humanity') and it seems to correlate with my own nightly experiences with 'visitors' that are not very pleasant to say the least.

Even if we make it through the changes on Earth alive, then still we most likely have to keep dealing with unwanted visitations. I really don't think it's as 'easy' as just to deal with Karma, evolve and that's that?


Hi Open,

The quote from the beginning of the Gateway 4 chapter of the book "Five Gateways" is:

"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break that its heart may stand in the sun, so you must know your pain" Khalil Gibran

I never understood this quote, it was 2007 when the book came out and I remember feeling bamboozled by this "shell" thing. As with all things, I let it go and carried on one step at a time, occasionally coming across the "breaking the shell" idea but the truth of it still eluding me.

Now I'm just sitting here laughing my socks off. Yeah, yippee, I finally get it, and its so simple, what a laugh! (At myself) Ha,ha,ha.... And I give thanks for the mirrors who have helped me see it so that now when I read it - I KNOW IT.

Tons of those wiggly smileys that I don't know how to do :0))

With love,